5 Easy Steps To Create the Perfect Sales Funnel?

Here is the process for you to create the perfect sales funnel. So, let us have a look at the details:

This process will help you in building your prospects and converting them into leads and permanent customers.

Furthermore, to craft and make a successful sales funnel, it is no longer a difficult job.

Hey you know how to build a conversions funnel which may tripple your profit. Must read if you don’t know.

Create The Perfect Sales Funnel

Check out the guide now how you can create a perfect sales funnel for your business with easy steps:

How To Create The Perfect Sales Funnel
Create The Perfect Sales Funnel

Step 1- Creating and making lead capturing kind of landing pages

You might be wondering what is the first step in creating the perfect sales funnel? It is about building lead-capturing sort of landing pages.

By making these pages, you can start to get traffic for your business site. This landing page appears in the form of a home page.

It has got and embedded with lead-generating elements in it so that more and more customers approach your business.

Moreover, this page should not give a glimpse of a typical looking informational page. Even more, these pages should be accompanied by elements like social proof and a call to action button.

On this page, give enough information to your audience so that they can bring benefits to your business.

Try to design this page in more of a sales-oriented manner rather than giving it a simple and traditional look.

Hence, you have to make a profitable looking landing page for your sales funnel.

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Step 2- Drive more and more traffic towards your landing page

If you have got a great landing page, then it is going to be incomplete if no traffic approaches it.

Most importantly, this is one of the top challenges that you have to meet when building a perfect sales funnel. You have to come up with specific and proven strategies so that extensive traffic can come to your landing page.

To bring more traffic, it is recommended to use pay per click ads. This has become a popular and trendy way of increasing and boosting your traffic line.

It is these PPC ads that manage to reach a massive number of people present on different networks and channels.

Furthermore, you can make ads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and hence market your created perfect sales funnel.

Or you can take help from social media sites to bring more traffic to these landing pages of yours. Keep in mind that it is this social media outreach that gathers and drives a heavy amount of traffic for the top and middle sections of your sales funnel.

Apart from that, for driving heavy traffic onto your landing page, you can go for a content marketing approach.

You can utilize emails and write up blog content and come up with case studies so that constant traffic can arrive on your landing pages.

Step 3- Start collecting email addresses of your target audience

As soon as you have set up your landing pages and you have used all the strategies to gather traffic, now is the time to start to collect email addresses of your niche market.

You have to make a concentrated and massive effort in this step. In addition, upon gathering your audience’s email address, you can well explain to them about your products.

Besides, you can inform your audience about the e-books and other kinds of resources that you have created.

This step comes in the zone of the soft-sell strategy. It can work surprisingly and amazingly well for your business if you follow it correctly.

On the other hand, you have to create a variable number of lead magnets for your niche audience. This is how you can have their email address instantly.

Bring your audience in a comfortable position so that they are ready to give you the information that you need.

How To Create Perfect Sales Funnel

Step 4- Launch an email marketing campaign

The fourth step in creating the professional and the perfect sales funnel is launching a powerful email marketing campaign.

By doing so, you can build up a firm and stronger relationship with your prospects.

Such kind of campaigns give enough time and space to your target audience to make a final purchasing decision. At the same time, your niche market becomes actively and thoroughly engaged with your products.

Most noteworthy, it is through email campaigns that you can welcome any prospect approaching your new product or service.

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Step 5- Tracking your sales funnel progress

The last step is to track your sales funnel progress. When you are down with the launching of your email marketing campaign, then sales are going to start to come to your business.

You have to track each phase and section of your perfect sales funnel regularly because you never know; negligence in a single area may decrease your sales numbers.

Most certainly, you should check there exist no holes in your sales funnel.

When you see that traffic is not coming to your website or your sales numbers are not multiplying, then there is a heavy chance that some disturbance has started to occur in your perfect sales funnel.

So, it is recommended to keenly watch your metrics. Furthermore, keep a close check on your website analytics and also on the sales numbers of yours.

You can use a CRM tool for tracking the number of your new leads and also open deals. And with the use of email tracking software, you can conveniently track leads right form your desktop.

So, what’s the bottom line? Do not leave your sales funnel alone once you have created it. Your whole efforts may get discarded if you will not keep a proper check concerning whether your funnel is working and running up to the mark or not.


This is how to create a perfect and 100% professional-looking sales funnel. Such a funnel guarantees lots of conversions and sales numbers.

How do you make and build up such perfect sales funnels? You can share your process and methodology with us.

We hope that this above-mentioned guide that is divided into basic five steps may have informed you sufficiently regarding how to build a sales funnel.

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