7 Best WordPress Review Plugin To Rank Faster In Google

Are you searching for WordPress Review Plugin to add your customer opinion about your product or services then these 7 WordPress review Plugins may solve your problem and also help you to collect your customer opinion and add to your site?

Advantages Of Using Review Plugins

WordPress review plugin helps you to gain customer attention and increase your customer belief in your product or services. Not only that Google also likes Customer reviews and Google may show your pages on the fast page if your product has enough reviews.

7 Best WordPress Review Plugin

7 Best WordPress Review Plugin

If your site is on WordPress then you may know that WordPress provides tons of free WP plugins that will help you to increase your website functions and a lot of features.

Here I summarize the 16 best review plugins for WordPress that may help you to increase your website ranking and also increase your sales if you run a Woocommerce website.

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin is one of the best plugins for Woocommerce website. This plugin helps you get more sales through social proof and it automatically add social reviews for your site product when some customer share their opinions.

WordPress Review Plugin By Customer Reviews

It also Encourages your customers to leave product reviews and increase the conversion of your store. This WooCommerce WordPress review plugin enables you to set up automatic review reminders for customers who recently purchased a product from your store. Reminder emails are sent to your customers inviting them to review the recent product(s) they purchased.

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2. Site Reviews

Site Reviews allow your visitor or customer to give reviews about your sites or your products. You can simply add these reviews to your page or can be added through widgets or blocks. You can short your best reviews and pin these reviews to your pages.

WordPress Review Plugin - Site Reviews
WordPress Review Plugin – Site Review

Here i include some of the best features of the plugins site reviews. To submit reviews the user need to be log in and after log in user can give their opinions through reviews.

Features Of Site Reviews Plugins

  1. Avatars: Provided by the WordPress Gravatar service
  2. Backup And Restore: Automatically Backup and restore your plugin settings and reviews.
  3. Blocking: You can easily Blacklist words, phrases, IP addresses, names, and emails, and more through the plugins.
  4. Setup: This plugin is very easy to set up and implement.
  5. Customizations: Editor Blocks that allow full customization of your setting and
  6. Review Summaries: Display a summary of your review ratings from high to low.
  7. Shortcodes: Shortcode allows you to add the reviews to your site using code.
  8. Slack Integration: Receive notifications in Slack when a review is submitted.
  9. SPAM Protection: Built-in Honeypot protection; integrate with Invisible reCAPTCHA and Akismet.
  10. Widgets: Configurable widgets for your sidebars.

3.WP Product Review Lite

Wp Product review plugin lite helps you to interact with users and helps you to increase your product or service rank fast in google and any other search engine. You can also change your site product review color, all plugins color and setting are fully customizable.

WP Product Review Lite- WordPress Review Plugin
WP Product Review Lite- WordPress Review Plugin

Look At The Top Features

  • You can easily create a top products review widget using the plugins.
  • Easily update all the colors of the widget from theme options with the help of WordPress Review Plugin Lite.
  • Easily add a download button in the posts by the plugins.
  • Add an awesome wrap-up widget at the end of your articles.
  • This plugin also supports adding specific user review options to WordPress comments.
  • Add rich snippets ( schema ) to your posts through the plugins.

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4. Reviews and Rating – Google Business

Google business reviews and rating plugin help you to add a rich rating to your post and products and also helps you to add rich snippets to your product. This WordPress Review plugin collects data using your current Google place ID and display well formated list.

WordPress Review Plugin By Google Business Reviews
WordPress Review Plugin By Google Business Reviews

Features Of Google Business Reviews

  1. 96+ Design themes are available to preview your rating
  2. Easy Shortcode allows you to add your rating and review anywhere on your website.
  3. You can easily Insert a list of customers’ reviews with rating range, review length range, offset, limit, sorting, language, and individual review(s) selection with the help of Google Business Reviews plugins.
  4. You can manage all retrieved reviews and selectively hide reviews.
  5. See the latest formatted JSON data from Google’s API.

5. WP Google Review Slider

WordPress Google Review Slider helps you to to boost your customer confidence and increase SEO. With the help of the WordPress Review Plugin, you can easily display the reviews on your WordPress site. Easily Put your Google reviews in a slider in your widget areas or directly on the post. This plugin helps you to add responsive widgets to your post there is no need to add extra code for that.

WordPress Review Plugin - WP Google Review Slider
WordPress Review Plugin – WP Google Review Slider

Here are the best Features Of The Plugin

  1. You can easily Create a really cool slider with the help of Wp Google Review Slider. Sort of like an image slider, but with your Google Places reviews.
  2. Varities of themes are available you can choose to display only high rating reviews for display to your post or page.
  3. The plugin support you to create multiple templates to use on your Posts, Pages, & Widget areas for your website.
  4. You can easily display the Google reviews using a shortcode, template function, or use a widget all are responsible.
  5. You can also use custom CSS if you like to add.
  6. Easily hide Google reviews that do not include text and are not relevent for your site or product.

6. WP Customer Reviews

WP customer reviews are another best WordPress Review Plugin which helps you to set up a specific page on your blog to receive customer testimonials for your business/service OR to write reviews about a product.

Wp Customer Reviews Another Good WordPress Review Plugin
Wp Customer Reviews Another Good WordPress Review Plugin

Features Of WP Customer Reviews

  • This plugins allow you to use same data for your WordPress Multisite.
  • All submissions are moderated, that means that YOU can easily manage and edit the reviews and also choose which reviews get shown.
  • One of the best features of the plugins is Reviews are displayed to visitors in a friendly format, but search engines see the Schema.org microformat. That’s why your website ranking will be grow automatically according to review.
  • All features are completely customizeable and you can choose setting according to your needs.
  • Short code are allowed to add and show the reviews any where in your website.
  • You can use the plugin on more than one page, and can be used on posts.

7. Rich Reviews by Starfish

Rich Reviews is another good WordPress Review Plugin which may help you to easily capture user ratings, reviews, and testimonials for your business, website, or individual products/pages and display them on your WordPress page or post with a shortcode.

Rich Reviews by Starfish Another WordPress Review Plugin
Rich Reviews by Starfish Another WordPress Review Plugin

Features Of Rich Reviews By Starfish

  • Three types of reviews allowed by the starfish reviews: you can add per-page or per-post, category, or global reviews allow you to customize to your needs.
  • You can easily choose which reviews are added to your site and which are not.
  • easy to fit and comparable design helps you to use any themes and fit according to your themes.
  • You can use an external stylesheet for ease of customization.
  • You can use shortcodes to display your site reviews anywhere on your site.

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