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Themes are an important part of every website because themes give the attractive look of your blog or website and also gives many functions for you.

If you know the WordPress platforms then you may know about WordPress themes. In WordPress, you can find tons of free themes that are totally free to use for all. These all free themes you can use for your business website also.

If you are not creating your site in WordPress then you have to learn coding to install themes and need to change something according to your needs.

In Blogger you also find many free themes but in blogger, themes are called template but blogger is not open CMS so you need to change some code of your template to enable all of your necessary functions.

In this sections we will discuss about WordPress Themes so stay with me to learn about themes and best WordPress themes guide.

Top 11 Best WordPress Free Themes That Actually Make Joyful

WordPress free themes may help you to create a beautiful looking professional website if you want to create your site on WordPress. If you are a blogger or webmaster then you may know about that. Because WordPress provides free themes and plugins to design beautiful sites for free.

Awesome, WordPress is one of the best and awesome content management platforms where you can create any type of website. There is no need to pay any money for that. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress site free then you can check the guide once.

11 Best WordPress Free Themes For Blogger

21 Best WordPress Free Themes

Themes is an essential part of every website if you don’t choose good themes then you can not success fast or delay in success because if you not choose fast, secure, reliable, SEO optimized themes then your site not ranked, not load fast and more problem arrives.

So choose your themes very carefully and wisely and also take time before choose your themes. Always choose themes according to your category based it may give you more success, not only that gives more revenue.

1. Astra

Astra is one of the fastest-growing WordPress Free Themes for blogs which comes with a lot of pre-made template. You can design your WordPress site with Astra with elementor plugins, Gutenberg block editor, Astra block editir, Beaverbuilder, and more options are available.

Astra- WordPress Free Themes For Blog

View The Top Features Of Astra

  • Astra Using Vanilla javascript which blocks render-blocking options that speed up your website.
  • This theme site size will be 50KB which will help you to load faster.
  • Astra uses default WordPress data, make sure that every code is optimized in your site.
  • Different types of layout features help you to create a responsive website for any device.
  • Megamenu options help you to create a mega menu for your site.
  • Astra gives you Woocommerce features which helps you to create any woocommerce site easily.
  • You can get 6 types of differents layout which may help you to create the best responsive site.
  • choose any type of typography according to your needs.

2. Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful theme which is best for company worker or freelancer or web developer who wants to create beautiful presentations for there clients. This theme gives you plenty of free features that allow you to create beautiful professional-looking designs.

Sydney- WordPress Free Themes

Features Of Sydney Themes

  • One of the the best Responsive Themes suitable for all devices.
  • Custom Elementor Block editir helps you to design beautiful looking WordPress website.
  • Easy to customize themes options help you to design any type of design for site, helps you to choose any type colour, fonts and more options available in themes.
  • Google Fonts helps you to choose any type of fornts for your site.
  • Easy to convert your site in any language.

3. Neve

Neve is one of the best light weight WordPress free themes which may help you to create a beautiful blogging site, not only blogging site you can create any type of website using this themes.

This themes is one of the fast growing WordPress themes now which comes with Elementor plugins functions. Some pre made template will help you create a WordPress site in less than half an hour.

Neve- Free WordPress Themes For Blogger

Look At The Features Of Neve

  • Neve is a very fast and lightweight theme for all for free.
  • Very flexible and easy to use themes for WordPress site-building.
  • No Breakdown at update times, that means you get reliable updates from neve.
  • New Features coming up every month which keep your site up to date.
  • Easy to set up and sleek design help you to create beautiful sites without any experience.
  • You may get quality code and friendly support from the themes expert when you face any problems.
  • Page site is very low not more than 50KB.
  • The site load in less than 3 seconds.

4. Generate Press

Generatepress is another best lightweight WordPress Free themes for blogs or to design others website for free. It also provides a paid versions where you can get more features to build your site more secure, more faster.

This themes also support Elementor page builder, Brever builder or may be using standered site builder.

GeneratePress another WordPress Free Temes

Take A look Of The Features Of Generatepress Themes

  • Use Vanilla Javascript to reduce render-blocking options and load faster.
  • The size of the website page after using the themes is 10KB.
  • By using the WordPress Free themes Generatepress use can fast your site than others.
  • This theme is SEO optimized so that no need to install schema plugins to build schema for your site.
  • WCAG 2.0 standard helps your site to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Easy translations options help your site to translate any language at any time.
  • Generate Press is easy to use themes and very user-friendly themes and most of the plugins are comparable with the themes.

5. Hestia

Hestia is one of the best one-page very stylist themes which is suitable for any type of business website. The themes come with high performance and great user experience to develop the best themes for business portfolio.

Hestia of the WordPress free themes which helps you to design your site with elementor plugins, divi page builder, Wp -backery, mega menu builder and more.

Hestia WordPress Free Themes Portfolio

Features OF Hestia Themes

  • Slick Material design helps you to create beautiful website with easy steps.
  • You can setup all your website with the themes customizer options.
  • Woocommerce is ready for you to build your woocommerce site.
  • Page builder options help you to design any type of design according to your needs.
  • Many stater template is include in the themes.
  • You have not compromised with the speed.

