Everything You Need To Know About Alexa Rank And How To Increase Alexa Rank?

Most of the bloggers are very familiar with Alexa rank but if you are new in the field of blogging or any internet service like digital marketing then you should know about Alexa Rank. In a common sentence, Alexa Rank is a global ranking of any website by which you can understand how the website is. Alexa Ranking calculated between 1 to Million. ( If you are new and want to create a new website then check how to create a website for free.)

Alexa Rank Checker

If a website A-Rank is high means your site stand in good positions. Here is a doubt if a site A rank is 100 and the another site B rank is 120 it means Site A stand batter positions than the site Site B.

EveryThing You Need To Know About Alexa Ranking And How To Increase Alexa Rank

What Is Alexa Rank?

Actually Alexa Rank is a measurement scale by which we can measure any website rank that means how much a website is a batter than other sites. Alexa rank starts from 1 and it can million. Alexa Ranking 1 means the site is the top site in the universe and if the rank is high that means million then site is at the last bench.

Alexa Ranking mesure depends on many factor for example estimated visitor of the site, Visitor engazement of the site, and many more factor.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

It is a very very common question in most of the new blogger minds which are how to improve Alexa Ranking of there website. There are many methods are available by which you can improve your site Alexa ranking. Also there are many mislead in the blogger mind I try to eliminate this. First talk about how to improve rank

Everything You Need To Know About Alexa Rank And How To Increase Alexa Rank? 1

How To Improve Ranking

#step 1: Create Unique And Original Content

If you want to increase your website alexa ranking then you have to create unique and original content which information not found anywhere then visitor come to your site to the useful informations. The more visitor you get your site rank will more high.

#Step 2 : Create Engaging Content

Not only unique content can’t help you to increase your site alexa ranking, you have to create user engaging content which may help you to stay your visitors for long time in your website. When user find useful content and information from your site then trust you. As long as you can hold your visitors to your site then automatically your site ranking will increase.

#Step 3: Get More Related Site Link to your site

It is very important to build trust with Google. Try to build more backlinks from related sites. If your site is tech-related then try to get a link from the tech-related site. If you get a link from any fashion site to your tech site then it will not build trust with Google. Always try to acquire a do-follow backlink, not a no-follow link.

#Step 4 : Find Keyword That Drive Traffic

Keyword plays an important role to drive traffic to your site. If you choose high competitive short tail keyword then you might not get any traffic to your site if your site DA and PA is not good. So always try to choose related keyword first then find high volume but low competition keyword then choose long tail keyword to drive traffic more easily. Long tail keyword help you a lot to drive traffic to your site a short time. That means you can see the result in very short time.

#Step 5 : Follow And Understand Competitor Marketing

First you have to spy on your competitor and understand their marketing strategy and follow how they drive traffic to their site. What keyword they follow to drive traffic try to understand which type of content they create so that they get traffic.

You have to follow all these technique and try to do batter tan your competitor then you can get result very easily.

#Step 6: Create SEO Optimize Content

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role to rank your website fast and also helps you to stand on google page no 1. If your content is not SEO optimized then you can not rank in the search engine as well.

If you are using WordPress then you can find many good plugins which may help you to write SEO optimize content with the help of these plugins.

Also remember about the off page SEO it also very important to rank your article.

#Step 7: Spread your website everywhere

Last but not least step it is. In the last step, you have to spread your site everywhere so that everyone knows that you provide this service. You should apply your site for google news, yahoo news, and much another news service so that your article spread everywhere. Here is the details guide by Alexa on how to improve Alexa Ranking.

How To Improve Alexa Rank Fast

Some Myths About Alexa Ranking

There are many myths about Alexa Ranking and that’s why we spend money on it but did not see any result to there website. In this post i will try eliminate this myths in this post.

#Myths 1: Alexa Toolbar

Many of us have a mislead that if i install alexa toolbar then when i visit my website my website alexa ranking will increase slowly. Actually Alexa Toolbar is just a browser extension which provide the site information about alexa ranking otherwise nothing and one more thing is alexa toolbar not collect data from the extensions.

#Myths 2: Alexa Only Collect Data For Internet Marketers

This is also very very wrong. Actually Alexa is based on million of people and more than 25000+ browser extensions.

#Myths 3: Claiming Your Site On Alexa

Claiming your site on alexa may effect your site ranking most of the site owners think but it is not true.

#Myths 4 : Installing Alexa Widgets

Most of the blogger think that installing Alexa widgets on there site may help their site to increase Alexa Ranking but it is also very very wrong informations.

#Myths 5 : Paying Alexa May Increase Rank

Absolutely wrong information, if you pay for Alexa ranking then your site ranking will increase this information is also wrong. But it is true that Alexa Marketing Stack helps you to measure and understand the site strategy so that you can get more search and create more engaging content to your site which may help your site rank fast.

#Myths 6 : Site Traffic

Not necessary, if your site traffic increase day by day it’s not means that your site rank increase because Alexa always measure 3 months data and update daily. I previously told that site engagement plays an important role to increase rank. If your site traffic increase but user engagement not increase then your site rank my not increase.


In this post I try to include all the details about Alexa Ranking factor and how can you increase your site Alexa Ranking day by day. So follow all these tips above to increase your site rank.

If you think some point should include in the post then don’t hesitate to write in the comment box bellow and help other to rank high.

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