Your Ultimate Guide to Part Time Content Writing Jobs

What are part time content writing jobs? First of all, what are they NOT? Part-time content writing jobs are not full-time work as a copywriter, editor, or journalist. They’re not going to make you quit your day job (if you have one) and they probably won’t pay enough to live on without other income coming in.

But they can add some extra cash to your bank account when you need it most – like over the holidays or when you’re between other work gigs. So, what IS a part time content writing job?

Guide to Part Time Content Writing Jobs
Guide to Part Time Content Writing Jobs

What Are Content Writing Jobs?

A content writing job is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a position that requires you to write content. These types of jobs are extremely common, and they can be found on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. Content writing jobs can also be on other websites such as blogs or content management systems.

Regardless of where you find them, there are two main types of content writing jobs: part time and full-time. This post will help you understand what defines each type of job so that you can decide which one is best for your lifestyle.

Finding Content Writing Work

So you want a part time content writing job. Great! There are several types of jobs you can search for and apply for, each with its own set of pros and cons. In order to make your job hunt easier, we’ve provided a list of some of these jobs below. Now all you have to do is find something that fits into your schedule, learn more about it and apply for it!

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How Much Do Content Writers Get Paid?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer for what content writers get paid. Hourly rates, contract terms, and even job descriptions can vary wildly from company to company. Fortunately, we did our research and pulled together all of that info in one place so you can figure out how much content writers get paid based on a variety of factors: Experience, education level, position at the company (freelance or full-time), and more.

Check out our infographic to learn more about what it pays to be a content writer. If you want some additional information on becoming a freelance writer visit our post, What Does It Pay To Be A Freelance Writer?

What Does a Typical Day Look Like as a Content Writer?

Working as a freelance content writer can be flexible. When you’re not working on your own projects, you might work part-time or on an hourly basis for a company that needs help with social media posts, emails, newsletters, or other marketing materials. As a freelancer, your hours will vary and there isn’t one specific schedule that fits everyone.

Many freelancers decide their own hours—others have more regular schedules where they have office hours and spend most of their days in one place. Each freelancer has their own ideal set-up but some like setting boundaries and others prefer working from anywhere at any time. However, your work best is up to you!

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How Do I Get Started As A Freelance Writer?

In order to get started with freelance writing, you need a portfolio of your best work and a method for bringing in new clients. While you can spend years building up your writing career, there are some steps you can take right now that will make it much easier down the road.

The first step is creating an online portfolio of your writing samples—you can share these via personal websites or even sites like LinkedIn if they allow you to post them as profiles or add-ons. Once that’s done, start reaching out to businesses that might be interested in hiring content writers.

How Much Money Can I Make From My Own Blog or Website?

Establishing your own freelance writing career can be incredibly lucrative, especially if you land a gig at a major publication. But how much money can you make as a freelancer? The truth is that it depends on where and what you write about.

According to Glassdoor, freelance writers earn an average of $36 per hour with top earners making upwards of $180,000 a year. The low end of pay ranges falls between $9 and $25 per hour, depending on where and what type of content is being written.

Freelance writer Nick Quah has created a helpful guide for beginners who are looking to get started in freelance writing. He breaks down all you need to know by starting with hourly rates, moving on to time estimates, and tips for landing your first gig. Bottom line: Don’t expect to make a full-time salary from freelancing right away—the work takes time (and experience) before you start seeing high earnings come in consistently—but it’s a fun way for beginners or young professionals to turn their passion into cash flow.

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Best Places to Find Content Writing Work

A content writer isn’t just limited to one industry. There are many different industries that need content writing services, so there is no shortage of potential jobs for writers. Many writers even have several clients and each client can be from a completely different industry. If you’re looking for part-time work, where can you find it? Here are some great places to get started

Are you interested in finding Part Time Content Writing Jobs? If you’re like me, then it means that you like the idea of working from home and making your own hours.

Part time content writing jobs aren’t as rare as they used to be; however, most companies still hire full-time employees for this role, and only very rarely do they hire Part-time or contract employees.

This means that you’ll have to do some searching if you want to find Part Time Content Writing Jobs.

Here are four good resources for finding Part Time Content Writing Jobs:

Craigslist – Many Part Time Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Part Time Content Writing Jobs are posted on Craigslist. Part of the benefit of Craigslist is that you can search all jobs posted in your area, and not just Part Time Content Writing Jobs.

FlexJobs – This site posts Part Time Content Writing Jobs from a variety of sources, including their own job board. You have to pay a membership fee to access Part Time Content Writing Jobs on this site, but membership is free for a month and then only costs $14.95 per month if you choose to continue.

Part Time Content Writing Jobs on Upwork – Many Part Time Content Writing Jobs are posted on This site charges a fee for posting jobs, but it’s well worth it as you’ll get higher visibility on the site and thus greater exposure for Part Time Content Writing Jobs that you post.

Part-time employees will often be paid an hourly rate, rather than per project or by the deadline. Expect to make anywhere from $10 – $20 per hour for Part Time Content Writing Jobs.

Freelancer Sites – Many Part Time Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Part Time Content Writing Jobs are posted on freelancer sites such as,, and

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Tips For Landing Your First Clients (From Experts!)

There are tons of articles, guides, and books telling you how to land your first clients and get a steady stream of projects. So, we wanted to do something different. We asked a few experts in our network (freelance writers who have been successful in securing long-term projects) how they did it and why they started charging for their services from day one.

The answers were fantastic—and there was so much good advice! So, we compiled it all into an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide that’s full of actionable tips and strategies for anyone trying to break into freelance writing. Hope you find them helpful!

Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Tips and Tricks! : There are a number of ways you can increase your website traffic. Some are time-consuming, while others require little work on your part. This post will provide you with some quick, but effective ways to increase your website traffic without overloading yourself with extra work. Most of these tips will also help you engage readers so they keep coming back for more!

8 Effective SEO Strategies For Creating an SEO Friendly Website: An easy way to ensure that people find your content is by making sure it’s optimized for search engines like Google. If other websites link to your pages, those pages will rank higher in search results as well.

Make sure your site has a user-friendly interface: If a visitor takes too long to find what he or she is looking for on your site, chances are good that he or she won’t stick around for long (if at all). You should make it easier for users by breaking up large blocks of text into smaller chunks using subheaders and bulleted lists whenever possible. And if links get too close together visually on any given page, break them up even further into multiple columns.

Best Advertising Platforms for Small Businesses & Startups

If you’re just starting out, you might have a hard time understanding all of these new platforms that seem to be popping up everywhere. Well, if that’s true for you, don’t worry! I’ve done some of that research for you and have gathered a list of my absolute favorite advertising platforms. From social media marketing, SEO tips, writing jobs and so much more—I’m sure you can find exactly what you need right here.


If you’re looking for a Part Time Content Writing Job that can help you build your writing portfolio, or simply bring in some extra income each month, then content writing is the perfect option. The best part? There are plenty of online resources and websites that can help connect you with companies that are looking for freelance writers. So what are you waiting for? Start from today!

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