6. Madd Magazine

Madd Magazine is fully responsive WordPress news or magazine themes that help you to publish news or help you to create any type of news website. If you think you create a news site then you can go for it. Madd Magazine is WordPress free themes for the news sites.

Madd magazine- Another free wordpress themes

Madd magazine is built with a responsive slider with video and image options. This theme gives two sidebars you can choose any one of both of them according to your needs. You can build any kind of news or magazine site with the help of the themes.

But one thing I want to tell you that if you think to build a news website then choose the best web hosting providers to host your site if not then you may not rank and most of the time you may see the site is down.

7. Newsmag Lite

Newsmag Lite is magazine-style themes by which you can design a news website, magazine website, blog website, and more. These themes provide 4 different types of blog-style that make your blog post a responsible and easy fit for any device.

Newsmaglite- WordPress Free Themes For news Blog

The themes include the social media button which may help you to share your blog post with social media. There are no needs to install any extra plugins for social media share.

The themes are built with Twitter Bootstrap 3, and it comes with incorporate font awesome icons. You can build your front page with three different block styles. This is WordPress free themes you can easily download it from WordPress.

Most of the plugin supported these themes and custom background, custom menu, custom color, video spots helps you to design a professional-looking website with it.

8. Flash

Flash is multipurpose WordPress themes which are the easiest, most flexible, feature-rich, and multipurpose WordPress themes by which you can build any type of WordPress website easily. The responsive themes are very ideal for business solutions or help you to design any kind of professional website.

Flash- Free WordPress Themes For Blog

Look The Features Of Flash

  • The themes are SEO optimized so that it may help you to boost your site performance.
  • If you use the themes then your site may load in under 1 second.
  • most of the browser compatible themes that help you to load in every browser, every device.
  • More than 15+ ready starter templates to design your site fast.
  • Page builder integrations options available for most of the plugins such as Elementor, site origin, Brizy, Gutenberg, and more.

9. Punte

Punte is multipurpose WordPress free themes by which you can create any type of WordPress site easily. The themes support all type of page builder and most responsive themes which will be easily fit with any device and any browser.

Punte WordPress Free Themes Foe Woocommerce and blog

Punte themes are WordPress comparable themes by which you can easily design and create an eCommerce store. Another best features of the themes are the custom header and footer design options, custom color options which also help you to create attractive-looking themes for woocommerce and blogger.

10. Zakra

The Zarka is one of the best flexible WordPress free themes that comes with modern style and responsive themes and the themes are multipurpose themes. The WordPress themes provide several demos which is pre-build you can easily import the demo file from themes XML options.

Zarka is also used for a personal blog to the business site and the zarka is very flexible and comes with custom header sections and also provides a call to action options by which you can generate leads from your site without any extra plugins.

This themes also provides plenty of free space where you can add your customer logo, customer review, ad code widgets options and more.

11. Astrid

Astrid will be a beautiful choice for your blog or business website. The themes come with several business elements to make your site professional. The color options and themes options are endless which may help you to find branding solutions for your business.

Astrid- Another Very Good WordPress Free Themes For blogs

You can design a woocommerce site with the themes and WordPress translation is ready so that you can easily change your site in any language at any time. The WordPress free themes provide free support for their customer and many themes blocks can help you to add different types of widgets, ad-block, portfolio options, custom logo options, adding customer logo options, and more.

Some FAQ That May Help You

What are the Best WordPress Free Themes?

WordPress provides tons of free themes and plugins for all that may help you to design a good site. Here is the list of some best free themes
#1 Astra
#2 Sydney
#3 Neve
#4 Generate Press
#5 Hestia
#6 Madd Magazine
#7 Newsmag Lite
#8 Flash
#9 Punte
#10 Zakra
#11 Astrid

Does WordPress Have Free Themes?

Yes, WordPress have lot of free themes which you can easily use to create a professonal looking website with easy steps. But free themes has low functions as compared to the paid themes. You can use free themes to build your first themes.

Where can I get WordPress Free Themes?

You can get WordPress Free Themes by two ways first you can find free themes from website.
Another way is lust login to your WordPress dashboard options then go to appearence where you can find themes. Just click on the themes then you can find lot’s of free themes.

What is the Best Free WordPress Themes For Blog?

Some best WordPress free Themes which is specially designed for blog are
#1 Astra
#2 Neve
#3 Divi
#4 Astrid
#5 Generate Press

What Are Some Free Responsive WordPress Thems?

Some WordPress themes are free and provide free pre-made templates and also provide free demo content import options to build a professional-looking website. Such As
#1 Astra: Astra
provides a 100+premade template which is very helpful for a new blogger to design their site very easily.
#2 Divi:
Divi provides a free premade template as well as a demo content importer which may help you to create a free WordPress site easily.
#3 Generate Press:
Generate press is a very good WordPress free themes that come with a pre-made template and custom demo importer for all. the themes are very good to create a blog.
#4 Astrid:
Astrid also provides a free XML file and more than 10 templates that you can easily use to build professional-looking themes.
#5 Neve:
Neve is a free one of the fasted growing and fast loading WordPress themes that comes with a free pre-made template for bloggers.

