13 Best Plugin For WordPress Which Rank Your Blog In No1 Positions

Best plugin for WordPress you may think that what is the mean by this, Right? Actually I want to tell you if you create your site using WordPress then these plugins will help you to rank your site faster, load faster, increase user experience, secure your website and more and more.

If you know how to create a WordPress site then you may know that you have to install some essential plugins which will help you to create your site batter and decrease your work. Two most important matter is SEO and Security of any website. Without Search engine optimizations you can not rank your site in search engine and another is if your site security is weak then you lose all of your work.

Best Plugin For WordPress Website

In this post, I try to cover all the necessary WordPress plugins which will help you to create a complete website and secure your site. When you create a site in any platform then you should care about a few things such as Search engine optimizations, Security, user experience, loading time, function availability, site comment spamming, admin login security, and more.

Best Plugin For WordPress

1. Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is one of the best plugins for WordPress to protect spam comments. If you have a blog then you may know that comment spamming is a huge problem for every good blog. Actually most of the new bloggers think that if I comment in a blog then after approve comments I get a back-link from this blog.

But it is very wrong idea to get back-link from commenting. Most of the blog comment link is “no follow”. Now come to the point Akismet help you webmaster from spam commenting.

Akismet Best Plugin For WordPress Spam Comment

This WordPress plugin has some advantages for example Akismet automatically detect spam comment when someone comments on your blog. URL is shown in the comment body so that the moderator can edit the harmful link from a blog comment.

Akismet not only help you to protect from spam comment but also it will help you to save lot of time. If you are blog owner then you should use it to save lot of time.

2. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is another best plugin for WordPress which will help you in many things. This plugin helps you in Security management, Backup, increase site performance, monitor site downtime, easy-share, and more things.

Jetpack Best Plugin in WordPress

Advantages Of Using Jetpack

  • Jetpack helps the webmaster site to protect from Brute-force attack, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring. Downtime monitoring help you to view when your server goes down and how much time was in down.
  • This plugin helps you to Backups of your entire site, either once daily or in real-time so that any problem or crash happens you can easily restore your site from backup.
  • Secure login, with optional two-factor authentication, helps you site security strong and help to do more secure your site.
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution for your site to increase your site security.
  • When you change something on your site a record of every change on your site to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Lazy image loading functions help you for a faster mobile experience.
  • JEtpack show you advanced site stats and analytics for understanding your audience.
  • It has a function to integrate Simple PayPal payment buttons for selling products and services.
  • If you enable Jetpack share options then SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.com to maximize your reach.
  • Jetpack has Hundreds of professional themes, for a pro site no matter what your niche.

3. Limit login attempts reloaded

The third best plugin for WordPress comes is Limit login attempts reloaded which help to secure your website from hackers or any unauthorized access. By default WordPress support unlimited login attempts or login using sending cookies. So if not secure your admin login then your site may hack. In this case, Limit login attempts reloaded can help you to secure your site.

Limit log in attempts reloaded Best Plugin For WordPress

This plugin protect your site when someone try to login more than three time then it automatically block the user IP address for some hours. You can easily whitelist any IP or any user name from setting.

4. Best Plugin For WordPress Cache is LiteSpeed Cache

Website loading speed is one of the most important factors to rank your site fast and get batter user experience. If your site does not load fast then the user comes and back to another site. Litespeed Cache plugin help your site load faster by enabling cache on a user computer for your site.

Best Plugin For WordPress Cache Is LiteSpeed Cache

Advantages Of Using Litespeed Cache

  • Automatically optimize your site Image so that your site load faster in any browser.
  • Minify your site CSS, JavaScript, and HTML file.
  • Minify inline CSS/JS which reduces your site requests.
  • Combine CSS/JS file automatically.
  • Automatically generate Critical CSS.
  • Lazyload images/iframes enable your site image load slowly which increases site speed.
  • Responsive Image Placeholders increase site user interactions.
  • Multiple CDN support
  • Load CSS/JS Asynchronously
  • Litespeed supports Browser Cache to increase the loading speed of your site.
  • Database Cleaner and Optimizer helps you to reduce the unused file from the database.
  • PageSpeed score optimization helps your site’s page speed score.

5. Contact Form 7 Or WP Forms Lite

Contact is an essential thing of every website by which every site user interact with their webmaster. In WordPress, you can find more than ten best Plugin for WordPress which are used to create a contact form. Here I mention two forms one is Contact form 7 and another is WP Forms Lite. Both of the forms are very good.

Best WordPress Plugin For Contact Form

Contact Form 7 is a very Best Plugin For WordPress which is used to create contact forms. If you know some codding then you can use contact form 7. Though when you install contact form 7 then a prebuild contact form comes with it. If you don’t know to code then you can use this pre-build contact form in your site contact page or anywhere in your site.

Best Plugin For WordPress To create Contact Form

Another Best Plugin For WordPress which is used to build Contact Form is WP Forms Lite. In this plugin is an advantages you can easily used to create contact forms through drag and drop form builder. Above the picture you can see that there are many options for example text form field, contact no field, name field, message field, drop down options and more. Which field you need just drag and drop into your contact forms.

6. One Signal Push Notifications

One Signal is another best plugin for WordPress which helps a webmaster to send notifications to their subscribers when some update comes to the website. This plugin is totally free to use. When some userland to your site’s any page then one signal automatically asks to subscribe to the site notifications.

