Top 11 Best WordPress Free Themes That Actually Make Joyful

WordPress free themes may help you to create a beautiful looking professional website if you want to create your site on WordPress. If you are a blogger or webmaster then you may know about that. Because WordPress provides free themes and plugins to design beautiful sites for free.

Awesome, WordPress is one of the best and awesome content management platforms where you can create any type of website. There is no need to pay any money for that. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress site free then you can check the guide once.

11 Best WordPress Free Themes For Blogger
11 Best WordPress Free Themes For Blogger

21 Best WordPress Free Themes

Themes is an essential part of every website if you don’t choose good themes then you can not success fast or delay in success because if you not choose fast, secure, reliable, SEO optimized themes then your site not ranked, not load fast and more problem arrives.

So choose your themes very carefully and wisely and also take time before choose your themes. Always choose themes according to your category based it may give you more success, not only that gives more revenue.

1. Astra

Astra is one of the fastest-growing WordPress Free Themes for blogs which comes with a lot of pre-made template. You can design your WordPress site with Astra with elementor plugins, Gutenberg block editor, Astra block editir, Beaverbuilder, and more options are available.

Astra- WordPress Free Themes For Blog
Astra- WordPress Free Themes For Blog

View The Top Features Of Astra

  • Astra Using Vanilla javascript which blocks render-blocking options that speed up your website.
  • This theme site size will be 50KB which will help you to load faster.
  • Astra uses default WordPress data, make sure that every code is optimized in your site.
  • Different types of layout features help you to create a responsive website for any device.
  • Megamenu options help you to create a mega menu for your site.
  • Astra gives you Woocommerce features which helps you to create any woocommerce site easily.
  • You can get 6 types of differents layout which may help you to create the best responsive site.
  • choose any type of typography according to your needs.

2. Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful theme which is best for company worker or freelancer or web developer who wants to create beautiful presentations for there clients. This theme gives you plenty of free features that allow you to create beautiful professional-looking designs.

Sydney- WordPress Free Themes
Sydney- WordPress Free Themes

Features Of Sydney Themes

  • One of the the best Responsive Themes suitable for all devices.
  • Custom Elementor Block editir helps you to design beautiful looking WordPress website.
  • Easy to customize themes options help you to design any type of design for site, helps you to choose any type colour, fonts and more options available in themes.
  • Google Fonts helps you to choose any type of fornts for your site.
  • Easy to convert your site in any language.

3. Neve

Neve is one of the best light weight WordPress free themes which may help you to create a beautiful blogging site, not only blogging site you can create any type of website using this themes.

This themes is one of the fast growing WordPress themes now which comes with Elementor plugins functions. Some pre made template will help you create a WordPress site in less than half an hour.

Neve Free WordPress Themes
Neve- Free WordPress Themes For Blogger

Look At The Features Of Neve

  • Neve is a very fast and lightweight theme for all for free.
  • Very flexible and easy to use themes for WordPress site-building.
  • No Breakdown at update times, that means you get reliable updates from neve.
  • New Features coming up every month which keep your site up to date.
  • Easy to set up and sleek design help you to create beautiful sites without any experience.
  • You may get quality code and friendly support from the themes expert when you face any problems.
  • Page site is very low not more than 50KB.
  • The site load in less than 3 seconds.

4. Generate Press

Generatepress is another best lightweight WordPress Free themes for blogs or to design others website for free. It also provides a paid versions where you can get more features to build your site more secure, more faster.

This themes also support Elementor page builder, Brever builder or may be using standered site builder.

GeneratePress another WordPress Free Temes
GeneratePress another WordPress Free Temes

Take A look Of The Features Of Generatepress Themes

  • Use Vanilla Javascript to reduce render-blocking options and load faster.
  • The size of the website page after using the themes is 10KB.
  • By using the WordPress Free themes Generatepress use can fast your site than others.
  • This theme is SEO optimized so that no need to install schema plugins to build schema for your site.
  • WCAG 2.0 standard helps your site to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Easy translations options help your site to translate any language at any time.
  • Generate Press is easy to use themes and very user-friendly themes and most of the plugins are comparable with the themes.

5. Hestia

Hestia is one of the best one-page very stylist themes which is suitable for any type of business website. The themes come with high performance and great user experience to develop the best themes for business portfolio.

Hestia of the WordPress free themes which helps you to design your site with elementor plugins, divi page builder, Wp -backery, mega menu builder and more.

Hestia WordPress Free Themes Portfolio
Hestia WordPress Free Themes Portfolio

Features OF Hestia Themes

  • Slick Material design helps you to create beautiful website with easy steps.
  • You can setup all your website with the themes customizer options.
  • Woocommerce is ready for you to build your woocommerce site.
  • Page builder options help you to design any type of design according to your needs.
  • Many stater template is include in the themes.
  • You have not compromised with the speed.

6. Madd Magazine

Madd Magazine is fully responsive WordPress news or magazine themes that help you to publish news or help you to create any type of news website. If you think you create a news site then you can go for it. Madd Magazine is WordPress free themes for the news sites.

Madd magazine- Another free wordpress themes
Madd magazine- Another free wordpress themes

Madd magazine is built with a responsive slider with video and image options. This theme gives two sidebars you can choose any one of both of them according to your needs. You can build any kind of news or magazine site with the help of the themes.

But one thing I want to tell you that if you think to build a news website then choose the best web hosting providers to host your site if not then you may not rank and most of the time you may see the site is down.