What Are Some Best WordPress Themes For Business?

WordPress provides some best WordPress free themes for business which may help you to build Profesonal business website easily. Some of the best WordPress free Business themes are
#1 Astra
#2 Neve
#3 Generate Press
#4 Divi
#5 Neve

Can You Customize WordPress Free themes?

yes, definitely you can customize any WordPress themes easily from your WordPress dashboard options. First go to Appearence where you can find theme customize options. just click on the customize options then a window open from where you can customize your themes easily.

8 Tips To Become A WordPress Developer And Advantages

WordPress developer — sound very strange, you may know about WordPress or maybe create a website with WordPress but you have not thought to become a WordPress Developer. There are many advantages to become a developer but it is not so easy to become a developer. It needs a lot of effort and dedication to become a developer.

You may think that i create some WordPress site and design the total site by myself and also make some changes through codding. That’s very good but the work of WordPress developer is totally different it not so easy to design a WordPress site and make some changes through codding.

What Is The Work Of WordPress Developer

If you already create a website on WordPress then you may know using WordPress anyone can create a beautiful website. There is no need to know about codding knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP and more language.

Just change the name server where you want to host your site then install WordPress through hosting or you can do it manually. Install or upload WordPress themes, install some essential WordPress Plugins, that’s it your site totally ready for launch.

  • As a developer, you can do a lot of task for example
  • you can create a beautiful theme according to the demand of the market,
  • create a useful plugin which helps the user and do a lot of work with simple effort,
  • design widgets for everyone, redesign some themes according to your clients demand,
  • design a beautiful site with fresh themes for your clients,
  • develop WordPress core functions and more and more.

The Advantages As A WordPress Developer

If you think that you want to become a WordPress Developer then there are huge advantages as a developer. Day by day the demand for WordPress is growing. So if you become a top developer then you get huge opportunities.

There are lot’s of advantages to become WordPress Developer here I Write some of advantages you should know

OWN BOSS: though it is very tough to become a top developer whatever if you become a developer then you are your own boss. There is no need to go to the people for works. Clients come to you to solve their problems.

MAKE HUGE MONEY: As I tell you before that WordPress has high demand and demand are growing rapidly so clients want to pay more for best developers who are best in the fields.

GET THE TOP PROJECTS: If you are the best WP developer then you have the freedom to say NO for any project or Yes for any projects. So you have the freedom to choose the project and demand service charge.

DESIGN NEW THEMES: As a WP developer you can design new WordPress themes according to clients’ demand and charge a good amount from your clients. Or you can create new themes and sell them to the markets.

CREATE NEW PLUGINS: WordPress Plugins are also huge demand you can create new plugins and sell them to the market or redevelop any WordPress Plugins according to clients demand.

CREATE WIDGETS: In online Widgets are high dependable. You can design or edit any widgets and sell them online at high price.

Ok. Here I just include some best advantages to become a WordPress Developer but there are lots of advantages also available. Now time to discuss how you can become a WP Developer and the essential step

Steps To Become A WordPress Developer

In WordPress there are huge area to work and gain your knowledge or skill yourself. First you have to find out your interest area that means in which sections you want to work. For example you just develop WordPress core functions or design or create new themes or may be create new plugins according to markets demands.

1. Understand The Basic Languages

To become a WordPress Developer you must know some Web Languages very Well. For example, HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, etc because you are going to deep in WordPress so language is a must.

A WP Developer can change WordPress Themes looks, A WordPress Plugins Works, change WP Admin Panel, or create new user profile and more things so you have to strong in codding. If you don’t know codding very well then you should leran codding first.


The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is older versions at that time the latest versions of HTML are HTML5. The languages HTML is used to get smooth user experience. By using HTML webpages fit properly with any web browsers. If you write invalid HTML code then the browser will show your page poorly.

I previously told that HTML5 is the latest version there are some best advantages to use HTML5. You can easily include video and audio support, JavaScript compatibility, and tons of new elements, like footer, header, track, summary, on any page which is a design by HTML5.

The HTML syntax start with DOCTYPE declarations and with opening <HTML>. In the opening <HTML> there may be several parts such as <HEAD>……… </HEAD> and also content <BODY> …………. </BODY> and at the end the closing </HTML> tag. Here is a HTML example given bellow

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>

<h1>This is a Heading</h1>
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>


If you want to learn HTML then W3Schools is one of the best places where you can learn any web languages. View W3 Schools HTML guide.


The Full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets now CSS is old versions the latest versions is CSS3. You may be understand what is the work of CSS. Exactly to give style. CSS determine how HTML language you want to show on any page. By using this language you can change any web pages style within few minutes.

CSS language has very good features which is called media Queries which mainly determine page size that means page size in Laptop/Mobile/Tab. By using these features anyone can create a responsive website or page so that the site easily fits in any device.

body {
  background-color: lightblue;

h1 {
  color: white;
  text-align: center;

p {
  font-family: verdana;
  font-size: 20px;

Here above I just try to give an example of CSS language where defines that body background color is lightblue, H1 color is white, the H1 text comes in the middle in the site and so on. If you want to be WordPress Developer then you can use W3schools CSS tutorial and practice.


PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor language that very powerful scripting language that is used in web development. PHP mainly works in the background of your server and gives the results in HTML languages.

The WordPress core functions are mainly design with PHP with MYSQL. PHP is one of the best flexible languages which easily fit with any server and run most of the operating systems. There are tons of useful features in PHP which you can use to design your website. For example Variables, Array, Functions, Conditions and more.

If you want to become a WordPress developer then you should learn the PHP language very well and also need to learn all the important functions of PHP. You can use W3 School to learn PHP languages.


MySQL is a web language which is basically used to create database. By using MySQL database all information of a WordPress site stored in the database. The all information of a WordPress site which is stored in a MYSQL database are dynamically retrieve through PHP languages.

WordPress basically provides some PHP functions by which WordPress Website database run smoothly and retrieve information safely. For knowing more about MySQL language details check Talking to the Database: The WordPress Database Class.

Java Script

Java Script is another very popular Web language which is used for website development. By using Java Script your can control your website for example by using Java Script you turns your static website to dynamic website.

You can easily type Java Script into HTML language it will automatically fits into it. Mainly Java Script works into web browser. If you want to use Java Script then you have use node.JS which is also a very popular languages. Node.Js language is widely used in different field such as data base management, robotics, mobile applications development and more.

As a WordPress Developer or Website developer you must know Java Script very well. If you want to learn more about Java Script then view WordPress Codex Page.


JQuery is another very popular Web language which is also use to design and simplify your Java Script functions. Basically JQuery is library of Java Script by which web developer can easily manage a huge Java Script functions into a single place. JQuery saves a lot of time when you are working with massive no of Java Script functions.

This functional language is used to create sliding effect or creating animations or hidding a HTML part from your site page. If you want to learn JQuery very well then you can view the official page of JQuery. As a WordPress Developer you should also learn JQuery to save your time.


Ajax is another very popular language which is widely used in WordPress. By using AJAX you can easily find data without refreshing a page or can change data without reloading a web page. AJAX is used widely in Woo commerce site. For example when you search some thing in Woo commerce site then you may notice that related product automatically comes in the search box. This features is possible through AJAX search.

A WordPress Developer can either use Java Script or JQuery to manage or run Ajax. But according to my view JQuery is more simple to run AJAx. You can learn AJAX details from WordPress here.

2. Learn As Much As You Can About WordPress

As you decide to become a WordPress Developer so you should learn as much as you can about the platforms WordPress. Because WordPress has a very vast area and you can master any of this topic.

If you want to be a WordPress Developer then don’t worry there are huge resources where you can learn and practice and increase your knowledge about WordPress. First, you should create a WordPress Sandbox Account. Actually sandbox helps you to play with WordPress code and easily try or changes of anything for example core functions, themes functions, themes looks, plugins functions, add new functions and more.

Though there are huge free sources available for example YouTube videos, many free courses from Skillshare, Coursera and WP Apprentice, etc I want to tell you to invest a few if you want to return the big amount that means apply for some paid WordPress Course for example WP101. The WordPress learning center also a very good resource to learn for free you can try.

Subscribes top WordPress related blog and Top YouTube channel so that when new article publish or any video post you can get them first and apply your knowledge.

3. Focus On Your WordPress Developer Area

I already told that WordPress has a vast area to learn you have to find which is best part for you and try to focus on the particular area first so that you can achieve your goal very quickly. If you want to focus all the area at the same time then you may con’t do very well.

In WordPress, you can choose WordPress core functions if you have interested in the sections or you may choose WordPress theme part where you can design new themes or modify themes according to your client’s demands or choose WordPress plugins part it is also a very good area to learn new things besides this create new WP Plugins for the user which high demands nowadays.

WordPress Core Functions

In WordPress’s core functions there are lots of tasks to do as a WordPress Developer, for example, you have to identify new problems, Identify new bugs come in the WordPress functions programs, addressing her tickets and try to solve their problems and more options.

It will be a great option to becomes a WordPress Core developer because here you can learn a lot of new ideas, new codding, Style how to solve any WordPress inter problems every smartly and more. The core Contributions Book is a great option to learn more.

WordPress Themes

Themes is the another big parts where you gain your knowledge and become a WordPress Developer. If you focus to develop WordPress themes then there also huge options. For example you can design new themes and attract new clients. There are also huge resources where you can learn more about themes.

Themes development is very crucial work and has to know HTML and CSS very well. If you want to know more then you can read theme development books for more.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins is very important in WordPress, it helps you to give a beautiful look of a website. So if you focus on WordPress plugins development then it will be very effective.

As a WordPress Developer, you can easily develop WP Plugins for your clients or you can create new WordPress Plugins according to market demand and sell them to codecanyon. You can gain your themes knowledge form WordPress themes.

4. Work With Local Development Environment

If you want to focus your WordPress Developer carrier on themes and plugins then the local environment is the best to develop your skill time by time. You have to take WordPress related tasks from your clients and try to solve their problems according to their needs. If you doing this, there are two advantages one earns some extra money besides this develop your skill.

