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Blogging is a great way to make money online and share your expression online with other very fast. If you have a blog or you think to create a blog online then you should know about the best blogging tips and tools which help your blog to grow fast and rank in any search engine.

Here are the details list of the best blogging tools and helpful article and best sites which help you to grow fast and generate more revenue from your blog. So check it here

Free Keyword Research Tools || Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

What Is a Keyword?

A Keyword is a word that helps you to rank in a search engine. Any keyword has a particular value and search volume in the field of digital marketing.

if you are a blogger or a digital marketer then the keyword is very important for you. When you write a blog or any content and want to rank the article then you should target the keyword and have to put the particular keyword in your content.

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10 Free Keyword Research Tools

What is Keyword research?

Keyword Research is a technique by which you can find a particular keyword for your blog content. When you try to write on any topic then you should find a particular keyword for your content.

There are some free keyword research tools that help you to find out the proper keywords for your blog content. Some paid keyword research tools also available in the market where you can buy there plan.

What Is Keyword Research Tools?

Keyword Research tools are a bunch of code that you can see in the form of online software which helps you to find out the particular keyword in a particular country and particular field. Also, you can find the keyword search volume and CPC of the particular keyword.

How To Find Proper Keyword?

To find the proper keyword in a niche you have to first find out the rank website on that niche. After finding the website you should find the keyword for which the site rank on the search engine.

Now you got some keyword for which the site rank then finds the keyword volume and CPC on the particular keyword and also finds the keyword difficulty and SEO difficulty to rank the keyword.

If your site is new then you should choose the low SEO difficulty keyword so that your article rank faster.

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Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools Details

You may understand the details on what is keyword research and what is keyword research tools and how keyword research tools can help you to find out good keyword for your niche.

Here I include some of the best free keyword research tools which help you find out the best keyword and also help to do proper SEO for your blog.

#1 Aherfs Webmaster Tools

One of the best and free keyword research tools is Aherfs Webmaster tools which are launch recently. This tool is awesome here you can add your site and find out which keyword is ranked and which are not.

Free keyword Research Tools -Aherfs Webmaster Tools

Not only that find the new backlink, lost backlink, do follow backlink, no follow backlink and more options are available here. It is one of the best free keyword research tools for SEO if you want to grab Aherfs Webmaster Tools free here.

#2 Google Search Console

Another best free keyword research tools is Google Search Console which is free and open for all. To open or use this tools you just need a Gmail account. If you have gmail account but don’t have search console account then you can easily create one in a minutes.

Free Keyword Research Tools- Google Search Console

If you don’t have a search console account then when you open search console you get this type of interface. Just add your site to check the performance of your site and the best pages of your site and the best performance keyword for your site.

If you don’t have any blog to add then you can read the guide of how to create a free blog on WordPres.

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#3 is a free keyword research tool where you can search for your suitable keyword and find out the trending keyword for your niche. Free Keyword Research Tools

This has very good features where you can find out the trending keyword on Google, on Youtube, on Bing, On amazon and more platforms are available here.

If you are a YouTuber then just select youtube and if you selling products online then just select amazon or eBay and you can also find est keyword according to Instagram or twitter and more options are available.

#4 Wordstream

You may hear the name wordstream it is a very good and the big company that helps you to performs your batter and helps to generate more leads. The Wordstream offers free keyword research tools that help you to find out the perfect keyword for you.

WordStream- Free Keyword Research tools

Here you can get search volume, CPC of the particular keyword and also show the competetions of the keyword. But this basically show the keyword according to the ads on Google ads, Bing Ads and more.

#5 Google Keyword Planner Tools

Another very good and great tool is Google Keyword Planner or these tools also known as Google AdWords. To use these tools you just need a Gmail account which is totally for all. If you have then search on google for google Adwords or google keyword planner tools.

Google Keyword Planner- Free Keyword Research Tools

If you want to run a ads on google or any other platforms then this tools is very useful for you. You can find the best keyword with low competetions and low CPC to run your ads successful.

#6 Wordtracker

Wordtracker is another great keyword research tool that is free but you can use it for limited words. If you are a new blogger and don’t have enough money to purchase paid tools then you can use it for free. In the free versions, you get limited search options and limited keywords.

Wordtracker- Free Keyword Research Tools

In the tools, you get keyword suggestions, competitions of the keywords, related keywords, and more options. If you want to use 7 days free trial then and also get a 25% discount then check the special offer of Wordtracker.

#7 Ubersuggest

Now comes to the next big free keyword research tools which are ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a very famous tool now. The great tools are created by famous digital marketer Neil Patel.

Ubersuggest- Another Best Free keyword Research Tools

This tools may help you a lot. This tool help you to search keyword, find best keyword for your niche, you can check your site organic keyword, backlink checker help you to check backlink, site optimizer help you to optimize your site according to your site file compression and which file takes more times to load and more.

#8 MOZ Tools

You may know the name of the big tools MOZ Tools. This tool is paid tools but they offer some free search to find out your keyword, organic ranking, doamin score and more.

Moz Tools- Free Keyword Research Tools

The Moz tools help you also a lot you can search keywords, your site overview, organic keyword list, domain backlink, domain authority score, keyword suggestions, spammy backlink, and more options are available in this tools.

To use this tools just go to the moz tools and register then you can get 10 free search everyday to find out your keyword.

#9 KWFinder

Another free keyword research tool is KWfinder, it is also a very good keyword tool that can help you to find out your keyword for your niche. These tools have a lot of features but you can not access all the features in free versions.

KWfinder- Free Keyword Research Tools

If you want to check your long tail keyword then you can check the bellow.

If you think that you need more power and more keyword then you can simply go for paid plan.

#10 Keywordeverywhere

The next free keyword research tools come to mind is the Keywordeverywhere tools which were free at a time but now this tool is paid. Till now you can check your keyword in the free versions but there is a limited scope.

Keywordeverywhere- Free Keyword Research Tools

Actually this tool is a browser extensions. You have to install the tool into your browser. You can find chrome extensions and as well as firefox extensions to find keyword.

After installation the tool when you search on the browser then the tool automatically shows you the relevant keyword and their volume and CPC details and more.

Questions Related To Free Keyword Research Tools

what are some good free keyword research tools?

Keyword Research Tools are very important to find the best keyword for your niche. Here I include the top 10 free keyword research tools which may help you to find keywords.
#1 Aherfs Webmaster Tools
#2 Google Search Console
#4 WordStream
#5 Google Keyword Planner Tool Free
#6 WordTracker
#7 Ubersuggest
#8 Moz Tools
#9 Kw Finder
#10 Keyword Everywhere

What Is Keyword Research Tools?

Keyword Research Tools is a bunch of code in the form online software which help you to find out the popular and most searchable keyword in the search engine.

How Do You Find Best Keywords?

You can easily find best keywords with the help of keyword research tools. Always choose the high volume keyword but low competetions keyword and if it is possible to add high CPC keyword so that you can rank fast.

How Do You Find SEO Keywords?

To find SEO keyword of a particular domain you have to enter the domain in the keyword Research tools then find the organic keyword which you can find in options in research tools. You can also mesure the the traffic comes to come your site for which keyword. Some free keyword Research tools gives you the options to find but every paid tools has the options.

How do You Find Trending Keywords?

