8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon Work From Home

The name Amazon is very common and very popular for us. Most of the people know the Brand Name Amazon. But you know you can do online Jobs In Amazon? Most people don’t know about it.

You may think that online jobs on Amazon mean affiliate marketing works? Right, But I not only telling the Amazon Affiliate jobs. There are 8 jobs available on Amazon which you can do from your home. There are no investments that require to start online jobs.

8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon
8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon

8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon

Actually, Amazon is a huge platform where millions of people make money by doing some simple online jobs. There are 8 very common and popular online jobs in Amazon that are available. Now we are discussing these 8 Amazon jobs.

Amazon has to depend on different types of online workers like us for example freelancers, data entry Job operators, bloggers, YouTubers to expand their business.

#1 Amazon Affiliate Programs

You may familiar with the Amazon affiliate programs. Like other company affiliate programs amazon affiliate programs also the same. In Amazon affiliate programs you have to promote amazon products through your blog, social media like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, youtube. You may also create an affiliate website of amazon product which is good options to make more sell. If you don’t know how to create an affiliate website then read the guide.

Now you may think that How to join amazon affiliate programs? The answer is very simple you can straight go to the amazon website and at the button you find the affiliate join link or search on the google for amazon affiliate programs. Currently, amazon supports 11 country affiliate program.

Straight go to the amazon affiliate link and fill the necessary details and complete signup. After signup complete verify your email address. That’s it.

After the process complete go to the affiliate dashboard to find a suitable product for you and start promoting. you can find the commission chart according to the product from amazon.

When someone purchases a product through your link you get a commission from amazon which adds to your Amazon balance. After reach the payout balance you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

#2 Amazon Flex Jobs

Amazon Flex Jobs is a very popular job where you can make $20 To $25 by complete simple Amazon Flex delivery. The Amazon flex jobs are not online jobs in Amazon but you can make a good amount if you fulfill amazon requirements.

How you can get Amazon Flex jobs? There are some requirements to get these jobs. First, you have to full fill the requirements to get the jobs. You need a valid driving license, You have to be 21+ years old to get jobs, Own or hire a vehicle which touches amazon requirements and the last requirements is you and your vehicle must have valid insurance policy.

If you think you can fulfill amazon’s requirement then you can try for amazon flex jobs. Here is the Amazon Flex Jobs App you can see it.

#3 Amazon Kindle

If you like to write on any toipc or may be you are writer then this job is only for you. Amazon offer the writer, reviewer, commenter, business man, entupronuer to share there experiance with the world.

There are huge topic where you can share your knowledge for example Romance, literature, comics, science fictions and more. You can simply join this online jobs in Amazon.

After complete writing your books you have to upload your book on amazon then within 24 hours your books will be live. You can choose any price for your books.

Amazon charge a amount which is 30% of your selling price when someone purchase your books online from amazon kindle store and the rest 70% is your income.

This program is totally free there is no charge, you have to pay the fees when someone purchases your books otherwise not. If you ready to publish your books or love writing then join Amazon Publisher programs.

#4 Amazon mTurk

Amazon mturk is a short forms of Amazon Mechinical turk. Amazon mTurk allows company to access manpower on demand to performs differents type of online work which require human intellegence.

There are many online jobs in amazon mTurk availabel which can not complete through artificial intellegence or computer in these cases human require to successfully complete these jobs.

Some example of amazon mTruk is data entry error corrections, image corrections, entry product inormations, product information corrections, image uploading, video uploading, video creating and more.

#5 Sell On Amazon

Selling on Amazon is for everyone students, housewives, businessmen, retailers who want to make more money from home. Just you have to register with amazon online selling programs.

You may know that thousands type of products are available on Amazon you can sell any type of product through amazon. If you have a product then you can simply upload your product on amazon and with this upload you have to upload your product images also.

Selling product on amazon is a online jobs in amazon where you have to pay the fees to upload product but the fess is very minimal. Also you have to agree with amazon return policy and also have accept the payment policy.

#6 Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual assistant is also a very good online job in amazon where you can do work online and make a good amount of money. Actually small, medium, and big business owner who want to expand there business they hire amazon virtual assistant.

In amazon Virtual assistant jobs, you don’t work with Amazon directly but indirectly you work with amazon platforms. Your work as a virtual assistant is buying products from manufactures and retailers, market research on amazon trending, data entry of amazon product, and more.

You may be have to keep record on stocks how many product are sells and maintain stocks and more.

#7 Amazon Data Entry Works

Another best online jobs in amazon is data entry works which provide you good income. You may know that amazon has custom category product in which only custom product or specilized product are deliver for only preorder.

These type of specilized product are include jewlery product, custom tshirts, printed mug and jug and more product. These type of custom product seller require highend data entry operator, image design, product descriptions writer and more.

If you think that you can write image descriptions, product descriptions, image creations and more then you can try the amazon data entry works.

#8 Deliver With Amazon

Amazon require huge delivery executives to deliver amazon product to customer doorstep. If you have a Bike and a valid licence then you can apply for the jobs.

In India eCommerce and online businesses growing very fast due to huge expendations of cheap internet and cheap smartphone. More than 60% of products are purchase online nowadays.

Amazon recruit delivery executive through a logistic company who provide manpower to amazon. If you meet the requirement then you can simply apply for amazon deliver executive, it is not online jobs in amazon but you can do it to make some extra income every month.


Amazon is a giant online eCommerce platform all over the world and it is a very good operativity for you to get in touch with amazon. These online jobs in amazon mainly work from home jobs where you can make good amount of money every month.

If you are skilled person and you have decent online skill then you can simply apply for these online jobs in amazon and start your carrier or part time income.

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