There are some software which may help you to develop your skills by working in the local environment. One is XAMPP which is for Windows users only and another is MAPP which is MAC users. Both software is totally free you have to download the software and need to install it on your computer. This software will help you to create local servers where you can install WordPress software easily and continue your development work.

5. Prepare Yourself As A WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer means not only design some themes or create a new plugins, as a developer you have solve minor problems to major problems which is related to core functions or may be system crash for some bugs. So as a developer you should prepare yourself to solve all types of problems related to WordPress.

When you going to Fix Bugs you have to very careful about your website security through WordPress core security is very secure. Till now should be careful when you going to fix bugs or solve any problems. There are plenty of WordPress Security plugins which may help you to give your site more secure.

One more options you should know as a WordPress Developer that when you going to fix some bugs or solve some major problem of any website you should take a backup of the full site which may help you from loss of data or loss of time. Website like Github may help you to safely complete your work.

6. Join With The WordPress Community

When you are learning WordPress and want to be a WordPress Developer then it will be a good decision to join with your same community who are work in the same field.

In WordPress, you find the WordPress community where all WordPress Developer works on different projects and share their knowledge in the community. In the community, tab developer shares their problems or solve other problems by which they can increase their brand. WordPress Forum also helps you to increase your knowledge and solving the problem with each other.

7. Share Your Works Through WordPress

After creating your themes or WordPress plugins you can share your work through WordPress. If you create Themes and upload it to WordPress Themes Uploader or create WordPress Plugins and add them to WordPress Plugins sections. When you upload you have to remember that all themes and plugins must be released under General Public Licence which grant user rights when they download and use them in their website.

For details rules of publishing themes and plugins you may reads WordPress Developer Hand Book Guide here.

8. Finding Right Clients For You

As WordPress is a giant platforms of content management systems where all types of business owner use this platforms to manage and create their site and try to sell them through website. Here as a WordPress Developer is very high demand who are very efficient to solve any types of WordPress problems.

Many business owners find the right developer to solve their a problem or create and maintain a custom site for their business. Now there are many freelancing sites that helps you to find these clients. Here is a details list of the different methods by which you can earn money as a developer.

Bonus Tips

Here I just include some extra resource where you can learn and increase your WordPress knowledge very fast. Let’s find the below resources

WordPress Codex And Books And Blogs

WordPress Codex is the WordPress community-edited repository where you can learn all about WordPress details. Not only that learn about WordPress Semantics and how to design WordPress Themes and How To Develop WordPress Plugins.

There are more than a dozen WordPress books are available which some are free and some are not which may help you to be a WordPress Developer.

Some WordPress blogs and magazines are also very helpful for you which also helps you gain extra knowledge in your development area. You should subscribe to these blogs so that when new posts publish you get the post and acquire some extra knowledge.


Now it’s time to recap the whole task to become a WordPress Developer First you have to find out your interest area where you want to develop your skill that may WP core functions, WP Themes, WP Plugins or more.

Now comes to the second part you have to learn all the basic Web languages very accurately which is related to WordPress and practice and improve your skill day by day.

Learn all details about as much as you can and try to focus on your development are so that you will more accurate on that field.

The fourth point is to try to Work with the local environment and join with the WordPress community and share your work with WordPress and last but not least is keep practice.

How To Install Themes On WordPress Manually

Are you new in WordPress? Don’t know how to install themes on WordPress? don’t worry in this post I will show you details about WordPress theme installation process.

There are many ways by which you can install WordPress themes, for example, You can install themes from your web hosting cPanel, Install themes by using an FTP account, Another very popular and very easy process of install themes on WordPress is using WordPress admin panel.

Install Themes On WordPress

In this post, I told the last and the very easy process for all which anyone can do without knowing a single line of code.

In WordPress, you can find thousands of free themes to use for your website. If you are not comfortable to install free themes then you can buy premium themes according to your website or blog. But to install paid themes you have to use your Cpanel. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress blog then check it once.

Step To Install Themes On WordPress (Admin Dashboard)

In this step, I will show you how to install WordPress themes using your WordPress Admin panel. Now move on to the step

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel by using your site admin URL. For example, if your site domain name is then your admin URL will be
  2. After log in to your WordPress Dashboard go to  Appearance
  3. Just hover the mouse on Appearance you can see Themes on the first options.
  4. Click On the Themes You find an Add New Options.
  5. Search the required themes according to your niche.
  6. After getting your required themes just click on Install Now
  7. If you want to active your recent install themes just click on Active Button.
  8. After active this theme, you will see your site design changed.
  9. That’s it you done the job.

How To Install Themes On WordPress (Paid Themes)

The process is the same as before. Installing any themes you paid themes or free themes you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard panel. After log in to your admin panel go to Appearance sections. Before going to Install WordPress themes check how to buy the best WordPress Web Hosting for your blog.

Just hover the mouse on the appearance you can see the themes then you get add new options. By clicking on add new options you get two options one is installed themes from search options. Another option is to upload themes from your computer.

Just click on the upload button and then upload your themes and then install your themes. That’s very simple. If you don’t know how to Download WordPress Then Check this guide Once.