To find the most trending keyword just go to the Google trends where you can find the most trending keyword according to your niche.

Is Google Keyword Tool Is Free?

Most of the people wants to know that google keyword planner tool is free or not. Yes google keyword planner tool is absolutely free for all. You can research on it and find high CPC keyword for you.

How Can You Get Free Google Keyword Planner Tools?

Google keyword planner tools is one of the best free keyword research tools which is open for all. To get the tools you just need a google account then search on google for Google Keyword Planner tools the first tools is G-Tools. Thsi tool is also known as Google adwards Tools.

How Do You Find a Niche Keyword?

You can easily find the niche keyword from a keyword research tools just enter you doamin then the tools show the relevent keyword and if your site rank on google then the tools also show for which keyword your site rank.

How Do You Optimize The Keywords?

You can easily optimize your keyword though google search console tools it is also a free keyword research tools which helps you to find relevent keyword of your article.
To optimize just go to the search console then enter your page url which page you want to optimize. Then find the relevent keyword and searchable keyword on your pages then try to add these keyword to your pages.

How Many SEO Keywords You Can Use?

You can use 5 SEO Keywords into your content.


You may understand the importants of keyword research tools. Most of the keyword research tools has a paid versions and free versions. In free versions you can access limited options and functions to find the best keyword for you.

If you can buy a paid tools then it is great but if you are unable to do it then you can start with free plan then upgrade on paid paln. Here i include 10 most useful and best free keyword research tools which you can use to find keyword for you.

If you think any free keyword research tools should include here which tool you already used then just write in the comment box below. We try to include it as early as possible.

8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon Work From Home

The name Amazon is very common and very popular for us. Most of the people know the Brand Name Amazon. But you know you can do online Jobs In Amazon? Most people don’t know about it.

You may think that online jobs on Amazon mean affiliate marketing works? Right, But I not only telling the Amazon Affiliate jobs. There are 8 jobs available on Amazon which you can do from your home. There are no investments that require to start online jobs.

8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon

8 Best Online Jobs In Amazon

Actually, Amazon is a huge platform where millions of people make money by doing some simple online jobs. There are 8 very common and popular online jobs in Amazon that are available. Now we are discussing these 8 Amazon jobs.

Amazon has to depend on different types of online workers like us for example freelancers, data entry Job operators, bloggers, YouTubers to expand their business.

#1 Amazon Affiliate Programs

You may familiar with the Amazon affiliate programs. Like other company affiliate programs amazon affiliate programs also the same. In Amazon affiliate programs you have to promote amazon products through your blog, social media like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, youtube. You may also create an affiliate website of amazon product which is good options to make more sell. If you don’t know how to create an affiliate website then read the guide.

Now you may think that How to join amazon affiliate programs? The answer is very simple you can straight go to the amazon website and at the button you find the affiliate join link or search on the google for amazon affiliate programs. Currently, amazon supports 11 country affiliate program.

Straight go to the amazon affiliate link and fill the necessary details and complete signup. After signup complete verify your email address. That’s it.

After the process complete go to the affiliate dashboard to find a suitable product for you and start promoting. you can find the commission chart according to the product from amazon.

When someone purchases a product through your link you get a commission from amazon which adds to your Amazon balance. After reach the payout balance you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

#2 Amazon Flex Jobs

Amazon Flex Jobs is a very popular job where you can make $20 To $25 by complete simple Amazon Flex delivery. The Amazon flex jobs are not online jobs in Amazon but you can make a good amount if you fulfill amazon requirements.

How you can get Amazon Flex jobs? There are some requirements to get these jobs. First, you have to full fill the requirements to get the jobs. You need a valid driving license, You have to be 21+ years old to get jobs, Own or hire a vehicle which touches amazon requirements and the last requirements is you and your vehicle must have valid insurance policy.

If you think you can fulfill amazon’s requirement then you can try for amazon flex jobs. Here is the Amazon Flex Jobs App you can see it.

#3 Amazon Kindle

If you like to write on any toipc or may be you are writer then this job is only for you. Amazon offer the writer, reviewer, commenter, business man, entupronuer to share there experiance with the world.

There are huge topic where you can share your knowledge for example Romance, literature, comics, science fictions and more. You can simply join this online jobs in Amazon.

After complete writing your books you have to upload your book on amazon then within 24 hours your books will be live. You can choose any price for your books.

Amazon charge a amount which is 30% of your selling price when someone purchase your books online from amazon kindle store and the rest 70% is your income.

This program is totally free there is no charge, you have to pay the fees when someone purchases your books otherwise not. If you ready to publish your books or love writing then join Amazon Publisher programs.

#4 Amazon mTurk

Amazon mturk is a short forms of Amazon Mechinical turk. Amazon mTurk allows company to access manpower on demand to performs differents type of online work which require human intellegence.

There are many online jobs in amazon mTurk availabel which can not complete through artificial intellegence or computer in these cases human require to successfully complete these jobs.

Some example of amazon mTruk is data entry error corrections, image corrections, entry product inormations, product information corrections, image uploading, video uploading, video creating and more.

#5 Sell On Amazon

Selling on Amazon is for everyone students, housewives, businessmen, retailers who want to make more money from home. Just you have to register with amazon online selling programs.

You may know that thousands type of products are available on Amazon you can sell any type of product through amazon. If you have a product then you can simply upload your product on amazon and with this upload you have to upload your product images also.

Selling product on amazon is a online jobs in amazon where you have to pay the fees to upload product but the fess is very minimal. Also you have to agree with amazon return policy and also have accept the payment policy.

#6 Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual assistant is also a very good online job in amazon where you can do work online and make a good amount of money. Actually small, medium, and big business owner who want to expand there business they hire amazon virtual assistant.

In amazon Virtual assistant jobs, you don’t work with Amazon directly but indirectly you work with amazon platforms. Your work as a virtual assistant is buying products from manufactures and retailers, market research on amazon trending, data entry of amazon product, and more.

You may be have to keep record on stocks how many product are sells and maintain stocks and more.

#7 Amazon Data Entry Works

Another best online jobs in amazon is data entry works which provide you good income. You may know that amazon has custom category product in which only custom product or specilized product are deliver for only preorder.

These type of specilized product are include jewlery product, custom tshirts, printed mug and jug and more product. These type of custom product seller require highend data entry operator, image design, product descriptions writer and more.

If you think that you can write image descriptions, product descriptions, image creations and more then you can try the amazon data entry works.

#8 Deliver With Amazon

Amazon require huge delivery executives to deliver amazon product to customer doorstep. If you have a Bike and a valid licence then you can apply for the jobs.

In India eCommerce and online businesses growing very fast due to huge expendations of cheap internet and cheap smartphone. More than 60% of products are purchase online nowadays.

Amazon recruit delivery executive through a logistic company who provide manpower to amazon. If you meet the requirement then you can simply apply for amazon deliver executive, it is not online jobs in amazon but you can do it to make some extra income every month.


Amazon is a giant online eCommerce platform all over the world and it is a very good operativity for you to get in touch with amazon. These online jobs in amazon mainly work from home jobs where you can make good amount of money every month.

If you are skilled person and you have decent online skill then you can simply apply for these online jobs in amazon and start your carrier or part time income.

