How To Increase Traffic By Best 10 WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO means Search Engine Optimizations which helps yous site to increase ranking. So SEO is a very important factor of your website. WordPress SEO plugins can boost your site.

If you host your site in a blogger or any other then you have to work hard to SEO but in WordPress, you get tons of free WordPress SEO plugins which will help you to rank your site easily in search engines. If you don’t know how to set up a WordPress Blog For free Then check it once.

Here I discuss the top 10 best SEO plugins by which in less wok you will do batter to ranking and increasing traffic of your site.

Work Of WordPress SEO Plugins

  1. SEO plugins manage your site title
  2. Plugins help you to give proper meta descriptions.
  3. Generate a Sitemap for your website.
  4. Plugins redirections manager helps you to manage redirections of your page.
  5. Helps user to create a keyword focus based content which ranks faster.
  6. SEO plugins also tell you to put internal linking.
  7. Plugins also help you to manage external linking in your post.
  8. It helps you to avoid duplicate content which can have a negative impact on search engines.
  9. Ability to override any setting.

Best 10 WordPress SEO Plugins

Wordpress SEO Plugins For All

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins in the market. If you want to write batter content and rank higher in google very quickly then this plugin is right for you.

Yoast can help you to write SEO optimized content very easily. it lets you easily SEO title, SEO descriptions to all of the content of your website. It automatically generates the sitemap for your site. you can check the Yoast SEO full set up guide.

Yoast SEO automatically generated a sitemap to help Google to rank faster. You can also use it to create open graph metadata for your social media poster.

2. Rank Math SEO Plugins

After Yoast SEO Rank Math is another very good WordPress SEO plugins for all. This plugin is free for all users. This plugin can help you a lot batter than Yoast according to my site improvement. I use Rank Math to do SEO for my site.

Here is a video guide on how to set up Rank Math SEO properly for your site

Here is look at Rank Math SEO work details

  1. SEO Analytics for your entire website.
  2. Advance SEO optimizations of your total website.
  3. You can optimize up to 5 Keywords for your page or article.
  4. Automatically create a rich snippet for your site.
  5. Generate XML sitemaps for your total site.
  6. You can also do SEO in AMP versions.
  7. Automatically navigate breadcrumbs for your site.
  8. Monitor the 404 error into your site.
  9. Redirections Manager helps you to create proper redirections.
  10. Google Search Console integrations.
  11. External and internal link counter helps you to put proper links into your article.
  12. It also helps you to do SEO on your Woocommerce website.
  13. If your website serves for local service then this plugin also helps you to improve your SEO in local search.

3. All In One SEO Packs

All in one SEO pack help you manage your website SEO. This plugin is very easy to use and especially beginners get a lot of benefits from this plugin. If you are new in SEO then you can use this plugin.

All in one WordPress SEO plugins

Take a look of the features of this plugin

  1. Automatically generates meta tags for your post and pages.
  2. Generate XML sitemap automatically which will help you to rank factor.
  3. Image XML Sitemap submitted to Google and Bing to improve your Image SEO
  4. Automatically generate an RSS sitemap.
  5. Markup
  6. Advanced Canonical URLs helps you to do SEO more batter.
  7. You can override your post title and META description and any META keywords you want.
  8. Automatically optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines to rank batter.

4. SEO Press

SEO press is a powerful WordPress SEO plugins that help you to manage SEO, generate traffic, increase social sharing, generate XML sitemaps, manage redirections and more.

If you don’t know how to set up SEO press and overview details then see this video once

Advantages of SEO press WordPress plugins

  1. Import and export settings from one site to another very easily.
  2. Can manage title and meta with the dynamic variables.
  3. Automatically add the Google knowledge graph to improve SEO.
  4. Google Analytics integrations help you to manage download tracking, custom dimensions, IP anonymization, remarketing, demographics and interest reporting, and more functions.
  5. Build an XML sitemap automatically and indexing fast in google.
  6. Content analytics help you to write batter content for your reader.

5. Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugins

This high-end SEO software can help you to compete with thousands of popular websites and can be rank higher on google very fast.

