How To Create Affiliate Marketing Website With Easy Step

Are you want to build a profitable affiliate marketing website with WordPress? Great idea to Put make extra money into your pocket. When “How To Make Money Online” words comes in our mind we thought about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make a big amount of money in the very short term. If you tune your blog or affiliate shop right way with some right strategy then your site can generate a huge amount of revenue.

A To Z Of Affiliate Marketing Website

Affiliate Marketing Website Details

In this discussion about a to z of affiliate marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing? How to create an affiliate marketing website with WordPress? How to Do affiliate with amazon? and more. So read the full blog carefully

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone’s product on the internet, social media and make money. If you don’t have any product to sell or promote then the affiliate is the best option for you.

Before I told you affiliate marketing is the best way to make a decent amount of money online. In affiliate marketing, you can make $1000 easily every month.

But before you going to drive into the affiliate marketing world you need to have a good amount of followers or email lists so that you can promote your product online. Making an affiliate website is the best option to promote the product online.

How Affiliate Marketing Website Work

Now we know what is affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing website works? If you don’t know how affiliate marketing website works then you can not do well.

Suppose you create an affiliate store with WordPress. Now you have to find out the best affiliate partner site which gives you the product to promote.

How Affiliate Marketing Website Works

After join with some good affiliate partner site they give you the product link or banner. You create good quality content for your site and add the link to your post. You can also add the banner to the post.

Now the important step is to generate quality traffic to your website. When someone purchases any product from your store originally they buy from a partner site and you make a commission from the site.

Making An Affiliate Website

Before making an affiliate store you should research affiliate marketing and find the best niche, find out the right keywords and competitions in that niche, commission method, build the website, create content and get visitors.

1. Choose Right Affiliate Niche For You

Find out a niche is a wise decision before you making a store. Do some keyword research on affiliate marketing. Find out the best low competition niche for you. Choose micro-niche to get success quickly.

There are different products online such as health products, beauty products, electronics products, digital products and more. Amazon is a great place to find the best keyword for you.

2. Join Right Affiliate Partner site

Choosing a good partner site also great so that you get paid for every sale and make a good commission for each sale.

There are some good Affiliate partner sites such as Commission Junction, Click bank, Amazon Associates and more available. These are the best and pay the highest commission for you.

There are two types of affiliate programs available first one is CPC and the second one is CPL or CPA.

CPC Programs Details

CPC program means Cost per Click. In CPC programs you can generate traffic from social media, google ads from your blog and more source.

When someone clicks on the ads or post then the visitor directly go to the partner site. He purchases or not that does not matter. You generate commission when each people go to the site through your link.

CPL Programs Details

In the CPL program, you have to generate leads not only visit the site. The leads may be differents submitting an email, purchase the product, activate the trial product or another.

Until the conditions fulfill gives by the partner you did not generate any commission.

3. Create Website With WordPress

First of all, you have to create a simple WordPress website which is very very easy. If you don’t know Check how to create a WordPress Blog Online.

I suggest you use the paid hosting plan when you build the business seriously. If you create an affiliate marketing website with the free web hosting then when traffic increases your site will be down.

First I recommend you to use Bluehost because it is the best for the affiliate store. If you don’t effort Bluehost then you can use Hostinger it is also good. Get a 90% Discount On Hostinger Hosting.

After creating a WordPress website you have to install the right affiliate themes for your affiliate store. You can find many free themes to create an affiliate store.

Rehub is a good theme for building an Affiliate Marketing Website. If you can not purchase then you can use free themes.

There are many free plugins in WordPress which will help you create beautiful Affiliate stores and manage your store. Thirsty affiliate is one of them you can try it.

4. Create Quality Content For Affiliate Marketing Website

Quality content is the main key to making money through affiliate marketing. Create regular content for your blog gives you more power to get more traffic to your blog. create more product reviews, customer feedback and useful pieces of information published on your site to attract more visitors to your blog.