Sitemap Generator || Top 5 Site To Generate Your Site Map

A sitemap of a website is a web-based file where all the information stored about the site and pages and what type of pages have on the website. A sitemap Generator helps the webmaster to index there site in the search engine. You can check your sitemap bellow. Just type your site URL and enter to check your sitemap is ok or not.

Sitemap Generator

What IS Sitemap?

A sitemap is a web-based file where a webmaster stored all the information about the pages of the website. All information stored in the sitemap such as if a page contains only video, only image or any e-commerce page, or any other type of page. The sitemap generator checker helps the website owner to check the site sitemap generates correctly or not.

Check Your Sitemap With Sitemap Generator

Type Of Sitemap

Basically sitemap has three types you can create any type of sitemap by using some simple tools. These tools help you to create a sitemap for your site online. You can create an XML sitemap, HTML Sitemap, and the last one is RSS type. RSS is actually used for blogger websites or those site owners who host there site in If your website is in WordPress then you can find many useful plugins to generate your sitemap online.

Check Your Site Backlink and find the new follow link details and poor nbacklink informations details

Why You Need A Sitemap For Your Website

You may think why a sitemap is need for your site? It is a very common questions for all. If your site have sitemap then your site crawl by the google, yahoo, bing crawler fast and index your site fast. Your sitemap clearly generate a view of all your pages, post, iamge road map so the crawler don’t miss any of these.

Top 5 Free Sitemap Generator Website List

There are many website in the web where you can generate your website sitemap for free and many paid website also available to create your website sitemap.

In this article i just include some of the best sitemap generator website by which you can generate your website sitemap easily. So let’s start

#1 helps you to generate your site free sitemap for free. Check the site fast after going to the site just enter your address. here you can generate three types of sitemap. The first one is a free sitemap generator, the second one is a pro sitemap and the last one is the PHP script site generator.

If your site has a huge number of webpages, posts then you should go for a pro plan. In pro plan, your all website pages automatically include and generate a sitemap automatically.


The second site which is also totally free is Here you can create two type of sitemap the first one is XML sitemap and the second one is HTML sitemap.

free sitemap generator

In XML map generator you may find three types of options first one totally free for all where you can generate website sitemap up to 500 URLs and if your site is more than 500 URL then you should go for a pro plan go up to 1 million websites and the last one is for a large number of the site owner then you go for the dynamic plan where you can generate the unlimited number of web pages for your site.

Check your Site Alexa Rank and learn the fast and easy way to improve your site alexa rank.

#3 XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap is another good site map generator that may help you to generate your sitemap easily with a single click. This site helps you to generate XML site Map, RSS, and Google XML sitemap for free of cost.

XML SiteMap Generator

This site helps you to generate your sitemap in XML format, using WordPress plugins or you can directly download software for your windows. All versions are free there is no limit on how many pages have on your website. Check this site to generate sitemap for unlimited number of website pages.

#4 Websiteseochecker

Websiteseochecker is another best free site map generator which also help you to generate your site map for free and also you can check your sitemap is correct or not.

This website may help you to create Google XML site map Generator or HTML site map generatorfor free.

#5 Site Map Generator Through Google Chrome Extensions

if you have Google Chrome then you can simply generate your website site map for free through a single chrome extension. Just go to Google Chrome browser then go to chrome extensions after that a new window will be open.

Search in the new window site map generator in the box then you can find the chrome extensions just click on add to chrome options. That’s is everything is done.

The Final Word

You may understand what is is the work of sitemap and what work done by the site map generator and most of the imporatnt thing is that sitemap helps your site to rank faster on any search engine. So if your site don’t have site map then first check through the site.

You can check your site sitemap details at the top of the page, and if your site don’t have sitemap then generate the sitemap as early as possible to rank your site in the search engine.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Which one is Better and Why?

Are you looking to start up a new blog? You are not sure whether you should use WordPress Vs Blogger as your place for the blog? WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best? In this post, we’ll compare WordPress and Blogger and help you decide which one is right for you.

Ok, let’s help. Both WordPress and Blogger are the 2 most famous internet posting platforms. They allow you to quickly build a blog.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Which One Is Best For You

WordPress Vs Blogger

They work very distinctly, though, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages. Just begin with a catchy name for the blog and choose a blogging platform with this wonderful guide.

What to Look for in Your Blog Platform?

Before starting with the review of WordPress vs Blogger, let’s discuss a few crucial items to search for when selecting a blog site.

The simplicity of Use

 You need a website that is convenient or simple to use to setup up your blog easily, add material, and increase your reach.


You should have a forum that allows you to add so many features to your blog, and use more tools.

Monetarisation choices

Would you like your blogging to make money? If yes, then pick a network that has lots of monetization opportunities.


 Support may be provided when writing, planning, or maintaining your blog. Unless you get lost or have doubts you’re going to want assistance as rapidly and effortlessly as you can.

What Look Into WordPress Features

If you going to compare WordPress VS Blogger then my first recommendation is WordPress. WordPress is a very common name and most website built with WordPress. You can check that more than 60% of sites are designed by WordPress because it is one of the best open source content management systems.

#1 Free To Use

If you compare WordPress Vs Blogger both platforms are free to use. WordPress is one of the best and largest Content Management Systems which is open for all and everyone can use it without investing a single dollar. So if you are a learner then you should try WordPress for one time. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress Blog for free then check our guide here.

#2 Easy To USe

WordPress is a very easy platform where anyone can create a beautiful website without any coding knowledge. Now, most of the Cpanel offers Auto installer options by which you can install WordPress with a single click only. To create a blog in WordPress you don’t need to know any coding. You can find everything there to build a beautiful website.

#3 Themes

In comparing WordPress VS Blogger WordPress is the best according to the themes options. In Blogger you can find some common templates to use for your blog but in WordPress, you can find a huge number of themes that you can add or install to your site. WordPress themes installations will be done through a single click only.

#4 Plugins

WordPress offers huge free plugins which will help you to add different functions to your site easily. In comparison to WordPress Vs Blogger, WordPress offers huge free plugins but in the blogger, you find some common widgets for your site which is not enough for every blog.

#5 WordPress Security

Security options of WordPress are very good. WordPress offers many security plugins totally free to use. You can use any free security plugins to protect your site. Besides the free plugins, you can also find many paid plugins to protect your site.

One of the best functions of WordPress is you can easily create any time of website by using these plugins. If you think you need an eCommerce store or an affiliate marketing website then easily created by WordPress plugins.

#6 Search Engine Optimizations

In comparison to WordPress Vs Blogger Search Engine Optimizations, WordPress offer easy customization options to do your blog easily. WordPress offers thousands of free SEO plugins by which you can easily do your site SEO. Not only that you can you can do SEO for every post on your website.

WordPress Vs Blogger: 7 Best WordPress Features

#7 Easy To Customize

Easy to customize is one of the great features of WordPress because you can customize any part of the WordPress site without any knowledge of Codding. The themes give all the functions for you and the rest of the functions you can enable by installing some useful plugins into your WordPress site. In compare WordPress Vs Blogger, a blogger can’t give you the functions. You have to learn the basic code of HTML to customize your blogger site.

What is WordPress VS Blogger?

