How To Setup WordPress Redirect Without Lossing Traffic

Are you create WordPress redirect for your blog? Not sure what is redirect and how to Setup WordPress Redirect for your blog. No problem I will tell you what is redirecting and why it is very important for your website. If you are new and don’t know how to create a website properly then check it once.

In this details guide, I try to cover all issues related to redirect. What is, when you should use a redirect, why you should use and more. So, let’s start

How To Setup WordPress Redirect

If your website returns a 404 error page or any page that does not exist on your website then it gets a very bad impression on your website. It will harm your site and decrease your site ranking. So how you can overcome this problem

What Is Redirect In WordPress?

Redirect is a way of your website to tell the user that a page they want to visit does not exist or move, So their browser automatically moved from this page to the new pointed page.

There are different types of redirects have such as 301 redirects, 302 redirects,303 Redirects, 307 redirects, 308 redirects and more. In these sections, we discuss these WordPress redirect details.

You can easily create all redirections by using Yoast SEO plugins and other useful plugins. I will discuss the details about it. If you don’t know how to setup Yoast SEO then check here.

What are 301 Redirects?

301 Redirects means permanent redirections from one page to another page. For example, if you delete a web page or any post from your website permanently then when a user searches this page then the search engine returns a 404 error.

This 404 error is the impact on your site very badly so it affects your site SEO. In that time to overcome this situation, you have to create a redirection that is permanent.

when you create 301 redirections for the deleted page to the new page then any user searches the old page then the browser redirects to the new page.

About 302 Redirect

302 redirect is a temporary redirect from a page to another page. Basically, 302 redirects tell the search engines that it is temporary redirects from one page to another page.

If you create a 302 redirect and a user search a page which is a temporary redirect from one page to another page it also redirects the user browser from the old page to the new page.

What is 303 WordPress Redirection

Some webpage of a website is used for temporary use, for example, any landing page of any website. In this case, 303 redirections help you to tell the server that the page is used for temporary use only. This type of page does not save for permanently use it is used for temporary use only.

If you are new in blogging then you should know about these best WordPress plugins which help you to rank faster in search engines.

How WordPress Redirect impact on your WordPress SEO

In the previous sections, I already discuss that redirections details and how many redirections have and what they are, about their details. So in these sections, we try to know how redirections effect on a website SEO

A Webpage Needs Repair

If any page of your website is deleted and user continuously searches for this page and get an error. Then this tells the search engines that the website should not be ranked for these keywords and it affects user experience.

In this case, your site rank automatically decreases and you lose the traffic. For this reason, you need to create redirections.

Some Page No Longer Active

Many users saved some pages of a website which they like to visit again and again. If some page saved in bookmarks by some user then the user wants to visit the particular page and get a 404 error then the user gains a bad impression of your website.

SEO Ranking Factor

If you create redirections from one page to another page then if you delete a page and redirects to the new page then the new page automatically indexes by search engines without losing any traffic on your website.

Video Guide On WordPress Redirect

How To Setup WordPress Redirect

There are many ways to redirect from one web page to another web page by using different methods. One of the easy way in WordPress is by using WordPress plugins. If you use WordPress plugins then you need not know any codding to do this.

Redirect Using Redirections Plugins

Redirect plugin helps you to manage WordPress redirect without adding a single line of code. This plugin easily manages 301 redirections and automatically track the 404 error of your website.

Install and activate this plugin. If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin then check this post on how to install WordPress plugins.

Wordpress Redirect By Redirections

After active, this plugin just goes to tools then go to redirections of the plugins sections and setup your WordPress redirect on which page you want to set.

Redirect plugin not only helps you to set up 301 redirections it also helps you to manage the 404 error of your website and helps you to set up your error page.

Simple Website Redirect

Simple Website Redirect is another WordPress plugin which helps you to set up WordPress redirections without knowing any coding knowledge.

Wordpress Redirections Using Plugin

This simple redirect plugin helps you to manage redirections of any page of your website except your site admin page. Simply install this plugin and go to setting from WordPress admin menu then click on Website redirect. You can see the picture above.

404 to 301 – Redirect

404 to 301 is a great plugin that helps you to manage all of your WordPress redirects in one place. This plugin gives you two options one options are default options in which you have to just enter the new redirected page.

The second options are you can set your redirections page manually by entering your blog post or site page URL.

Take A Look Of Its Features

  1. You can redirect any error page to any other page of your website.
  2. Set custom redirections by manually entering your website page.
  3. Automatic collect 404 error page and set WordPress redirect to the particular page.
  4. You can enable an error email of 404 pages to your inbox directly.
  5. Totally free to use and updates.

Page Links To

Some times you want to redirect a page to another page instead of deleting any page then Page Link To plugin can help you to manage your redirections to the particular page.

Wordpress Redirect By Page Link To

Simply install the plugin by adding a new plugin from the plugin section. After successfully install the plugin just go to the setting and add your custom URL for the redirections page.

Simple 301 Redirects

Simple 301 Redirects is another good plugin which helps you to manage 301 redirections of your WordPress site.

You can simply set up this plugin and add the exact URL you want to redirect. But according to your web hosting provider, it will be a bit slower some microseconds. If you don’t know how to choose the best web hosting for your site then simply check the best web hosting provider details.

Setup WordPress Redirect Using .htaccess File

One of the fastest and quick working ways of changing the WordPress redirect is using .htaccess file. If you want to change your .htaccess file then remember that it is one of the technical and complicated methods to change.

Your site .htaccess file contains the whole configuration of your entire site. If you make any single mistake then your site will not be accessible. So do it very carefully and must take a backup of your .htaccess file before doing it.

How To Set Up Redirections With .htaccess file

If you want to access yours. htaccess file then you have to do it using an FTP account. Most of the cases .htaccess file is hidden by default you have to enable this file from your server.

.htaccess file stored in the root file of any site. After finding it just download a copy for safety. Now you can edit your file. You can edit the file using notepad or notepad++.

The Code Of WordPress Redirections

If you want to redirect from an old post to your new post then simply write down the bellow code to redirect

RewriteEngine OnRedirect

301 /Your-old-post/

If you want to redirect your total website and redirect it to a new website then the above code will not work for you. So you have to write down the bellow code to redirect your whole website.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC,OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

As the best practice, you should add the code at the end of the .htaccess file and save the file. That’s it just reload your website you check that your site ready.

In the total post in which type of WordPress redirect you want to use for your website. Please write in the comment box below.

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