WordPress Vs Blogger: Which one is Better and Why?

Are you looking to start up a new blog? You are not sure whether you should use WordPress Vs Blogger as your place for the blog? WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best? In this post, we’ll compare WordPress and Blogger and help you decide which one is right for you.

Ok, let’s help. Both WordPress and Blogger are the 2 most famous internet posting platforms. They allow you to quickly build a blog.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Which One Is Best For You
WordPress Vs Blogger: Which One Is Best For You

WordPress Vs Blogger

They work very distinctly, though, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages. Just begin with a catchy name for the blog and choose a blogging platform with this wonderful guide.

What to Look for in Your Blog Platform?

Before starting with the review of WordPress vs Blogger, let’s discuss a few crucial items to search for when selecting a blog site.

The simplicity of Use

 You need a website that is convenient or simple to use to setup up your blog easily, add material, and increase your reach.


You should have a forum that allows you to add so many features to your blog, and use more tools.

Monetarisation choices

Would you like your blogging to make money? If yes, then pick a network that has lots of monetization opportunities.


 Support may be provided when writing, planning, or maintaining your blog. Unless you get lost or have doubts you’re going to want assistance as rapidly and effortlessly as you can.

What Look Into WordPress Features

If you going to compare WordPress VS Blogger then my first recommendation is WordPress. WordPress is a very common name and most website built with WordPress. You can check that more than 60% of sites are designed by WordPress because it is one of the best open source content management systems.

#1 Free To Use

If you compare WordPress Vs Blogger both platforms are free to use. WordPress is one of the best and largest Content Management Systems which is open for all and everyone can use it without investing a single dollar. So if you are a learner then you should try WordPress for one time. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress Blog for free then check our guide here.

#2 Easy To USe

WordPress is a very easy platform where anyone can create a beautiful website without any coding knowledge. Now, most of the Cpanel offers Auto installer options by which you can install WordPress with a single click only. To create a blog in WordPress you don’t need to know any coding. You can find everything there to build a beautiful website.

#3 Themes

In comparing WordPress VS Blogger WordPress is the best according to the themes options. In Blogger you can find some common templates to use for your blog but in WordPress, you can find a huge number of themes that you can add or install to your site. WordPress themes installations will be done through a single click only.

#4 Plugins

WordPress offers huge free plugins which will help you to add different functions to your site easily. In comparison to WordPress Vs Blogger, WordPress offers huge free plugins but in the blogger, you find some common widgets for your site which is not enough for every blog.

#5 WordPress Security

Security options of WordPress are very good. WordPress offers many security plugins totally free to use. You can use any free security plugins to protect your site. Besides the free plugins, you can also find many paid plugins to protect your site.

One of the best functions of WordPress is you can easily create any time of website by using these plugins. If you think you need an eCommerce store or an affiliate marketing website then easily created by WordPress plugins.

#6 Search Engine Optimizations

In comparison to WordPress Vs Blogger Search Engine Optimizations, WordPress offer easy customization options to do your blog easily. WordPress offers thousands of free SEO plugins by which you can easily do your site SEO. Not only that you can you can do SEO for every post on your website.

WordPress Vs Blogger: 7 Best WordPress Features
WordPress Vs Blogger: 7 Best WordPress Features

#7 Easy To Customize

Easy to customize is one of the great features of WordPress because you can customize any part of the WordPress site without any knowledge of Codding. The themes give all the functions for you and the rest of the functions you can enable by installing some useful plugins into your WordPress site. In compare WordPress Vs Blogger, a blogger can’t give you the functions. You have to learn the basic code of HTML to customize your blogger site.

What is WordPress VS Blogger?

Powering approximately 28 percent of the overall site, most users don’t think about WordPress as an outsider. If you’ve not blogged thus far, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of a tool or even browsed on a couple of sites that are developed for it.  

Cheapandbesthosting.com examined that Blogger, on the other hand, is rather unique and has its place on the Internet. Because Google owns it, a lot of bloggers prefer to give Blogger confidence.