Powering approximately 28 percent of the overall site, most users don’t think about WordPress as an outsider. If you’ve not blogged thus far, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of a tool or even browsed on a couple of sites that are developed for it. examined that Blogger, on the other hand, is rather unique and has its place on the Internet. Because Google owns it, a lot of bloggers prefer to give Blogger confidence.

The service is open, but all it requires to get your first blog started is the free Google account (that you have already) until we begin comparing the blog to a self-hosted edition of WordPress, we recommend you take a peek at the video which compared to Blogger because you’ve seen all the variants.

Features and Comparision


Both WordPress and Blogger are easy to name. But because someone else hasn’t planned for you WordPress, things are even more complex than getting a Blogger account.

Control over your blog:

That’s one of the biggest reasons for supporting blog hosting too. Blogger is operated by Google and odds are they will be able to uninstall your Blogger account without giving you a warning. And if you’re using the personalized domain option, you’re likely to mark your blogs as suspicious if spammers using Flag as a spam function.

Could Google delete your blog? That’s something very popular and you’ll know that many bloggers face this issue when using Blogger by doing a fast search on the internet.

Search engine optimization

Wherever the blog is hosted this doesn’t exist, traffic is the main and last thing any blogger would be searching for. Easy term search engine marketing means optimizing your blog to search engines or search engine traffic. Contrasting WordPress Vs Blogger, WordPress provides more choices for adapting the blog for the search engine whereas, like in Blogger, you’re restricted to any environment.

Ownership and Control

That this would be a good thing to reconsider the value of ownership until you start the blog-do you choose to own your blog and allow someone to manage it?

WordPress is an open-source website that you and everyone else will use free of charge. If the update files are downloaded it’ll become your liability. From the very moment you host a blog, you have the impression that’s yours. And that is real. While you’ll only cost a few bucks a month of hosting, the domain also is 100% yours. So for it, you can do what you desire — move it, enlarge it, change it, and erase it, respectively.

Blogger is Google’s domain, as a free service. This implies the company’s guys can do whatever they want on the site. Though very doubtful, the internet giant can also plan to close down Blogger.

And thus no one will care about the content in that situation. How does it feel to you? Google can even prohibit you from viewing your blog, for any reason.

Pricing – Blogger vs. WordPress

You wouldn’t want to make your blog a large drag over the money. Also, you do not want to be so “online” obsessed that you’ll be struggling to expand your blog. It’s essential to consider how very much your blog site would cost you in terms of resources or incentives. For WordPress Blog, hosting is important, consider these Hosting Coupons and Deals to save.

Cost of Making a Blog with Blogger

Blogger is a blogging site that is fully online. It offers free hosting of blogs as well as a free subdomain Blogger to get going. All of Blogger’s themes, tools, and other choices are all free, although you can pay for certain third-party themes.

Unless you choose to use Blogger for a custom web domain, you would need to purchase this from a domain registry firm like

Cost of Making a Blog in WordPress

The WordPress app is free and to write a blog you have to purchase a hosting package or domain name. You will have a WordPress hosting contract to Blue host for just $2.75 per month, as well as a free domain with it. When you’ve built up your blog, the continuing price depends on whether you want to be using the facilities.

If you choose to pay for themes and extensions, clearly it would cost more using free versions. If you’re monetizing your blog, paying plug-in and themes will also get you a nice return on the investment.


WordPress is more customizable and has better SEO, while Blogger is easier to use. The best decision for you will depend on your needs! If you are looking for a platform that offers unlimited customization options, then WordPress may be the way to go. However, if ease of use is important to you or if your website isn’t very complicated in terms of design, it might make sense to choose Blogger instead since it’s generally much simpler than other blogging platforms out there.

I just try to write about WordPress VS Blogger Guide, Both WordPress and Blogger are very popular blog sites. You need to pick one, that’s down with your blog’s intent.

And if you want to create a successful blog that can make a living, you need a stable and flexible WordPress website. You could add the shop for your blog via WordPress, build an associate website, or add lots of networking resources to your blog to gain money.

We trust this analysis of WordPress versus Blogger helps you consider both the benefits and drawbacks and helps you reach the best choice for your blog.

Unless your goal is to create a personal blog or share your experiences, then you can select a basic Blogger site. Which do you think sounds like the best choice? Leave us some feedback below with what features are most important to you!

5 Easy Steps To Create the Perfect Sales Funnel?

Here is the process for you to create the perfect sales funnel. So, let us have a look at the details:

This process will help you in building your prospects and converting them into leads and permanent customers.

Furthermore, to craft and make a successful sales funnel, it is no longer a difficult job.

Hey you know how to build a conversions funnel which may tripple your profit. Must read if you don’t know.

Create The Perfect Sales Funnel

Check out the guide now how you can create a perfect sales funnel for your business with easy steps:

Create The Perfect Sales Funnel

Step 1- Creating and making lead capturing kind of landing pages

You might be wondering what is the first step in creating the perfect sales funnel? It is about building lead-capturing sort of landing pages.

By making these pages, you can start to get traffic for your business site. This landing page appears in the form of a home page.

It has got and embedded with lead-generating elements in it so that more and more customers approach your business.

Moreover, this page should not give a glimpse of a typical looking informational page. Even more, these pages should be accompanied by elements like social proof and a call to action button.

On this page, give enough information to your audience so that they can bring benefits to your business.

Try to design this page in more of a sales-oriented manner rather than giving it a simple and traditional look.

Hence, you have to make a profitable looking landing page for your sales funnel.

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Step 2- Drive more and more traffic towards your landing page

If you have got a great landing page, then it is going to be incomplete if no traffic approaches it.

Most importantly, this is one of the top challenges that you have to meet when building a perfect sales funnel. You have to come up with specific and proven strategies so that extensive traffic can come to your landing page.

To bring more traffic, it is recommended to use pay per click ads. This has become a popular and trendy way of increasing and boosting your traffic line.

It is these PPC ads that manage to reach a massive number of people present on different networks and channels.

Furthermore, you can make ads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and hence market your created perfect sales funnel.

Or you can take help from social media sites to bring more traffic to these landing pages of yours. Keep in mind that it is this social media outreach that gathers and drives a heavy amount of traffic for the top and middle sections of your sales funnel.

Apart from that, for driving heavy traffic onto your landing page, you can go for a content marketing approach.

You can utilize emails and write up blog content and come up with case studies so that constant traffic can arrive on your landing pages.

Step 3- Start collecting email addresses of your target audience

As soon as you have set up your landing pages and you have used all the strategies to gather traffic, now is the time to start to collect email addresses of your niche market.

You have to make a concentrated and massive effort in this step. In addition, upon gathering your audience’s email address, you can well explain to them about your products.

Besides, you can inform your audience about the e-books and other kinds of resources that you have created.

This step comes in the zone of the soft-sell strategy. It can work surprisingly and amazingly well for your business if you follow it correctly.

On the other hand, you have to create a variable number of lead magnets for your niche audience. This is how you can have their email address instantly.

Bring your audience in a comfortable position so that they are ready to give you the information that you need.

How To Create Perfect Sales Funnel

Step 4- Launch an email marketing campaign

The fourth step in creating the professional and the perfect sales funnel is launching a powerful email marketing campaign.

By doing so, you can build up a firm and stronger relationship with your prospects.