If you want to active your recent upload themes then click on the active button. You can see your blog design changed.

How To Install Themes On WordPress Using Cpanel

By using Cpanel you can install any themes paid or free there is no matter. Using Cpanel you can install themes directly from the file manager. Now let’s check the state below

  1. First, log in to your Cpanel of your Web Hosting Providers.
  2. After successfully log in go to your file manager sections. Click on your file manager.
  3. After the open file manager views the Public Html Folder.
  4. In the Public, Html folder check the Wp-Content folder. Open the Wp-content folder by clicking it.
  5. In the Wp-content folder check on the Wp-themes folder. Open the Wp-themes folder by click on it.
  6. In the Wp-themes folder, you can find upload options at the top of the folder.
  7. After clicking on upload options, a new window will be open.
  8. Upload your themes in particular destinations.
  9. Now time to open your WordPress Dashboard.
  10. Go to themes options from appearance options.
  11. Active your new uploaded themes by active the button.


Another way also available to Install themes on WordPress by using your web hosting FTP account. To use this method you have to install an FTP software. Then have to upload by log in to the FTP account. You can also create a website by using a free domain and web hosting to check the article on how to get free web hosting for bloggers.

If you don’t know how to install themes on WordPress using an FTP account then write in the comment box below. I will try to cover it in the next post.

Also, write in the comment box which method is easy to use for you and which method you use to install WordPress themes.

How To Setup WordPress Redirect Without Lossing Traffic

Are you create WordPress redirect for your blog? Not sure what is redirect and how to Setup WordPress Redirect for your blog. No problem I will tell you what is redirecting and why it is very important for your website. If you are new and don’t know how to create a website properly then check it once.

In this details guide, I try to cover all issues related to redirect. What is, when you should use a redirect, why you should use and more. So, let’s start

If your website returns a 404 error page or any page that does not exist on your website then it gets a very bad impression on your website. It will harm your site and decrease your site ranking. So how you can overcome this problem

What Is Redirect In WordPress?

Redirect is a way of your website to tell the user that a page they want to visit does not exist or move, So their browser automatically moved from this page to the new pointed page.

There are different types of redirects have such as 301 redirects, 302 redirects,303 Redirects, 307 redirects, 308 redirects and more. In these sections, we discuss these WordPress redirect details.

You can easily create all redirections by using Yoast SEO plugins and other useful plugins. I will discuss the details about it. If you don’t know how to setup Yoast SEO then check here.

What are 301 Redirects?

301 Redirects means permanent redirections from one page to another page. For example, if you delete a web page or any post from your website permanently then when a user searches this page then the search engine returns a 404 error.

This 404 error is the impact on your site very badly so it affects your site SEO. In that time to overcome this situation, you have to create a redirection that is permanent.

when you create 301 redirections for the deleted page to the new page then any user searches the old page then the browser redirects to the new page.

About 302 Redirect

302 redirect is a temporary redirect from a page to another page. Basically, 302 redirects tell the search engines that it is temporary redirects from one page to another page.

If you create a 302 redirect and a user search a page which is a temporary redirect from one page to another page it also redirects the user browser from the old page to the new page.

What is 303 WordPress Redirection

Some webpage of a website is used for temporary use, for example, any landing page of any website. In this case, 303 redirections help you to tell the server that the page is used for temporary use only. This type of page does not save for permanently use it is used for temporary use only.

If you are new in blogging then you should know about these best WordPress plugins which help you to rank faster in search engines.

How WordPress Redirect impact on your WordPress SEO

In the previous sections, I already discuss that redirections details and how many redirections have and what they are, about their details. So in these sections, we try to know how redirections effect on a website SEO

A Webpage Needs Repair

If any page of your website is deleted and user continuously searches for this page and get an error. Then this tells the search engines that the website should not be ranked for these keywords and it affects user experience.

In this case, your site rank automatically decreases and you lose the traffic. For this reason, you need to create redirections.

Some Page No Longer Active

Many users saved some pages of a website which they like to visit again and again. If some page saved in bookmarks by some user then the user wants to visit the particular page and get a 404 error then the user gains a bad impression of your website.

SEO Ranking Factor

If you create redirections from one page to another page then if you delete a page and redirects to the new page then the new page automatically indexes by search engines without losing any traffic on your website.

Video Guide On WordPress Redirect

How To Setup WordPress Redirect

There are many ways to redirect from one web page to another web page by using different methods. One of the easy way in WordPress is by using WordPress plugins. If you use WordPress plugins then you need not know any codding to do this.

Redirect Using Redirections Plugins

Redirect plugin helps you to manage WordPress redirect without adding a single line of code. This plugin easily manages 301 redirections and automatically track the 404 error of your website.

Install and activate this plugin. If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin then check this post on how to install WordPress plugins.

After active, this plugin just goes to tools then go to redirections of the plugins sections and setup your WordPress redirect on which page you want to set.

Redirect plugin not only helps you to set up 301 redirections it also helps you to manage the 404 error of your website and helps you to set up your error page.

Simple Website Redirect

Simple Website Redirect is another WordPress plugin which helps you to set up WordPress redirections without knowing any coding knowledge.