Best Plugins For WordPress To Send Push Notifications

One of the great advantages of this plugin is when user subscribe to a website after that any updates comes to the site the user will automatically get notifications for the updates. To using this web master can increase their site views.

7. Yoast SEO Or Rankmath SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimizations is an essential and important things of every website. Without doing SEO you can not stand in search engine. If you want to rank your site faster and stand out then you have to do SEO for your site. In WordPress you get huge plugins which will help your site to do SEO.

In this post, I just include two best SEO plugins that can help any webmaster to rank their site. One of the best SEO plugins is Yoast SEO and another is Rankmath.

Yoast SEO best Plugins For WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best Plugin for WordPress SEO which has free versions to use by which you can increase your site Search Engine Optimizations. Just you have installed the plugins then set up some important settings so that rank your site fast. If you don’t know how to set up Yoast SEO plugins then check this guide once.

Rank Math Best Plugin For WordPress

Another very best Plugin For WordPress is Rank Math SEO plugin which also help a web master to increase their site ranking and help to setup site map, help to write good user readable post, set up inter linking and more options, Rank math is totally free WordPress plugin you have to install the plugins first and then set up some important setting for your site according to your needs.

8. Wordfence Security

Site security is very very important when you create a site or an existing site. If you do not secure your site then anyone can steal your site data and user information easily or any hacker can crash your site or may inject some harmful code to your site which can harm not only your site but also you. So site security is very very important. In WordPress, you can find many plugins that can help your site to protect from unauthorized access.

Wordfence Best WordPress Plugin For Security

One of the best Plugin For WordPress Security is Word fence which protects your site from brute force attack. The webmaster can easily secure their site by installing this plugin and then change some important settings. Real-time firewall and real-time IP blocking setting automatically block any IP after trying two or three times the wrong user id or password when login.

9. Site Kit by Google

Site kit by Google is a very new WordPress plugin that does a lot of works, This Plugin can help you to set up one more thing for example site user statics, measure direct user, refer users, organic users. The webmaster can see search console data from their site kit dashboard there is no need to go google search console sections.

Site Kit by Google Best Plugin For WordPress

After Installing Best Plugin For WordPress site kite by Google, you have to connect to your search console account and you can also connect to your google ad-sense account. After successfully connect to this account you view search console data, site speed matrices, ad-sense data from the WordPress plugin dashboard options.

10. WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache

WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache is the best plugin for WordPress which helps a webmaster to optimize their website and fast their site, reduce database table, reduce https request, and more with a single click.

WP Optimize Best WordPress Plugin

WP optimize WordPress Plugin works on lot of things on your website. It clean spam comment, post revisions, unused file, automatically reduce file file, automatically reduce image size, optimize database table, optimize CSS and HTML and JS file so that your site load faster. Browser caching options also available in this WordPress plugin, you have to just install and set up this plugin once.

11. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is another best Plugin For WordPress which helps a webmaster to setup site schema for home page, post page, Schema for media file which represents your site to any search engine according to your needs.

Best Plugin For WordPress For Schema plugins

After installing this Schema WordPress Plugin you have to set up some important settings according to your site needs. If your site is Woo-commerce then you have to set up according Woo-commerce setting, If your site is a news site then set according to news, job site schema will be different, normal blog schema also will be different setting. Using this plugin your site rank in google fast than another site which site does not use schema WordPress plugin.

12. AMP for WP

Another best Plugin for WordPress is AMP for WP which helps your site to load fast in the mobile device. The full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages which means optimize for mobile view. Now, most of the search comes from mobile or tablets device. SO if your site does not load fast in a mobile device then you may lose users.

AMP WordPress Plugin

AMP for WP is a free WordPress Plugin which helps your site loading time in mobile device two to three times faster than used before. If your site loads fast in any device then your site rank fast in search engine.

13. Smush – Compress or ShortPixel Image Optimizer

In any website image square a most of the webspace so if your image optimizes then your site load faster than other sites. WordPress has many plugins that will help you to optimize your site image. Out of this WordPress Plugin, some of the plugins are very best according to there works.

Smush best plugin for WordPress

One of the best plugins for WordPress is Smush which helps Webmaster to reduce the image size when they upload to there website. This WordPress Plugin is free to use any webmaster can use it. This plugin works automatically or you can operate it automatically. It automatically reduces the image size and image quality will stay near about the same. So that your site loads faster when someone browses your site.

Shortpixel Another best Plugin In WordPress

Another best plugin for WordPress which may help you to reduce your site image size and decrease your site loading time is Shortpixel WordPress Plugin.

This plugin has a free version and paid versions, free versions allow you to optimize 100 image at a time but paid versions there is no limit to optimize.


In this article I try to include some best Plugin For WordPress which is essential for every blog or website though there are varieties of WordPress Plugin are available you can use anyone from these.

Here Included 13 WordPress plugin takes according to there user rating and useful features. If your new in the blogging field and don’t know how to create a WordPress blog then check it once, You can also check how to install WordPress Themes on your site.

If you use these WordPress plugin into your blog then your site will work properly and rank faster in any search engine but remember one thing is it is not a quick process it takes some times to rank. If your article is very good that user con’t back until read the full article then your blog rank very fast.

Which WordPress Plugin you use to run your WordPress site please write in the comment box so that other users get knowledge from you.

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