Such kind of campaigns give enough time and space to your target audience to make a final purchasing decision. At the same time, your niche market becomes actively and thoroughly engaged with your products.

Most noteworthy, it is through email campaigns that you can welcome any prospect approaching your new product or service.

Read the Top 5 Reason Why Sales Funnel is Very Very important for your business.

Step 5- Tracking your sales funnel progress

The last step is to track your sales funnel progress. When you are down with the launching of your email marketing campaign, then sales are going to start to come to your business.

You have to track each phase and section of your perfect sales funnel regularly because you never know; negligence in a single area may decrease your sales numbers.

Most certainly, you should check there exist no holes in your sales funnel.

When you see that traffic is not coming to your website or your sales numbers are not multiplying, then there is a heavy chance that some disturbance has started to occur in your perfect sales funnel.

So, it is recommended to keenly watch your metrics. Furthermore, keep a close check on your website analytics and also on the sales numbers of yours.

You can use a CRM tool for tracking the number of your new leads and also open deals. And with the use of email tracking software, you can conveniently track leads right form your desktop.

So, what’s the bottom line? Do not leave your sales funnel alone once you have created it. Your whole efforts may get discarded if you will not keep a proper check concerning whether your funnel is working and running up to the mark or not.


This is how to create a perfect and 100% professional-looking sales funnel. Such a funnel guarantees lots of conversions and sales numbers.

How do you make and build up such perfect sales funnels? You can share your process and methodology with us.

We hope that this above-mentioned guide that is divided into basic five steps may have informed you sufficiently regarding how to build a sales funnel.

Keep connected with us to get more updates.

5 Reasons Why an Online Sales Funnel Is Good for Business?

Online Sales funnel are very good for growing your business as they provide you with the predictable and best way to increase your leads into the prospects and ultimately the prospects into the customers. Even though most of the business owners do not give much heed to this process.

If you don’t know how to build conversions funnels which may increase your profit in triple then check the guide.

The sales funnels are used in the same way as it is used in the cooking process. We know that the funnel is wide at its top so during the cooking process you put the ingredients at its wide top, then they accumulate at the bottom and slowly trickle down into the container or whatever is placed below.

Want to know the best part of it?

The sales funnel works in the same way by moving your leads through your sales process and resulting in the sales at the very bottom of your funnel. In this article, we will provide you all the reasons why online sales funnel are so good for your business.

These sales funnels will help you to understand your customer’s buying habits.

The key to growing your business is to understand how your customers find you and why they find you. The sales funnels will help you in this regard.

So, let’s get started with the good stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your time we will head straight towards the reasons why an online sales funnel is good for business.

You will know the legitimate reasons to make sure you know everything about the user of these sales funnels to boost your business.

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Reasons Why an Online Sales Funnel Is Good for Business

Sales funnels are something that can give you a great edge in the business world. They can create an amazing environment for you to increase your sales and take your business to the next level.

Most people do not see it clearly but when you know the results of using sales funnels your decision will be obvious.

Here we have collected some of the reasons why your business needs an online sales funnels are and how they can be helpful for you.

These reasons and well researched and will compel you to use a sales funnel for your business growth.

#1 It helps you focus on the right leads:

Online sales funnels will help you devote time and resources to working with the sales lead that is promising and good for your business.

It keeps you away from bad leads in which you spend too much time chasing them. You will know where to point all your energies to gain more leads and turn them into potential customers.

It gives you a clear insight into what leads you want. The preliminary steps such as the “initial email survey” will allow you to interact and understand your prospects.

In each of these steps of interacting with your prospects, you will get an opportunity to learn more and more about who is a serious buyer and who is not yet ready.

#2 It sort and rank sales lead:

This is another big reason which helps you to grow your business. If you are having an online sale funnel it will help you in having an organized process of evaluating sorting and ranking your sales lead.

In this process, you will easily identify that which leads require more attention and which leads to wanting to buy immediately, and which leads need the long term nurturing.

If you know all this, you will easily know which lead needs the most focus.

All the leads have different needs and different options as some of them will convert easily and become loyal customers but some require a lot of attention and persuasion.

The ones requiring more attention are most likely the ones who will spend more money on your business when they are persuaded.

#3 Implement a long-term process for lead nurturing:

If you are dealing with the complex big account sales, then this is useful. Big sales take more time. It typically takes more than 6 months to close the deal and get the contract signed by your client.

In these cases, the sales funnel provides multiple points of contact. The sale funnels will keep your leads nurturing as they will keep on following them over the entire time until they are persuaded.

#4 Attract perfect leads to your business:

Online sales funnels will help you to attract new leads to your business if it is enriched with the right content. In this business world, there are new business opportunities each day so it becomes difficult to beat the competition.

If your sales funnel is well-structured, then it will let you speak directly to the right leads instead of making efforts in attracting every lead.

Having a sales funnels you need not to attract every lead. It also saves a lot of time and effort.

#5 Make forecasts for your sales volume:

Online marketing is a game of numbers as it quantifies the numbers of customers.

If you are having a well-structured sales funnel then you can easily analyze that with whom you have established a working relation, and then using this data you can easily predict the sales volume.

You can have a detailed guide on the sales funnel by visiting Sarkis-Web Design.


Online sales funnel is very necessary if you want to succeed in any marketing campaign. It gives you a deep understanding of your customers and also lets you build a relationship with your leads.

I hope that we have provided you all the reasons. So you must go through the article if you want to grow your business more.

If you want to know anything more about the sales funnel, then we will surely help you. The best thing is that we are always here for your assistance.

In the end, we just want you to stay tuned with us and keep enjoying our amazing updates. Everything will be remarkable and according to the things that you desire.

Until then we just want you to have a great experience with all the information about the reason why an online sales funnel is good for your business.

How to Build a Conversion Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

Want to triple your profits and increase your monthly income then here is a very simple way to triple your profits. Yes you are right I am talking about Funnel, do you know how to build a strong conversion funnel which will your profits, monthly sales, and conversions.

Most importantly, you need to nurture your sales funnel and leads, this is how you can see an increase and growth in your qualified prospects.

You might be surprised to see how to make a strong conversion funnel, here we have collected a detailed guide of how to create a strong sales funnel that will convert your customer easily.

If you know how to create a perfect sales funnel then check once.

How To Build A Conversion Funnel

And to get constant information on conversion funnels and Click Funnels, you can see and check this site.

Keep on attracting potential customers

To see the maximum line of profits, you have to keep on attracting customers.

What you can do is to filter and remove uninterested customers and give value to those customers that invest their valuable time on your website. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress website with simple steps then check the guide here.

Furthermore, get an idea of what your competitors are currently doing, which needs your customers are unmet and unfulfilled and how can you outperform.

You Should Know Why Sales Funnel is very very important for your business.

Encourage your customers to take positive action and emotionally invest in them

As soon as your potential customers will land on your page, then you have to encourage them to emotionally invest in your products or services.

Moreover, spend excessive time understanding your customers’ minds and listen to their needs and demands.

Give equal attention to your old and new customers and listen to them carefully. Avoid guessing about their needs and simply assume that everything will go right.

Avoid giving a sour impression to your customers

Here we are going to discuss the concept of Customer Disconnect! As an example, when a customer clicks on an ad and in return, he gets something different, then this experience brings a sour impression for your customer.