7. Newsmag Lite

Newsmag Lite is magazine-style themes by which you can design a news website, magazine website, blog website, and more. These themes provide 4 different types of blog-style that make your blog post a responsible and easy fit for any device.

Newsmaglite- WordPress Free Themes For news Blog
Newsmaglite- WordPress Free Themes For news Blog

The themes include the social media button which may help you to share your blog post with social media. There are no needs to install any extra plugins for social media share.

The themes are built with Twitter Bootstrap 3, and it comes with incorporate font awesome icons. You can build your front page with three different block styles. This is WordPress free themes you can easily download it from WordPress.

Most of the plugin supported these themes and custom background, custom menu, custom color, video spots helps you to design a professional-looking website with it.

8. Flash

Flash is multipurpose WordPress themes which are the easiest, most flexible, feature-rich, and multipurpose WordPress themes by which you can build any type of WordPress website easily. The responsive themes are very ideal for business solutions or help you to design any kind of professional website.

Flash- Free WordPress Themes For Blog
Flash- Free WordPress Themes For Blog

Look The Features Of Flash

  • The themes are SEO optimized so that it may help you to boost your site performance.
  • If you use the themes then your site may load in under 1 second.
  • most of the browser compatible themes that help you to load in every browser, every device.
  • More than 15+ ready starter templates to design your site fast.
  • Page builder integrations options available for most of the plugins such as Elementor, site origin, Brizy, Gutenberg, and more.

9. Punte

Punte is multipurpose WordPress free themes by which you can create any type of WordPress site easily. The themes support all type of page builder and most responsive themes which will be easily fit with any device and any browser.

Punte WordPress Free Themes Foe Woocommerce and blog
Punte WordPress Free Themes Foe Woocommerce and blog

Punte themes are WordPress comparable themes by which you can easily design and create an eCommerce store. Another best features of the themes are the custom header and footer design options, custom color options which also help you to create attractive-looking themes for woocommerce and blogger.

10. Zakra

The Zarka is one of the best flexible WordPress free themes that comes with modern style and responsive themes and the themes are multipurpose themes. The WordPress themes provide several demos which is pre-build you can easily import the demo file from themes XML options.

Top 11 Best WordPress Free Themes That Actually Make Joyful 1

Zarka is also used for a personal blog to the business site and the zarka is very flexible and comes with custom header sections and also provides a call to action options by which you can generate leads from your site without any extra plugins.

This themes also provides plenty of free space where you can add your customer logo, customer review, ad code widgets options and more.

11. Astrid

Astrid will be a beautiful choice for your blog or business website. The themes come with several business elements to make your site professional. The color options and themes options are endless which may help you to find branding solutions for your business.

Astrid- Another Very Good WordPress Free Themes For blogs
Astrid- Another Very Good WordPress Free Themes For blogs

You can design a woocommerce site with the themes and WordPress translation is ready so that you can easily change your site in any language at any time. The WordPress free themes provide free support for their customer and many themes blocks can help you to add different types of widgets, ad-block, portfolio options, custom logo options, adding customer logo options, and more.

Some FAQ That May Help You

What are the Best WordPress Free Themes?

WordPress provides tons of free themes and plugins for all that may help you to design a good site. Here is the list of some best free themes
#1 Astra
#2 Sydney
#3 Neve
#4 Generate Press
#5 Hestia
#6 Madd Magazine
#7 Newsmag Lite
#8 Flash
#9 Punte
#10 Zakra
#11 Astrid

Does WordPress Have Free Themes?

Yes, WordPress have lot of free themes which you can easily use to create a professonal looking website with easy steps. But free themes has low functions as compared to the paid themes. You can use free themes to build your first themes.

Where can I get WordPress Free Themes?

You can get WordPress Free Themes by two ways first you can find free themes from website.
Another way is lust login to your WordPress dashboard options then go to appearence where you can find themes. Just click on the themes then you can find lot’s of free themes.

What is the Best Free WordPress Themes For Blog?

Some best WordPress free Themes which is specially designed for blog are
#1 Astra
#2 Neve
#3 Divi
#4 Astrid
#5 Generate Press

What Are Some Free Responsive WordPress Thems?

Some WordPress themes are free and provide free pre-made templates and also provide free demo content import options to build a professional-looking website. Such As
#1 Astra: Astra
provides a 100+premade template which is very helpful for a new blogger to design their site very easily.
#2 Divi:
Divi provides a free premade template as well as a demo content importer which may help you to create a free WordPress site easily.
#3 Generate Press:
Generate press is a very good WordPress free themes that come with a pre-made template and custom demo importer for all. the themes are very good to create a blog.
#4 Astrid:
Astrid also provides a free XML file and more than 10 templates that you can easily use to build professional-looking themes.
#5 Neve:
Neve is a free one of the fasted growing and fast loading WordPress themes that comes with a free pre-made template for bloggers.

What Are Some Best WordPress Themes For Business?

WordPress provides some best WordPress free themes for business which may help you to build Profesonal business website easily. Some of the best WordPress free Business themes are
#1 Astra
#2 Neve
#3 Generate Press
#4 Divi
#5 Neve

Can You Customize WordPress Free themes?

yes, definitely you can customize any WordPress themes easily from your WordPress dashboard options. First go to Appearence where you can find theme customize options. just click on the customize options then a window open from where you can customize your themes easily.

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