You can use Yoast SEO Or Rank Math to create better SEO optimized content for your blog. If you don’t know set up of Yoast Then See the Yoast SEO set up Guide Here.

5. How To Make Money By Attracting The Right Audience

Build an affiliate marketing website and start promoting the product, it does not mean that you generate huge sales and make money online.

To generate more sales through your affiliate marketing website you have to ensure that you are generating the right audience for your site who wants to read product reviews and build trust on your site.

So that they believe in your product and buy from your website. Now the questions are your website attract the right visitor who actually wants to buy?

If most of the traffic of your website comes from a search engine then you have to find out the right traffic. There are 4 types of visitors comes

  1. Investigational types of user: This type of user searches for some information and some times leads to a transaction.
  2. When a user searches for a particular type of website these users are called navigational users.
  3. some users ready to buy some products these users called transactional users.
  4. When a user searches some questions answer these users called informational users.

As an affiliate marketer, you should target Investigational types of user to get batter conversion rate. Some investigational types of keywords are ” Review”, “Best”, “Comparison”, “Alternative”.

Always target these keywords in your website post or product posting page to get batter conversion. To find the search queries use google search console to target your visitors.

Pro Tips About Affiliate Marketing Website

Now you already an affiliate marketing website and choose the right affiliate product for your store. Write the quality content for your store and attracting the right visitor to your store.

Now it’s time to boost your affiliate marketing site commission. To optimize your affiliate site to boost your earning. So, you should track your affiliate link to monetize the proper way. Use Google Analytics to track your affiliate link.

High Converting Page: Find out the highest converting page from your store and optimize these pages properly and do some proper SEO for that page so that you can generate more revenue.

Profitable Traffic Source: Look at your most profitable traffic source. From where traffic source you generate much revenue. Try to give more attention to the traffic source.

Queries Page: Find the queries from the google analytics and try to add these to your web page.

High Bounce Page: Take a look at your high bounce page from where your customers’ exit tries to optimize these pages also.

Must Add Contact Form: You should use the contact form to collect customer pieces of information and problems. When they face a problem try to solve as early as possible.

Create Urgency: By creating urgency you get to generate more sales. For example ” Limited time Offer”, ” Upto 90% Off “, ” Buy One And Get One Free”, ” This Offer for Special Customer Only” like these keywords may increase your affiliate marketing website revenue.

Collect Email: Must collect visitor’s email so that you can send a periodic email about your store offer, discount and more.

Add Customer Review: You should add a customer review to your store so the visitor gets a comfortable trusting to your store.

FAQ About Affiliate Marketing Website

From this article, you may understand how to create an affiliate store online and sell products online to make money. When new blogger or newbie comes to make money online from affiliate marketing then they face many problems which are related to affiliate marketing and about affiliate marketing website so here I include some important questions which may help the new one to do batter understanding about affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone’s product on the internet, social media and make money. If you don’t have any product to sell or promote then the affiliate is the best option for you.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Find some best affiliate partner sites and join with them. After joining they will provide you your affiliate link and banner also. You have to promote the link or banner through the website, search engine ads, social media, email marketing, and more ways.
When someone buys any product through your link you make a commission.

What is the best Affiliate Marketing partner site?

Commission Junction, Click Bank, Share A Sale, impact radius is the best site for affiliate marketers.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website or blog. You can promote your affiliate link through social media, advertise your product through google, and more ways to promote.

How To Setup An Affiliate Marketing Website?

First, choose the right affiliate product to promote.
Second, Choose the best affiliate partner for you and join with them.
Third, Create a WordPress Blog with affiliate themes.
Fourth, Create quality content for your store
fifth, Promote your store through advertising medium or generate organic traffic.


I think you may understand how to create a beautiful Affiliate Marketing Website within one hour. You just need a domain name and a web hosting package to host your affiliate site. You can also choose free hosting to host your site. There is much company that provides free hosting forever in which you can host your site easily.

Please write in the comment box bellow are you interested to create a affiliate marketing website for free then i can create a free site for you please write in the comment box below.

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