Most importantly, this approach brings a lower conversion rate for your business and discourages your customers to stop taking steps towards your products.

Create a strong content plan for your audience

You can create that content plan for your customers that resonate well with their mind and perception.

Write up content that easily and clearly tells what your audience wants at every single stage. Besides, your content should be channelized in a way that directly and seamlessly addresses the needs and wants of your prospects.

If any of your prospects are at the acquiring stage of the conversion funnel, then what you need to do is to make use of social media platforms so that your products can become more familiar with your potential audience.

It is through the strong content that you can convey to your audience about your expertise and also usp.

One more thing you should know that web hosting plays an important role to increase your sales and conversions. So always use the best Web Hosting service for your website to increase your sales.

What to do once reaching the end zone of the conversion funnel?

When you are done with the job of building a conversion funnel, then avoid forgetting that was already part of your sales conversion funnel equation.

You should not rush yourself to simply sell and sell and keep on making enticing and appealing lead magnet offers. These offers should be given to both of the givers and receivers.

In addition, you can go on offering some of the best referral programs to your audience. This is an ideal marketing tactic that can bring enviable and noticeable growth for your business.

More tips to triple your profits while creating a successful conversion funnel

You can identify the market zone that can constantly bring more of the referrals for your business.

Your market should know beforehand regarding what kind and type of customers you are looking for and searching for!

You should teach and educate that market about when and how they should be bringing referrals for your respective business.

Building conversion funnels- Other pro tips for readers

Pro Tips To Building conversion funnels

Determine and look for your KPIs

You should fully analyze your KPIs key performance indicators. In other words, you can monitor these key indicators throughout the process of building a conversion funnel.

You have to keep an eye on your sales funnel entry sources and exits. Keep a check that how long does a potential client takes time to convert into a regular customer.

Come up with a kind of offer that your customers cannot ignore

Your offer has to be created in a way that your customers fail to simply ignore it. Moreover, keep on giving them irresistible offers so that your brand looks compelling to them.

Analyze your customer pain points and what challenges they are facing and then offer them something valuable.

Assess the user experience

You need to go through and carefully analyze the workflow processes of your conversion funnel. Besides, look at your created funnel according to the point of view and perception of your audience.

If there are many hoops in your funnel, then this is a common sense that your audience will not get attracted to your product because the buying process is tough.

The presence of lots of hoops is a sign that you need to streamline your conversion funnel process.

Creating email drip campaigns

One should not underestimate the power of email drip campaigns. If you want to nurture leads and wish to triple profits, then organize such campaigns.

By doing so, you can exponentially and drastically grow your business and a big boost in your sales revenue will be seen.

This is a simple way to even quadruple your sales and profits. Moreover, organizing and carrying email drip campaigns enhances the credibility of your brand.

Automating your conversion funnel

It is better to automate your conversion funnel so that you can instantly gather leads and nurture them on time.

Furthermore, this approach of automating them will help you in segmenting your audience and monitor your conversion funnel process effectively.


Hence, this is how you can make a conversion funnel and above are the important point that you need to remember!

If you have more questions on this guide of creating a strong and user-friendly conversion funnel, then ask from us.

Keep tuned and in touch with us and become an expert and 200% pro in making such conversion funnels for your business.

Top 15 Ways To Make Money from Blogging In 2022

Blogging is one of the best trending ways to make money online. There are many free ways available by which you can make money from blogging. If you have not created a blog yet then create now. You don’t know how to create a blog online then check the guide to create a blog for free.

If you have already a blog but you don’t know how to make money from blogging then you are in the right place. In this article I try to include the most popular ways by which you can make money from your blog easily. I always try to include the free ways where you don’t have to invest any money to earn money from your blog. So here is no exceptions.

Top 15 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

There are 100’s ways available to generate money from your blog but here i include some best ways to make money. So let’s start

#1 Monetize Your Blog

Most of the bloggers create their blog so that they can monetize there blog by different monetization platforms. There are many platforms available where you can apply for your blog. You can apply to these platforms even if you create your blog on free platforms. If you don’t know about the free blogging platforms then here is a list of 17 best free blogging platforms where you can create your blog for free.

If your main aim is to monetize your blog only then always catch the high CPC keywords. If you choose the high CPC and low competition but high volume keywords then you can generate more money from your blog.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Another best way to make money from blogging is affiliate marketing. You can’t imagine how much money you can generate from your blog through affiliate marketing only.

For example, your blog is related to photography then you can easily promote DSLR camera in your blog. If a camera price is Rs 50,000 and you get one lead for this camera then you can easily generate at least 10% commission. Suppose you sell 10 cameras in a single month then you may calculate how much money you can generate from a single blog. Here are details guide on how to create an Affiliate marketing website for free.

#3 Sell Ads Space

If you are blog owner and your blog is on self hosted platforms then this options for you. You can easily sell your blog ads space for advertising. To sell your blog space your blog must have high traffic volume. If your blog traffic is high then many company or product owner approach you to rent your space for some month for some money. If your blog niche based is high price product then you can generate more money by selling your ads space.

#4 Content Promotions

Suppose your blog or website authority is high and your site niche is based on good product then product owner or company owner approach you to include their product or service into your blog article or space. To getting approach you site domain rating and authority must be high and beside this your site traffic volume should be high then it will more chance to get more approach.

You can charge minimum $50 to $500 for just a single product or service promotions. The price depends on you how much money charge for a single promotions. So always try to increase your site DA and PA and DR.

#5 Google Adsense

Most of the new blogger’s main target is google Adsense because Google Adsense is one of the best ads providing platforms which is totally free to use. If you are a new blogger and want to make money from blogging then you can apply for google AdSense. Google Adsense pays a good amount and gives high CPC for your blog ads.

Follow These Tips To Get Approve Google Adsense Account quickly

  1. Choose clear structure themes to get approval quickly.
  2. Write the unique for your blog. Don’t use any copy write content or any spinning content because Google is very smart nowadays.
  3. Create About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Page, and Contact us page. these pages are must and can be easily identifiable.
  4. Must include your contact information on the contact page.
  5. Write at least 10 articles with good length (minimum 1000 words) to get approved quickly.

#6 Media.Net is another best blog monetization platforms which is owned by Bing and Yahoo. You can make money from blogging by placing ads on your blog. Some time many bloggers don’t get approval from Google Adsense in that case bloggers can apply to monetize their blog on I think is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives which pays good value to their customer and provide good CPC.

#7 Sponsor Product Reviews

Another best way to make money from blogging is product reviews or tells about some company service. Their are no burden for charge money for a single product review. If your blog stand in a very good positions and your blog DA and PA is high then you can easily demand minimum $250 for a single product review.

It is totally depend upon you how much money you demand for a single product review. Here is two advantages to write review on any service or product. for example you review on smart TV for company XYZ. The company XYZ has affiliate program you simply apply for affiliate program and write review for the smart TV and put the affiliate link into your article.

Now you get paid for write review on smart TV from the company XYZ and besides this if any product sell through your affiliate link you also get commission for this. So it is one of the best ways to make money from blogging.