This simple redirect plugin helps you to manage redirections of any page of your website except your site admin page. Simply install this plugin and go to setting from WordPress admin menu then click on Website redirect. You can see the picture above.

404 to 301 – Redirect

404 to 301 is a great plugin that helps you to manage all of your WordPress redirects in one place. This plugin gives you two options one options are default options in which you have to just enter the new redirected page.

The second options are you can set your redirections page manually by entering your blog post or site page URL.

Take A Look Of Its Features

  1. You can redirect any error page to any other page of your website.
  2. Set custom redirections by manually entering your website page.
  3. Automatic collect 404 error page and set WordPress redirect to the particular page.
  4. You can enable an error email of 404 pages to your inbox directly.
  5. Totally free to use and updates.

Page Links To

Some times you want to redirect a page to another page instead of deleting any page then Page Link To plugin can help you to manage your redirections to the particular page.

Simply install the plugin by adding a new plugin from the plugin section. After successfully install the plugin just go to the setting and add your custom URL for the redirections page.

Simple 301 Redirects

Simple 301 Redirects is another good plugin which helps you to manage 301 redirections of your WordPress site.

You can simply set up this plugin and add the exact URL you want to redirect. But according to your web hosting provider, it will be a bit slower some microseconds. If you don’t know how to choose the best web hosting for your site then simply check the best web hosting provider details.

Setup WordPress Redirect Using .htaccess File

One of the fastest and quick working ways of changing the WordPress redirect is using .htaccess file. If you want to change your .htaccess file then remember that it is one of the technical and complicated methods to change.

Your site .htaccess file contains the whole configuration of your entire site. If you make any single mistake then your site will not be accessible. So do it very carefully and must take a backup of your .htaccess file before doing it.

How To Set Up Redirections With .htaccess file

If you want to access yours. htaccess file then you have to do it using an FTP account. Most of the cases .htaccess file is hidden by default you have to enable this file from your server.

.htaccess file stored in the root file of any site. After finding it just download a copy for safety. Now you can edit your file. You can edit the file using notepad or notepad++.

The Code Of WordPress Redirections

If you want to redirect from an old post to your new post then simply write down the bellow code to redirect

RewriteEngine OnRedirect

301 /Your-old-post/

If you want to redirect your total website and redirect it to a new website then the above code will not work for you. So you have to write down the bellow code to redirect your whole website.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC,OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

As the best practice, you should add the code at the end of the .htaccess file and save the file. That’s it just reload your website you check that your site ready.

In the total post in which type of WordPress redirect you want to use for your website. Please write in the comment box below.

Best Tips For WordPress Download And Use

WordPress is one of the best content management systems which provides the best solutions for your website. Now learn the best tips for WordPress Download and how to use WordPress into your site.

More than 60% website is built with WordPress because it provides the best functions and easy to use options to make it popular. WordPress first release its CMS software in September 2007. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress Blog online for free then check here.

WordPress Download 5.3.2 Check The Versions

Before we going to discuss how to download WordPress let’s learn little important things about WordPress.

First, when WordPress first release in that time the versions were 0.71 or 1.0 which was released September 24 in 2007. Now the after increasing WordPress versions continuously now The recent WordPress version is 5.3.2. This file is a WordPress ZIP file you can simply download it by clicking the download link.

If you don’t want to download the ZIP file then you can simply download the WordPress tar file then download the WordPress tar file bellow.

If you already create your WordPress site then check the WordPress best plugins to improve your website ranking high in any search engines.

Web Servers Requirements

To install WordPress latest versions to your website then your server running version 7.3 or higher of PHP and MYSQL versions require 5.6 and Maria DB versions 10.1 or greater.

WordPress Download also recommends either Apache or Nginx as the most robust option for running WordPress, but neither is required to run your website with WordPress.

How To Install WordPress In Your Website

You can install WordPress in two ways one way is through your Cpanel and another is direct. Now, most of the Cpanel offers you to install WordPress latest version through their software.

So, if you install WordPress through your Cpanel then just login to your Cpanel after that you can find an auto-installer or soft clues installer click on anyone. You can easily find WordPress that’s it.

Simply click on the install button then select your domain in which you want to install it then set the user name and password for your site then click on install now button. If you want to get this offer then check the bellow offer now

Install WordPress Without Cpanel

If you have Cpanel then it’s fine but if you want to install the WordPress into your localhost or Xampp then this process is for you.

  1. First download WordPress from the above.
  2. Unzip the WordPress file if you don’t have the already ready files.
  3. Create a WordPress database for your WordPress site and create an MYSQL user for the site.
  4. After creating the user give all privileges to the user so that the user has the power of super admin.
  5. Connect with the database and user manual.
  6. Upload your WordPress file in your desired locations.
  7. Run the WordPress installer script by accessing the URL of the site.
  8. For example, if you want to install the WordPress into the root of any domain then upload the file in public Html folder. Then run your site in the browser simply by access URL (
  9. If you install it in any subdirectory for example blog or any other then run
  10. You get the installer button when you run the script.

I also add a video to understand properly how to install WordPress in Xampp. If you want more details explanations then check it here.