The service is open, but all it requires to get your first blog started is the free Google account (that you have already) until we begin comparing the blog to a self-hosted edition of WordPress, we recommend you take a peek at the video which compared wordpress.com to Blogger because you’ve seen all the variants.

Features and Comparision


Both WordPress and Blogger are easy to name. But because someone else hasn’t planned for you WordPress, things are even more complex than getting a Blogger account.

Control over your blog:

That’s one of the biggest reasons for supporting blog hosting too. Blogger is operated by Google and odds are they will be able to uninstall your Blogger account without giving you a warning. And if you’re using the personalized domain option, you’re likely to mark your blogs as suspicious if spammers using Flag as a spam function.

Could Google delete your blog? That’s something very popular and you’ll know that many bloggers face this issue when using Blogger by doing a fast search on the internet.

Search engine optimization

Wherever the blog is hosted this doesn’t exist, traffic is the main and last thing any blogger would be searching for. Easy term search engine marketing means optimizing your blog to search engines or search engine traffic. Contrasting WordPress Vs Blogger, WordPress provides more choices for adapting the blog for the search engine whereas, like in Blogger, you’re restricted to any environment.

Ownership and Control

That this would be a good thing to reconsider the value of ownership until you start the blog-do you choose to own your blog and allow someone to manage it?

WordPress is an open-source website that you and everyone else will use free of charge. If the update files are downloaded it’ll become your liability. From the very moment you host a blog, you have the impression that’s yours. And that is real. While you’ll only cost a few bucks a month of hosting, the domain also is 100% yours. So for it, you can do what you desire — move it, enlarge it, change it, and erase it, respectively.

Blogger is Google’s domain, as a free service. This implies the company’s guys can do whatever they want on the site. Though very doubtful, the internet giant can also plan to close down Blogger.

And thus no one will care about the content in that situation. How does it feel to you? Google can even prohibit you from viewing your blog, for any reason.

Pricing – Blogger vs. WordPress

You wouldn’t want to make your blog a large drag over the money. Also, you do not want to be so “online” obsessed that you’ll be struggling to expand your blog. It’s essential to consider how very much your blog site would cost you in terms of resources or incentives. For WordPress Blog, hosting is important, consider these Hosting Coupons and Deals to save.

Cost of Making a Blog with Blogger

Blogger is a blogging site that is fully online. It offers free hosting of blogs as well as a free subdomain Blogger to get going. All of Blogger’s themes, tools, and other choices are all free, although you can pay for certain third-party themes.

Unless you choose to use Blogger for a custom web domain, you would need to purchase this from a domain registry firm like Domain.com

Cost of Making a Blog in WordPress

The WordPress app is free and to write a blog you have to purchase a hosting package or domain name. You will have a WordPress hosting contract to Blue host for just $2.75 per month, as well as a free domain with it. When you’ve built up your blog, the continuing price depends on whether you want to be using the facilities.

If you choose to pay for themes and extensions, clearly it would cost more using free versions. If you’re monetizing your blog, paying plug-in and themes will also get you a nice return on the investment.


WordPress is more customizable and has better SEO, while Blogger is easier to use. The best decision for you will depend on your needs! If you are looking for a platform that offers unlimited customization options, then WordPress may be the way to go. However, if ease of use is important to you or if your website isn’t very complicated in terms of design, it might make sense to choose Blogger instead since it’s generally much simpler than other blogging platforms out there.

I just try to write about WordPress VS Blogger Guide, Both WordPress and Blogger are very popular blog sites. You need to pick one, that’s down with your blog’s intent.

And if you want to create a successful blog that can make a living, you need a stable and flexible WordPress website. You could add the shop for your blog via WordPress, build an associate website, or add lots of networking resources to your blog to gain money.

We trust this analysis of WordPress versus Blogger helps you consider both the benefits and drawbacks and helps you reach the best choice for your blog.

Unless your goal is to create a personal blog or share your experiences, then you can select a basic Blogger site. Which do you think sounds like the best choice? Leave us some feedback below with what features are most important to you!

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