About me

About Surojit Dutta

I am Surojit Dutta. I am a Part time blogger. I Started my blogging in 2014. Actually Blogging is my hobby, I like to share my knowledge among people (Though I have a small knowledge) who love blogging and want to it. I visit many websites regularly and Collect knowledge like to review on the different product.

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My Up And Downs

I started my blogging journey on 2014. In that time i don’t know any thing about blogging . How to create blog or website?  Even if i don’t know how to create a blog on blogger. In that time i don’t have any computer or smart phone. 

When i get some free time i search on the internet how to make money form online from my friends computer.. Then i found some article which was like “make money with blog”. Then i search a lot how to create a blog. 

I first create a blog on blogger on online education. i don’t have any knowledge about it. So i search article on online educations and when i found some article copy the article and paste it to my blog. In that time i  don’t know about google adsense. i found an article where i found “how to add bidvertiser code to website and make money”.Then i register with bidvertiser and paste some add to my website.

From the site i make some little amount of money.  After that i found “online survey”  ie how to make money with online survey.  In that time i don’t understand which one  is real site or fake. So i register with all site. Some site paid me and others are not.

Then i realized that these are not for long time. I have to think something for stable and good income. Then found wordpress. I found that wordpress is easy to use and no need to learn coding. Moreover everyone can make  a great looking design using it.

So i start learning about WordPress. I first start a website name Informu.net. I am not sure about my success. I just buy the domain and hosting for one year also i don’t have enough money to buy for two or three years. 

I started writing article on it. I don’t have knowledge how to write great article and how to do seo for a website so i fell. i make money a little which was less or equal to the one year domain and hosting charge.

In the next year i again create a website which was totally free domain and hosting and may be site site name was topupdates video site. not success then i create more than 5 to 6 website and delete when i not success. 

Now i know some thing which should do and which should not. That time youtube was not so popular like now a days.  Today huge increase of learning source.

Now i want that who want to make some money online and helps their family i am always ready to help them.


Contact With Me

If you want to create a blog or wordpress blog or any website and don’t know how to create and work on it then i will help you to create and work on it. Free free to contact with me.I am always ready to help you.