The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker to Check Site Backlink

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Backlink plays an important role to rank your site on the first page of any search engine. If your site doesn’t have any backlink then your site may not rank in higher positions in-spite of very good quality content. So backlink checker helps you to measure your site backlink and the linking site DA.

The Free Backlink Checker

The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker

Before start on Backlink checker you should know a few details about backlink and the types of backlink and what is backlink, how backlink helps your site to rank in the first positions.

What is Backlinks?

Backlink is a link when one website link to the another website or one website reffer to the other site. Backlink is one kind of incoming link. Backlink makes there connections through external resources. If you get more link back from high DA website then your site rank also increase.

Types Of Backlink

Basically Backlink are two types one is Do-follow backlink and another is No-follow Backlink. Do-follow backlink helps any site to rank fast and also increase your website Domain Authority. On the other site No-follow backlink may not help your site to rank higher.

How To Create Do-Follow Backlinks?

A do-Follow backlink is created when a site refers to another site and tells the search engine that this site is trusted and this site gives good quality information on that particular topic. If the referring site DA is high then another site traffic and DA will increase slowly and build a trust follow on the search engine.

So always try to acquire a backlink from a high authority website and from a similar niche it will help you to provide link juice. One of the best options to create a do-follow backlink is guest posting. If you try guest posts to your similar niche and high DA site then you can get a good do-follow link for your site which may help your site rank fast and also increase your Alexa Ranking. If you don’t know how to increase Alexa ranking then see the guide.

The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker

New Backlink Checker

What Is Poor Backlink?

Poor backlink is one kind of backlink which comes from low DA website and sometimes No-follow backlinks also count as a poor backlink. Another types of backlink also available which is bad backlink. Bad Backlink is those backlink which comes from high spam score domain.

If a site points to your site which site spam score is high then your site may harm.

Poor Backlink Checker

The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker

Now you may understand about Backlink and how backlink is important for every website. Many paid website is available where you can find out your site backlink , bad backlink, new backlink and more. Most of the new blogger can’t effort the price backlink checker so there are few website available where you can find out your site backlink.

In this given post I include the best 5 free backlink checker where you can check your site backlink and the site DA and PA details and also check the spam score. So let’s start.

#1 Ahrefs Backlink Checker

The name Ahrefs is very popular most of the bloggers know the name of Ahrefs. But it is a paid tool and costing is very very high which can’t possible to effort for a new blogger. Ahrefs provides free tools where you can check your site backlink. Check your site backlink on Ahrefs.

#2 Ubersuggest Backlink Checking Tool

Another best free backlink checking tool is Ubersuggest which may help you to check your site backlink for free. This popular tools created by Neilpatel. you can also create a free account and check your full website SEO performance. You can check site DA , PA, site authority, spam score and more options are available. Check your site backlink on Ubersuggest.

#3 The Hoth Backlink Checking Tool

The Hoth is also very popular web tools which is totally free use for all. The Hoth provides the free backlink checking tools where you can check your site backlink. But in the Hoth when you going to check the backlink you have to enter your email address. Check your backlink at The Hoth Backlink Checking tools.

#4 The SEMrush’s Backlink Checker Tools

Another best backlink checking tool is SEMrush tools this tool is very useful for all bloggers they not only offer to check backlink they offer the full SEO service for example keyword analytics, backlink checking, DA checking, PA checking, competitor analytics and more. They offer 30 days free trial for all tools so gives the advantages of these tools now. Access the SEMrush tools now for free.

#5 Majestic Backlink Checking Tools

Majestic is another popular tools which offer for free backlink checking, you can check not only backlink you can view your all over site state. The full tools is not free for use but you can check backlink for free. Majestic backlink checking result or output format is very good. You can new backlink, good backlink, bad backlink, do-follow backlink, no-follow nacklink and linking domain DA and PA and site spam score. Check the Majestic backlink checking tools.


In this post I try to explain details about backlink and what are the backlink, how backlink works, types of backlink, how to gain do-follow backlink, and the best 5 free backlink checker which helps every new blogger who can’t effort for paid plan they can easily check their site backlink and audit there site for free.

According to my experience guest posting is the one of the best options to create do-follow backlink. What is the your point of view write in the comment box bellow.

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