Top 15 Ways To Make Money from Blogging In [ 2024 Updated ]

Blogging is one of the best-trending ways to make money online. There are many free ways available by which you can make money from blogging. If you have not created a blog yet then create it now. If you don’t know how to create a blog online then check the guide to create a blog for free.

If you have already a blog but you don’t know how to make money from blogging then you are in the right place. In this article, I try to include the most popular ways by which you can make money from your blog easily. I always try to include freeways where you don’t have to invest any money to earn money from your blog. So here is no exceptions.

Top 15 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

There are hundreds of ways available to generate money from your blog but here I include some best ways to make money. So let’s start

#1 Monetize Your Blog

Most the bloggers create their blogs so that they can monetize their blogs through different monetization platforms. There are many platforms available where you can apply for your blog. You can apply to these platforms even if you create your blog on free platforms. If you don’t know about the free blogging platforms then here is a list of 17 best free blogging platforms where you can create your blog for free.

If your main aim is to monetize your blog only then always catch the high CPC keywords. If you choose the high CPC and low competition but high volume keywords then you can generate more money from your blog.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Another best way to make money from blogging is affiliate marketing. You can’t imagine how much money you can generate from your blog through affiliate marketing only.

For example, if your blog is related to photography then you can easily promote a DSLR camera in your blog. If a camera price is Rs 50,000 and you get one lead for this camera then you can easily generate at least 10% commission. Suppose you sell 10 cameras in a single month then you may calculate how much money you can generate from a single blog. Here is a details guide on how to create an Affiliate marketing website for free.

#3 Sell Ads Space

If you are a blog owner and your blog is on self-hosted platforms then this option is for you. You can easily sell your blog ads space for advertising. To sell your blog space your blog must have high traffic volume. If your blog traffic is high then many companies or product owners approach you to rent your space for some month for some money. If your blog niche based is high price product then you can generate more money by selling your ad space.

#4 Content Promotions

Suppose your blog or website authority is high and your site niche is based on good products then the product owner or company owner approaches you to include their product or service in your blog article or space. To get an approach your site’s domain rating and authority must be high and besides this, your site traffic volume should be high then it will more chances to get more approaches.

You can charge a minimum of $50 to $500 for just a single product or service promotion. The price depends on you how much money is charged for a single promotion. So always try to increase your site DA and PA and DR.

#5 Google Adsense

Most of the new blogger’s main target is google Adsense because Google Adsense is one of the best ads providing platforms that are totally free to use. If you are a new blogger and want to make money from blogging then you can apply for Google AdSense. Google Adsense pays a good amount and gives high CPC for your blog ads.

Follow These Tips To Get Approve for Google Adsense Account Quickly

  1. Choose clear structure themes to get approval quickly.
  2. Write the unique for your blog. Don’t use any copywritten content or any spinning content because Google is very smart nowadays.
  3. Create About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Page, and Contact Us page. these pages are a must and can be easily identifiable.
  4. Must include your contact information on the contact page.
  5. Write at least 10 articles with good length (minimum 1000 words) to get approved quickly.

#6 Media.Net is another best blog monetization platform which is owned by Bing and Yahoo. You can make money from blogging by placing ads on your blog. Sometimes many bloggers don’t get approval from Google Adsense in that case bloggers can apply to monetize their blog on I think is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives which pays good value to their customer and provide good CPC.

#7 Sponsor Product Reviews

Another best way to make money from blogging is through product reviews or tells about some company service. There is no burden to charge money for a single product review. If your blog stands in a very good position and your blog DA and PA are high then you can easily demand a minimum of $250 for a single product review.

It totally depends on how much money you demand for a single product review. Here are two advantages to writing a review on any service or product. for example, your review on a smart TV for company XYZ. The company XYZ has an affiliate program you simply apply for an affiliate program and write a review for the smart TV and put the affiliate link into your article.

Now you get paid for writing reviews on a smart TV from the company XYZ and besides this, if any product sells through your affiliate link you also get a commission for this. So it is one of the best ways to make money from blogging.

Though this method I don’t support till now explains backlinking. You can simply get paid by the blogger or freelancer by giving a backlink from your blog or accepting guest posting services. Let me explain with an example

For example, you have a domain name “”. The domain have high DA and PA and also the domain authority is very high for 90+ and the niche is general. Now the fact is many bloggers or freelancers offer you some money to give a Do-follow backlink from your blog to their blog because to rank their blog need a Do-follow backlink. So they offer you $100 to $500 for one or two backlinks or maybe a guest post.

So giving backlinks is also a good way to make money from blogging.

#9 Article Writing

If you run a successful blog and write content on your own then gradually you are an expert on article writing and then you can write better blog content than the others who start blogging for the first time.

After gathering your experience in article writing you can easily offer an article writing service on your blog and set a charge amount to write an article for their blog. For example, you can set $50 for writing 1000 words article with quality image service, $75 for 2000 words of content, and more. You can set prices according to your own.

