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A sitemap of a website is a web-based file where all the information stored about the site and pages and what type of pages have on the website. A sitemap Generator helps the webmaster to index there site in the search engine. You can check your sitemap bellow. Just type your site URL and enter to check your sitemap is ok or not.

Sitemap Generator

What IS Sitemap?

A sitemap is a web-based file where a webmaster stored all the information about the pages of the website. All information stored in the sitemap such as if a page contains only video, only image or any e-commerce page, or any other type of page. The sitemap generator checker helps the website owner to check the site sitemap generates correctly or not.

Check Your Sitemap With Sitemap Generator
Check Your Sitemap With Sitemap Generator

Type Of Sitemap

Basically sitemap has three types you can create any type of sitemap by using some simple tools. These tools help you to create a sitemap for your site online. You can create an XML sitemap, HTML Sitemap, and the last one is RSS type. RSS is actually used for blogger websites or those site owners who host there site in If your website is in WordPress then you can find many useful plugins to generate your sitemap online.

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Why You Need A Sitemap For Your Website

You may think why a sitemap is need for your site? It is a very common questions for all. If your site have sitemap then your site crawl by the google, yahoo, bing crawler fast and index your site fast. Your sitemap clearly generate a view of all your pages, post, iamge road map so the crawler don’t miss any of these.

Top 5 Free Sitemap Generator Website List

There are many website in the web where you can generate your website sitemap for free and many paid website also available to create your website sitemap.

In this article i just include some of the best sitemap generator website by which you can generate your website sitemap easily. So let’s start

#1 helps you to generate your site free sitemap for free. Check the site fast after going to the site just enter your address. here you can generate three types of sitemap. The first one is a free sitemap generator, the second one is a pro sitemap and the last one is the PHP script site generator. details

If your site has a huge number of webpages, posts then you should go for a pro plan. In pro plan, your all website pages automatically include and generate a sitemap automatically.


The second site which is also totally free is Here you can create two type of sitemap the first one is XML sitemap and the second one is HTML sitemap.

Mysitemap - free sitemap generator
free sitemap generator

In XML map generator you may find three types of options first one totally free for all where you can generate website sitemap up to 500 URLs and if your site is more than 500 URL then you should go for a pro plan go up to 1 million websites and the last one is for a large number of the site owner then you go for the dynamic plan where you can generate the unlimited number of web pages for your site.

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#3 XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap is another good site map generator that may help you to generate your sitemap easily with a single click. This site helps you to generate XML site Map, RSS, and Google XML sitemap for free of cost.

XML SiteMap Generator
XML SiteMap Generator

This site helps you to generate your sitemap in XML format, using WordPress plugins or you can directly download software for your windows. All versions are free there is no limit on how many pages have on your website. Check this site to generate sitemap for unlimited number of website pages.

#4 Websiteseochecker

Websiteseochecker is another best free site map generator which also help you to generate your site map for free and also you can check your sitemap is correct or not.

Siteseogenerator free sitemap generator

This website may help you to create Google XML site map Generator or HTML site map generatorfor free.

#5 Site Map Generator Through Google Chrome Extensions

if you have Google Chrome then you can simply generate your website site map for free through a single chrome extension. Just go to Google Chrome browser then go to chrome extensions after that a new window will be open.

Site map generator through google chrome

Search in the new window site map generator in the box then you can find the chrome extensions just click on add to chrome options. That’s is everything is done.

The Final Word

You may understand what is is the work of sitemap and what work done by the site map generator and most of the imporatnt thing is that sitemap helps your site to rank faster on any search engine. So if your site don’t have site map then first check through the site.

You can check your site sitemap details at the top of the page, and if your site don’t have sitemap then generate the sitemap as early as possible to rank your site in the search engine.

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