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A2hosting is one of the old web hosting service providers and they started their journey in 2003, now they served the best web hosting service for the last 18 months. If you are thinking about hosting your website and are confused about which hosting will be best for you then just look at a2hosting reviews first then decide.

One of the best things that I really love about a2hosting service is they offer a money-back guarantee any time when you want. this company’s customer support is very excellent they offer chat support, email support, a lot of pieces of information already explained in their site.

A2Hosting Reviews Details

A2hosting uptime is really good but one of the disadvantages of this hosting provider is renewal charge is quite high at the end of your first purchase period ends. A2hosting offers the best web hosting service which is 20x faster hosting at a very cheap price which is $2.96/month.

A2hosting Full Review Details

Now it’s time to get details into the a2hosting reviews which are the cons and which are the pros of a2 hosting.

General Info Of A2 Hosting

My OpinionsOne Of the fastest shared web hosting providers.
Speed306.7ms (According To January 2020 To October 2020).
Uptime 99.98% (According To January 2020 To October 2020).
Support24X7 Live Chat Support.
AppsWordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.
FeaturesUnlimited Bandwidth and Storage, Free SSL, Anytime Money Back Guarantee.
Hosting Plans DetailsShared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Servers
Site TransferFree For Single Site Transfer
PricingStarting At $2.99/Month

Pros Of A2hosting

A2hosting is one of the best and fastest web hosting providers at a very cheap price which you should know more details about it.

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest web hostings and their speed is excellent, customer service support is very good and very friendly, they also very careful about your site security and one of the major pros is anytime money-back guarantee options.

Now comes into the details of every pros by a2hosting reviews. So let’s start

1. Fastest Shared Web Hosting (Load Time)

I already told that the speed of a2hosting web service is very amazing even when you visit their home page you can show 20x faster web hosting provider for all web hosting plans.

All storage they use is SSD so that their speed will increase and load your site fast so that any visitor not leave your site due to slow loading.

Here i include a pingdom test you can check there speed below.

A2hosting reviews Speed Test
A2hosting reviews Speed Test

2. Content Management System (CMS)

A2 hosting provides differents auto-installer which can help you to build your site very easily. In the cPanel, you can find one-click auto-installer such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WIKI, and more. If you don’t know how to install WordPress then check the guide on How To Install WordPress Manually On Server.

Besides this cPanel of a2hosting offers huge advance features which are very helpful for the webmaster. Such as PHP Pear Packages, Perl Modules, PHP Versions, Python Sector, website optimizer,Node.js applications, and more.

A2hosting Autoinstaller Software Details
A2hosting Autoinstaller Software Details

3. Cpanel Advance Features

A2hosting cPanel offer advance cPanel features which will help webmaster to perform advance work such as

Cron Jobs: You can use cron job functions to run user-defined commend at a certain time interval. The crown job functions you can easily configure from your cPanel.

Apache Handler: Apache handler helps you to process a specific no of server requests at a certain time. This apache handler can help you to set up a certain no of requests at a certain time.

Error Page Handler: The error page handler helps you to give a particular message to your visitor when an error occurs on your page. You can easily create an error page to show a message.

Virus Scanner: Virus scanner is an application that will help you to find a virus on your site. From cPanel you can easily run a virus scanner to find out Virus, malware, trojan horse, or any other type of infected file.

4. A2hosting Reviews For Website Builder

A2 hosting offers easy drag and drops website builder functions which may help you to create a beautiful site within one hour. If you are new and don’t know how to create a website with coding then this website builder may solve your problems.

You have to keep in mind that the price sections of the hosting plan and site builder plan are quite different. A2 hosting offer dozen of free pre-build a template to create a site easily with site builder.

5. Efficient and friendly customer support

A2hosting provides a lot of articles which is very knowledgeable to find a quick answer for your problems. If you not find your solutions then you can easily contact them. They offer chat support, phone call support, email support, and ticket-based customer-based support.

A2 Hosting Customer Care Support
A2 Hosting Customer Care Support

A2hosting customer support executives are very efficient and very friendly. They will provide instant solutions for your problem, though you have to wait to contact an executive via chat for approx 5min to 30min.

6. Website Security To keep Site Safe

Speed and security don’t go well for every web server because of extra scanning of your site, file, a firewall that’s why a2hosting design a special application which name is hacks scan.

Hacks can is a special type of application design by a2hosting to protect their server and run a scan on overall your site. Hackensack run scan overall your site for 24×7 and 365 days to protect your site from malware and any unauthorized activity.

This software also protects your site from block attack before they damage your site and the software not slow down your site performance.

7. Free Site Migrations Offer

A2 Hosting offers free site migration options to transfer your site for free. All you need to do just reach out to A2 Hosting customer care executive with proper details with your Cpanel account and the rest of the matter they will do for you, there are no extra charges you have to pay for that.

But one thing you have to remember how many sites you want to migrate to. It will depend on what plan you purchase from A2hosting.

If you purchase a lite, swift, or turbo plan then they will offer you to migrate one single site for free but if you want to more then you have to contact them.

But if you purchase a dedicated server or any VPS plans then you can get 25 site free migrations from their end.