#10 Sell Digital Products

You can easily make money from blogging by selling digital products online on your blog. For example, if you run a successful blog on a health niche then you can easily include health-related digital services on your blog. Such as you can offer an online Yoga course on your blog where you write an article about Yoga.

#11 Sell Your Own Ebook

If you expert on blogging and know how to run a successful blog and make money from the blog. Then you can easily create an Ebook for your visitor for example how to generate $5000 every month from your blog or maybe how to create a profitable blog that generates money forever or how to do affiliate marketing and more.

There are many software available where you can easily create an Ebook for free and sell the Ebook on your blog and make money from blogging.

Top 15 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

#12 Create an Online Course

Now, most of people are coming online and starting their own businesses, blogging, or learning new online things to make money from blogging or any other way. So if you are an expert on these things then you can easily create an online course and publish it on the different platforms.

Many online platforms are available for example Skillshare, Udemy, etc where you can upload your course and set some price for your course or you can simply sell them for free for your visitors it totally depends upon you.

#13 Offer Freelancing Service

You may understand what I am talking about, yes, you are right I am talking about Freelancing services. There are different types of freelancing services available for example logo design, article writing, graphics design, web design, web development, data entry, and more. So you can easily add these services to your blog. If you are an expert in these added fields then it’s very good.

But if you are not an expert then also ok. You may ask me why I talking about it. I am talking this because you can take the order and do the same work by another expert at a low price and serve the order to your client’s table. By doing this you can generate some commission. It is also a very good idea to make money from blogging.

#14 Create And Sell Website

Creating a website is very easy nowadays. You can easily create a beautiful website on WordPress. If you are an expert on WordPress then fine but if you are not then you can easily make a site for only Rs 5000. After creating the site do some posting and create a backlink for this site and increase DA and PA if possible. After that, you can easily sell the same site for Rs 25000 minimum.

If you think you can not do the posting, link building, and other blogging things then buy a just new website and try to sell them.

#15 Make Money From Blogging As A Public Speaker

If you run a successful blog for a long time and you have experience in blogging then it will be a great option for you to make money from blogging as a public speaker. When you succeed in blogging then you will be invited to many events to share your knowledge. To grab this opportunity you have to be successful in this field.

Here are two advantages one of the best advantages is it will be free branding promotions for you and besides this, you can make some money from this event.

FAQ About Making Money From Blogging

  1. How do beginner bloggers make money?

    Hey, there are many ways by which you can make money from blogging. Look at the best and fastest way by which beginner bloggers make money.
    #1 Google Adsense
    #2 Affiliate Marketing
    #3 Monetize Your Blog
    #4 Sell Ads Space
    #5 Content Promotions
    #6 Media.Net
    #7 Sponsor Product Reviews
    #8 Giving Backlink
    #9 Article Writing
    #10 Sell Digital Products
    #11 Sell Your Own Ebook
    #12 Create an Online Course
    #13 Offer Freelancing Service
    #14 Create And Sell Website
    #15 Make Money From Blogging As A Public Speaker

  2. How Much You Can Earn Money From Blogging?

    How much money you can earn totally depends on your blog niche. If your blog niche is on high CPC keywords then you can earn more money.
    If you get 1000 page views in a single day then you can make $10 to $100 if the targeted keyword CPC is high such as loan, finance, insurance, and more. There is no limit to making money from blogging because if your blog has high views then you make more money.

  3. How Do Free Google Blogs Make Money?

    Free Google blogs also make money in many ways but there is a low chance as compared to hosted blogs because domains are not allowed by popular platforms. Still, now you can make
    #1 Affiliate Marketing
    #2 Google Adsense
    #4 Propellerads
    #5 Revenue Hits
    #6 Revenue Hits
    #7 PopAds
    #8 PopAds

  4. How Do You Get Traffic To Your Blog?

    There are many ways to get traffic to your blog but without quality content and SEO, you can not get constant traffic to your blog.
    #1 Social Media Share
    #2 Guest Posting Service
    #3 Article Submission
    #4 Quora, You can generate huge traffic from Quora by sharing your knowledge by answering simple questions.
    #5 Mediam, is a very big platform where you can generate huge traffic to your blog.

  5. How Do I Start Blogging?

    Blogging is a very good idea to make money by sharing your knowledge online.
    #1 Choose your niche first. It will be better to choose the micro niche to get success quickly.
    #2 Choose your Blog name which means the domain name for your blog.
    #3 Buy hosting or you can choose a free hosting service to start your first blog.
    #4 Install the script for your blog from your hosting server. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms which you can start for free.
    #5 Customize your blog according to your needs.
    #6 Write a quality post for your blog.
    #7 Apply for monetization and add an affiliate link to make money from your blog.

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