Squirrly SEO plugins

This plugin works in a very efficient manner by which you can grow faster in comparison to the other webmaster. These WordPress SEO plugins grow faster rather than other SEO plugins. Squarlly SEO plugins have three major functions which are

  1. It helps you to increase the chance of being found in search engines very fast.
  2. This plugin gives you a clear map of your focus page or post improvement continuously.
  3. It also helps you to compete with 60,000 to 60,00,000 pages ranking in the same keywords.

6. The SEO Framework

The SEO Frameworks is another one kind of WordPress SEO plugins which may help any site to grow faster.

The SEO Framework
  1. This plugin comes with pre configurations when you install this plugin.
  2. It can help you to optimize your Website metadata.
  3. These plugins automatically create a beautiful overview of your website so that your site ranks fast in any search engine.
  4. This plugin improves your search preference very fast.
  5. It makes social share more easily than others.

7. All In One Schema

All in one Schema is not a WordPress SEO plugins but it will help you to rank your site in search engine and increase traffic to your site.

All in one Schema WordPress SEO plugins

When someone searches in google then this plugin placing an eye-catching result in the google search so that get more click to your site.

It helps search engines to give important and precise informations to their users very fast and easily.

It helps you to rank higher in google’s very fast way and improve click-through rate.

8. Broken Link Checker

Broken link checker help you to check out all your website link which link is broken and let you know if any is found

Broken Link Checker
  1. Monitor all your links in the post, page, comment and all over the website.
  2. Detect the links for broken, any missing field, any missing image field.
  3. Prevents search engines to follow the broken links.
  4. Links you can be edit directly from your dashboard.
  5. You can search and filter by URL, Anchor text and so on.

9. WordLift – AI Powred SEO

WordLift helps you organize posts and pages adding facts, links, and media to build beautifully structured websites, for both humans and search engines.  This WordPress SEO Plugins can help you to Enrich content with images, links, and interactive visualizations.

You can Engage readers with relevant content recommendations by using this simple plugin.

You can create your own personal Wikipedia by simply this plugin.

Publish your site metadata to share, sell and distribute content very easily.

10. Internal Link Juicer

The internal link juicer is the best solution to create internal linking within the post or page. This plugin is automatically internal linking your post according to your focus keywords.

Internal Link Juicer WordPress SEO plugings.

The internal link juicer is not a WordPress SEO plugins but this plugin may help your post to rank faster and higher in any search engines.

It automatically improves your post SEO and user experience by adding the right content to your post.

Please tell me which plugins are best for a new blogger according to your experience? Which SEO Plugins helps any blogger to grow faster? Which SEO plugin you love to use? Write in the comment box please

Faq Of WordPress SEO Plugins

I think you may understand about the importance of SEO Plugins with out SEO plugins you may face huge problem to rank your WordPress website. Most of the new blogger wants to know many problems about SEO plugins so I include some basic important questions which may help you to find out your answer.

Which plugins are best for WordPress SEO?

Yoast plugins are very best and easy to use SEO plugins for all. Yoast has two versions, one is free and another is paid. The free version has limited features. You can use the paid version if your effort.

Does WordPress Need SEO Plugins?

Yes, If you want to write SEO optimize post then you should use only one SEO plugin, which will help you to write the right title, meta descriptions, meta tags, internal linking, manage redirections and more functions.

Is Yoast SEO Plugin Is free?

No, But Yoast has two types of SEO plugins. One is the free version and another is paid version. If you are a new blogger then you can use the free version of Yoast plugins which has limited features.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

Obviously Yes. Using WordPress SEO plugins you can easily write SEO optimize an article in WordPress. On the other platforms, you have to work a lot to do the right SEO for your post, not only that you should have knowledge of codding.

What does SEO plugins do?

SEO plugins do a lot of things in your post and website. Such as creating an XML site map, Help you to give right meta tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, helps you to manage redirections, internal linking, and more thing.


Here in this post, I include most Important WordPress SEO Plugins which may help you to increase your website ranking and helps you to write batter article which is more readable. One thing remember that do not install more one WordPress SEO Plugins it may harm your total site and decrease your site ranking.

In this post, I arrange these plugins according to the user rating try to use one of these plugins from one to five. Please tell me which plugin you prefer for your blog or website? Please write your answer in the comment box below.

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