FAQ On WordPress Download

WordPress is most important software which is used to create beautiful website or blog or any eCommerce website or any other sites. You can use WordPress installation process from your web hosting server directly or if you want to install WordPress manually then WordPress Download must.

Here I include some important questions which most of the new blogger or newbie faces or may want to know. I think these questions can help you.

Can You Download WordPress For Free?

Yes, there is no charge to download and install WordPress on your site. It is totally free to use. You can simply download WordPress From site. Here I also add the WordPress software you can download from here also.

How Do I Download WordPress?

You can simply download WordPress software from site click on the WordPress download button then automatically download start.

How to Install WordPress Into Your Site?

First download WordPress from the above.
Unzip the WordPress file if you don’t have the already ready files.
Create a WordPress database for your WordPress site and create an MYSQL user for the site.
After creating the user give all privileges to the user so that the user has the power of super admin.
Connect with the database and user manual.
Upload your WordPress file in your desired locations.
Run the WordPress installer script by accessing the URL of the site.
For example, if you want to install the WordPress into the root of any domain then upload the file in public Html folder. Then run your site in the browser simply by access URL (
If you install it in any subdirectory for example blog or any other then run
You get the installer button when you run the script.

Is WordPress Good For SEO?

WordPress is one of the best content management system on the web. More than 60% of website hosts using WordPress. It is also very good and SEO friendly platforms for all. If you don’t know a single line of codding till now you can create a beautiful website using WordPress.


Here I discuss WordPress Download 5.3.2 the latest of WordPress. If you don’t find the latest versions then click on the download link and WordPress Download automatically which you can install in your server. After complete your install process then you have to find the best themes for your site. After select themes install the Themes on your site. you already create your site and don’t know how to do SEO for your site the check how to set up your site SEO with Yoast SEO plugins.

How To Find WordPress Login Admin URL Easily For Your Blog

It is a very big problem which most of the new bloggers face. They have a problem to find WordPress login admin URL of their website. In this article, I try to show you the WordPress login admin URL. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress blog for free check it once.

Before going to start you should know what is admin panel? The WordPress admin area is the most powerful area of a WordPress website or blog where the admin can manage all over the website activities and performance.

What Is WordPress Admin Panel

The WordPress admin panel is the administrative section of of a WordPress site. An administrator has full access to all sections in the admin area.

In the administrative sections, an administrator can add or delete the user and add user role for the author, contributor, manager, editor and more. The administrator can add or delete any functions, plugins, change the site themes and have more functions.

Why you need WordPress Login Admin Area

The WordPress login area is the door between your WordPress site and the management sections. This area is also known as the admin area.

In the admin area, you can add or delete any post, you can create a new page and design it according to your needs. You can add new features for your site and more things. If you are new then you can view the best WordPress plugins which will help you to rank your site.

Your WordPress Login Admin Url

In general case, you can easily find your WordPress login URL by adding “/WP-ADMIN” “/LOGIN” at the end of your site URL.

Install In Main Domain

Both of the URL is for your WordPress login page. After that, you can find two boxes where you have to put your WordPress user-id and password to login to your site admin area.

Sub Folder Installations

When you install WordPress in your domain any subfolder then your WordPress login admin URL will be change. In this case, you have to put your subfolder after your domain name, for example,,

Install on Any Subdomain

You can install WordPress in any subdomain it is also a good idea to create multiple websites within the same domain name. If you don’t know how to install WordPress in a subdomain then check this guide once. In this case, your WordPress login URL will be,

How To Remember Your WordPress Login URL?

If you think it is very difficult to remember the WordPress login then you can simply add it to your browser by bookmark it. If you bookmark it then you can easily find it when you going to login to your site. If you don’t know how to do SEO for your new WordPress blog with Yoast SEO then check it for step by step guide.

Another good option to remember the URL is added it to your website menu bar by simply go to your menu sections from appearance which you find in your admin panel.

If you add it to your menu then you just go to your site and then click to the login page it will automatically redirect you to the WordPress login Admin URL.

You can also add the login URL to your blog sidebar which is an easily findable area of every website. Just go to the customize options from appearance then add meta to the sidebar.

Use Remember Me Options To Remember

When you log in to your WordPress login admin panel then tick the mark of remember me options so that when you log in again then you don’t have to put your user name just put your password once. It will automatically login to your dashboard area.

How to add WordPress Sidebar Login

This option is not for every website, if you are the single author of your blog then it is not for you. If your blog has multiple users and they also publish some articles to your blog then you have enabled these options for your blog.

So that every user can log in simply from the sidebar options. You can easily add these functions by adding a plugins name login with Ajax which enables you to add login options in your sidebar.

You can also add these options by using WP -Forms which are another very good plugins for all. In these plugins, you have installed an addon to enable these login options.

I hope you understand how to Find out your WordPress Login Admin URL. Please let me know have you face this problem before when you were new in WordPress. Write in the comment box below.


Here in the post I try to discuss about WordPress Login Admin URL and how to find you your WordPress admin URL easily. I think you may understand how to find your site or blog Admin URL. If you face any problem to find out your URL then contact with me from contact page or directly email me to my email address. I am always ready to help you.