Though this method I don’t support till now explain about backlinking. You can simply get paid from the blogger or freelancer by giving a backlink from your blog or accept guest posting service. Let’s me explain with example

For example you have a domain name “”. The domain have high DA and PA and also the domain authority is very high for 90+ and the niche is general. Now the fact is many blogger or freelancer offer you some money to give a Do-follow backlink from your blog to their blog because to rank their blog need Do-follow backlink. So they offer you $100 to $500 for one or two backlink or may be guest post.

So giving backlink also a good way to make money from blogging.

#9 Article Writing

If you run a successful blog and write content for your own then gradually you are an expert on article writing and then you can write batter blog content than the other who start the blogging for the first time.

After gathering your experience on article writing you can easily offer article writing service on your blog and set a charge amount to write article for their blog. For example you can set $50 for write 1000 words article with quality image service, $75 for 2000 words contents and more. You can set price according to your own.

#10 Sell digital Product

You can easily make money from blogging by selling digital products online on your blog. For example, if you run a successful blog on health niche then you can easily include health-related digital service on your blog. Such as you can offer an online Yoga course on your blog where you write an article about Yoga.

#11 Sell Your Own Ebook

If you expert on blogging and know how to run a successful blog and make money from the blog. Then you can easily create an Ebook for your visitor for example how to generate $5000 every month from your blog or may be how to create a profitable blog that generate money forever or how to do affiliate marketing and more.

There are many software available where you can easily create an Ebook for free and sell the Ebook on your blog and make money from blogging.

#12 Create Online Course

Now, most of the people are coming online and start their own business, blog, or learn new online things to make money from blogging or any other ways. So if you are an expert on these things then you can easily create an online course and publish it on the different platforms.

Many online platforms are available for example Skillshare, Udemy, etc where you can upload your course and set some price for your course or you can simply sell them for free for your visitors it totally depends upon you.

#13 Offer Freelancing Service

You may understand what i am talking about, yes, you are right i am talking about Freelancing service. Their are different types of freelancing service are available fro example logo design, article writing, graphics design, web design, web development, data entry and more. So you can easily add these service to your blog. If you are expert in these added field then it’s very good.

But if you are not expert then also ok. You may ask me why i talking it? I am talking this because you can take order and do the same work by other expert at low price and serve the order to your client table. By doing this you can generate some commission. It is also a very good idea to make money from blogging.

#14 Create And Sell Website

Creating a website is very easy nowadays. You can easily create a beautiful website on WordPress. If you are expert on WordPress then fine but if you not then you can easily make a site for only Rs 5000. After creating the site do some posting and create backlink for this site and increase DA and PA if possible. After that you can easily sell the same site for Rs 25000 minimum.

If you think you can not do the posting, link building and other blogging things then buy an just new website and try to sell them.

#15 Make Money From Blogging As A Public Speaker

If you run a successful blog for a long time and you have experience in blogging then it will be a great option for you to make money from blogging as a public speaker. When you succeed in blogging then you will be invited from many events to share your knowledge. To grab this opportunity you have to be successful in this field.

Here is two advantages one of the best advantages is it will be free branding promotions for you and besides this you can make some money from this event.

FAQ About Make Money From Blogging

  1. How do beginner bloggers make money?

    Hey, there are many ways by which you can make money from blogging. Look at the best and fastest way by which beginner bloggers make money.
    #1 Google Adsense
    #2 Affiliate Marketing
    #3 Monetize Your Blog
    #4 Sell Ads Space
    #5 Content Promotions
    #6 Media.Net
    #7 Sponsor Product Reviews
    #8 Giving Backlink
    #9 Article Writing
    #10 Sell digital Product
    #11 Sell Your Own Ebook
    #12 Create Online Course
    #13 Offer Freelancing Service
    #14 Create And Sell Website
    #15 Make Money From Blogging As A Public Speaker

  2. How Much You Can earn Money From Blogging?

    How much money you can earn it totally depends on your blog niche. If your blog niche is on high CPC keywords then you can earn more money.
    If you get 1000 page views in a single day then you can make $10 to $100 if targeted keyword CPC is high such as loan, finance, insurance, and more. There is no limit to make money from blogging because if your blog has high views then you make more money.

  3. How Do Free Google Blogs Makes Money?

    Free google blogs also make money by many ways but there is a low chance as compare to hosted blog because domain are not allowed by popular platforms. Still now you can make
    #1 Affiliate Marketing
    #2 Google Adsense
    #4 Propellerads
    #5 Revenue Hits
    #6 Revenue Hits
    #7 PopAds
    #8 PopAds

  4. How Do You Get Traffic To Your Blog?

    There are many ways to get traffic to your blog but without quality content and SEO you can not get constant traffic to your blog.
    #1 Social Media Share
    #2 Guest Posting Service
    #3 Article Submission
    #4 Quora, You can generate huge traffic from Quora by share your knowledge by answer the simple questions.
    #5 Mediam, is very big platforms where you can generate huge traffic to your blog.

  5. How Do I Start Blogging?

    Blogging is a very good idea to make money by share your knowledge online.
    #1 Choose your niche first. It will be batter to choose the micro niche to get success quickly.
    #2 Choose your Blog name that means domain name for your blog.
    #3 Buy hosting or you can choose free hosting service to start your first blog.
    #4 Install the script for your blog from your hosting server. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms which you can start for free.
    #5 Customize your blog according to your needs.
    #6 Write the quality post for your blog.
    #7 Apply for monetization and add affiliate link to make money from your blog.

The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker to Check Site Backlink

Backlink plays an important role to rank your site on the first page of any search engine. If your site doesn’t have any backlink then your site may not rank in higher positions in-spite of very good quality content. So backlink checker helps you to measure your site backlink and the linking site DA.

The Free Backlink Checker

Before start on Backlink checker you should know a few details about backlink and the types of backlink and what is backlink, how backlink helps your site to rank in the first positions.

What is Backlinks?

Backlink is a link when one website link to the another website or one website reffer to the other site. Backlink is one kind of incoming link. Backlink makes there connections through external resources. If you get more link back from high DA website then your site rank also increase.

Types Of Backlink

Basically Backlink are two types one is Do-follow backlink and another is No-follow Backlink. Do-follow backlink helps any site to rank fast and also increase your website Domain Authority. On the other site No-follow backlink may not help your site to rank higher.

How To Create Do-Follow Backlinks?

A do-Follow backlink is created when a site refers to another site and tells the search engine that this site is trusted and this site gives good quality information on that particular topic. If the referring site DA is high then another site traffic and DA will increase slowly and build a trust follow on the search engine.

So always try to acquire a backlink from a high authority website and from a similar niche it will help you to provide link juice. One of the best options to create a do-follow backlink is guest posting. If you try guest posts to your similar niche and high DA site then you can get a good do-follow link for your site which may help your site rank fast and also increase your Alexa Ranking. If you don’t know how to increase Alexa ranking then see the guide.

New Backlink Checker

What Is Poor Backlink?

Poor backlink is one kind of backlink which comes from low DA website and sometimes No-follow backlinks also count as a poor backlink. Another types of backlink also available which is bad backlink. Bad Backlink is those backlink which comes from high spam score domain.

If a site points to your site which site spam score is high then your site may harm.

Poor Backlink Checker

The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker

Now you may understand about Backlink and how backlink is important for every website. Many paid website is available where you can find out your site backlink , bad backlink, new backlink and more. Most of the new blogger can’t effort the price backlink checker so there are few website available where you can find out your site backlink.