8. A2Hosting Server Uptime

A2 Hosting server uptime is really very good, you can find on average 99.99% uptime for your server. Here I collect a server uptime stats for the last 12 months you can check below

12 Months Average Uptime And Response Time

MonthAverage UptimeAverage Response Time
October 202099.98%312ms
September 2020100%336ms
August 202099.99%276ms
July 2020100%289ms
June 202099.84%305ms
May 2020100%270ms
April 2020100%296ms
March 202099.99%261ms
February 2020100%294ms
January 202099.99%424ms
December 2019100%302ms
November 2019100%326ms
A2hosting Uptime and response time
A2hosting Chart of Average Response time and uptime

9. Any Time Money Back Gurrentee

Most of the web hosting offer 30 days money-back guarantee so like others a2 hosting also offers 30 days a full refund of your money. It is no matter what plan you purchase and how many years plan you purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the A2hosting service you can ask for your money back and they will refund the total money without any questions.

One of the best things is that A2 hosting offers an anytime moneyback guarantee plan that means if you purchase a plan for 3 years and after using one an half year if you think that I am not happy then you can also ask for money back.

In these case they charge for one an half years and refund back for the rest of the years. Some non refundable charge are also there for example domain charge and more.

10. Green Web Hosting

A2hosting main home town is Ann Arbor in Michigan. You may know that Michigan is known as a green city because of trees. A2 hosting also already planted more than 50,000+ trees on their site and they also have a partnership with carbonfund.org.

You may ask me questions that why I telling you about their green hosting and it may not one cause for sign up or buy a hosting plan from A2 hosting.

I just telling you about their green plan because they help the nature a lot and also the whole wrold.

Now Comes To The Point Cons Of A2 Web Hosting Details.

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Cons Of A2 Web Hosting

A2 Web hosting has a lot of Pros which I already write in detail so that you get a better idea about the hosting plan. But you should know that everything has some pros ad cons so a2hosting also has some cons

1. Renewal Price Is High

Now comes the point renewal price of A2 web hosting is quite high when you renew your hosting plan after the end of your first purchase.

If you are successful and happy with their service then it is very hard for you to shift your whole website to another place. You have to give them a written cancellation request to their email address [email protected] before 15 days of your hosting plan expire.

2. Cheapest Plan Problems

If you purchase the cheapest plan then you may face some problems if you want to host more than one website into the hosting.

In their cheapest plan, you can host only one website on your hosting, but if you speed your website and want to load faster than other sites then you may happy with the cheapest plan also.

The lite plan gives you all features such as host one site, unlimited storage, free SSL certificate, Best site security system to protect the site, free migration options, any time money back, and more options.

Now Comes To the Some Common Questions about A2hosting

FAQ On A2hosting

Who Owns A2Hosting?

A2 Hosting is a company and it is located in Ann Arbor in Michigan and founded in 2003 by Bryan Muthig and he is now the current CEO of the company.

What are A2 Hosting name servers?

A name server is an important thing when you going to change domain locations. A2 Web Hosting provides a 4 name server which are ns1.a2hosting.comns2.a2hosting.comns3.a2hosting.com, and ns4.a2hosting.com.

What Kind Of Support Do I get?

A2 Hosting provides you all types of support through email support, chat support, faq based support, phone call support, you can also create a support ticket to solve your problems.

Where are A2 Hosting servers located?

A2 Hosting has its own private server which is located in Michigan, united states and you can find the additional server in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore.

What are the best A2 Hosting alternatives?

A2 Hosting provides one of the fastest web hostings and if you think it is not comfortable for you then you can go for other web hosting providers such as Siteground, Hostinger, Bluehost, Greengeeks, Dreamhost, Namecheap, and more company available.

What is A2 Hosting cheapest hosting plan?

The cheapest plan of A2 Hosting is a lite plan which starts from $2.99 where you can host one single website, get unlimited space, free SSL Certificate, Free site migrations, and more features.

What extras do I get with A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting gives you extra benefits when you buy A2 hosting any plan they offer you a free website magazine subscriptions where you get $50 credit for Yahoo or Bing ad credit and also get free google listing with a free attract a account subscriptions. which is very great for everyone.

Can I Install WordPress?

You can easily install WordPress from user-friendly Cpanel options. A2 Web Hosting offers you WordPress auto-installer options when you purchased a WordPress Hosting plan.

Will A2 Hosting help me migrate my website?

Yes, A2 Hosting offers free website migration options. Free site migration options depend on which plan you buy from A2 Hosting. If you buy a lite, elite, or gold plan then you are eligible for one site free migration. Just you have to contact to the customer care executive and the rest they will handle for you.

How To Upload Files On A2 Hosting?

You can easily upload files through the A2 Hosting Cpanel file manager. They also offer FTP upload so you can upload your site file through an FTP account if the size of the file is big.

IS A2 Hosting Good?

If you want to speed up your website and want to load faster than other sites then you can choose A2 Web Hosting and their site security is very good also.

How do I access cPanel A2Hosting?

You can easily access A2 Hosting Cpanel through your account login. Just go to log in to the client area and then go to Cpanel.

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