In this given post I include the best 5 free backlink checker where you can check your site backlink and the site DA and PA details and also check the spam score. So let’s start.

#1 Ahrefs Backlink Checker

The name Ahrefs is very popular most of the bloggers know the name of Ahrefs. But it is a paid tool and costing is very very high which can’t possible to effort for a new blogger. Ahrefs provides free tools where you can check your site backlink. Check your site backlink on Ahrefs.

#2 Ubersuggest Backlink Checking Tool

Another best free backlink checking tool is Ubersuggest which may help you to check your site backlink for free. This popular tools created by Neilpatel. you can also create a free account and check your full website SEO performance. You can check site DA , PA, site authority, spam score and more options are available. Check your site backlink on Ubersuggest.

#3 The Hoth Backlink Checking Tool

The Hoth is also very popular web tools which is totally free use for all. The Hoth provides the free backlink checking tools where you can check your site backlink. But in the Hoth when you going to check the backlink you have to enter your email address. Check your backlink at The Hoth Backlink Checking tools.

#4 The SEMrush’s Backlink Checker Tools

Another best backlink checking tool is SEMrush tools this tool is very useful for all bloggers they not only offer to check backlink they offer the full SEO service for example keyword analytics, backlink checking, DA checking, PA checking, competitor analytics and more. They offer 30 days free trial for all tools so gives the advantages of these tools now. Access the SEMrush tools now for free.

#5 Majestic Backlink Checking Tools

Majestic is another popular tools which offer for free backlink checking, you can check not only backlink you can view your all over site state. The full tools is not free for use but you can check backlink for free. Majestic backlink checking result or output format is very good. You can new backlink, good backlink, bad backlink, do-follow backlink, no-follow nacklink and linking domain DA and PA and site spam score. Check the Majestic backlink checking tools.


In this post I try to explain details about backlink and what are the backlink, how backlink works, types of backlink, how to gain do-follow backlink, and the best 5 free backlink checker which helps every new blogger who can’t effort for paid plan they can easily check their site backlink and audit there site for free.

According to my experience guest posting is the one of the best options to create do-follow backlink. What is the your point of view write in the comment box bellow.

Everything You Need To Know About Alexa Rank And How To Increase Alexa Rank?

Most of the bloggers are very familiar with Alexa rank but if you are new in the field of blogging or any internet service like digital marketing then you should know about Alexa Rank. In a common sentence, Alexa Rank is a global ranking of any website by which you can understand how the website is. Alexa Ranking calculated between 1 to Million. ( If you are new and want to create a new website then check how to create a website for free.)

Alexa Rank Checker

If a website A-Rank is high means your site stand in good positions. Here is a doubt if a site A rank is 100 and the another site B rank is 120 it means Site A stand batter positions than the site Site B.

What Is Alexa Rank?

Actually Alexa Rank is a measurement scale by which we can measure any website rank that means how much a website is a batter than other sites. Alexa rank starts from 1 and it can million. Alexa Ranking 1 means the site is the top site in the universe and if the rank is high that means million then site is at the last bench.

Alexa Ranking mesure depends on many factor for example estimated visitor of the site, Visitor engazement of the site, and many more factor.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

It is a very very common question in most of the new blogger minds which are how to improve Alexa Ranking of there website. There are many methods are available by which you can improve your site Alexa ranking. Also there are many mislead in the blogger mind I try to eliminate this. First talk about how to improve rank

How To Improve Ranking

#step 1: Create Unique And Original Content

If you want to increase your website alexa ranking then you have to create unique and original content which information not found anywhere then visitor come to your site to the useful informations. The more visitor you get your site rank will more high.

#Step 2 : Create Engaging Content

Not only unique content can’t help you to increase your site alexa ranking, you have to create user engaging content which may help you to stay your visitors for long time in your website. When user find useful content and information from your site then trust you. As long as you can hold your visitors to your site then automatically your site ranking will increase.

#Step 3: Get More Related Site Link to your site

It is very important to build trust with Google. Try to build more backlinks from related sites. If your site is tech-related then try to get a link from the tech-related site. If you get a link from any fashion site to your tech site then it will not build trust with Google. Always try to acquire a do-follow backlink, not a no-follow link.

#Step 4 : Find Keyword That Drive Traffic

Keyword plays an important role to drive traffic to your site. If you choose high competitive short tail keyword then you might not get any traffic to your site if your site DA and PA is not good. So always try to choose related keyword first then find high volume but low competition keyword then choose long tail keyword to drive traffic more easily. Long tail keyword help you a lot to drive traffic to your site a short time. That means you can see the result in very short time.

#Step 5 : Follow And Understand Competitor Marketing

First you have to spy on your competitor and understand their marketing strategy and follow how they drive traffic to their site. What keyword they follow to drive traffic try to understand which type of content they create so that they get traffic.

You have to follow all these technique and try to do batter tan your competitor then you can get result very easily.

#Step 6: Create SEO Optimize Content

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role to rank your website fast and also helps you to stand on google page no 1. If your content is not SEO optimized then you can not rank in the search engine as well.

If you are using WordPress then you can find many good plugins which may help you to write SEO optimize content with the help of these plugins.

Also remember about the off page SEO it also very important to rank your article.

#Step 7: Spread your website everywhere

Last but not least step it is. In the last step, you have to spread your site everywhere so that everyone knows that you provide this service. You should apply your site for google news, yahoo news, and much another news service so that your article spread everywhere. Here is the details guide by Alexa on how to improve Alexa Ranking.

Some Myths About Alexa Ranking

There are many myths about Alexa Ranking and that’s why we spend money on it but did not see any result to there website. In this post i will try eliminate this myths in this post.

#Myths 1: Alexa Toolbar

Many of us have a mislead that if i install alexa toolbar then when i visit my website my website alexa ranking will increase slowly. Actually Alexa Toolbar is just a browser extension which provide the site information about alexa ranking otherwise nothing and one more thing is alexa toolbar not collect data from the extensions.

#Myths 2: Alexa Only Collect Data For Internet Marketers

This is also very very wrong. Actually Alexa is based on million of people and more than 25000+ browser extensions.

#Myths 3: Claiming Your Site On Alexa

Claiming your site on alexa may effect your site ranking most of the site owners think but it is not true.

#Myths 4 : Installing Alexa Widgets

Most of the blogger think that installing Alexa widgets on there site may help their site to increase Alexa Ranking but it is also very very wrong informations.

#Myths 5 : Paying Alexa May Increase Rank

Absolutely wrong information, if you pay for Alexa ranking then your site ranking will increase this information is also wrong. But it is true that Alexa Marketing Stack helps you to measure and understand the site strategy so that you can get more search and create more engaging content to your site which may help your site rank fast.

#Myths 6 : Site Traffic

Not necessary, if your site traffic increase day by day it’s not means that your site rank increase because Alexa always measure 3 months data and update daily. I previously told that site engagement plays an important role to increase rank. If your site traffic increase but user engagement not increase then your site rank my not increase.


In this post I try to include all the details about Alexa Ranking factor and how can you increase your site Alexa Ranking day by day. So follow all these tips above to increase your site rank.

If you think some point should include in the post then don’t hesitate to write in the comment box bellow and help other to rank high.