How to approve Google Adsense account quick and make money

Every blogger is very familiar with Google Adsense and Google Adsense Account because they work with google. Not only the blogger YouTuber also know very well about Google Adsense. Google AdSense is one of the best platforms where YouTubers and bloggers can make money from there blogs and videos.

In this post, I will try to explain how you can get approved your Google Adsense Account fast and what is the requirements to approve your account fast. I will also try to explain how can you increase your earning of your Google Adsense Account. So let’s start

How To Approve Google Adsense Account Quick And Make Money

How To Approve Google Adsense Account

Most of the blogger want to get approved there blog from Google Adsense because google provides the best CPC rate and CPM rate than other ad serving platforms. But it is not so easy to get approved of your Google Adsense account quickly.

In earlier approve of Google Adsense was very easy. In that time you create a blog with subdomain such as in blogger then google approved within a day. That time competition was not so much like now and spam activity is also increase now. So day by day Google improve there rules and regulations and privacy policy.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a platform of google which is created to fill the gap between advertiser and publisher. Publishers mean who spend money on advertising and publisher means who get money to promote advertisers’ ads on there own place.

Google create a platforms where advertisers create there ads and fixed there budgets after that google check there ads and then approve there ads. Publishers also create account on Google and submits there platforms where they want to show there ads and google also check there platforms and approved.

After approve both of there account google automatically provides suitable ads for there platforms.

Google Adsense Publisher Account Requirements

As a publishers you can create an account with Google there are no charge to create an account. To apply as a publishers you must need a website or blog or apps. You can create a blog with blogger or WordPress or any other platforms there is no matter where you can create your blog but i recommend you to create a blog or site a domain.

When you create your site with a hosting plan and a domain name then it will increase your chance to get approved your account first. If you don’t know how to create your blog with a proper domain then check this article once.

Before Apply Google Adsense Account Follow These

You have to follow these important things before applying for Google Adsense Account so that your site gets approved quickly. If you create your blog on WordPress then you get thousands of best free themes to apply on your blog. Remember that your site design must be clear and easy to identify all your pages and post and must use schema for your site. The design also help you to get the site to approve quickly.

Some important pages you have to create for example About Us page, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer Page, Contact Us Page. After successfully create this important page you have to write some posts before applying. Try to write unique content for your post. Do not copy article from other blogs because Google can easily trace your content.

Try to use fresh image for your article there are many website where you can get free stock image to use on your blog. Stock image is copy-write free, these image you can use anywhere on your post.

How To Quick Approve Your Google Adsense Account

Quick Tips To Get Approve

  1. Choose your site design clear and easy to understand for all users.
  2. Create About Us page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer page to get Google Adsense Account quickly.
  3. Create unique content for your blog post.
  4. Try to use a unique image on your blog posts.
  5. Do not use any Copy Write content or image in your blog post or on the whole website.
  6. Do not use spin content for your website.
  7. Create a site map for your website.
  8. Connect your site with google analytics and search console.
  9. Write at least 10 posts on your blog. You should write your blog content with a minimum of 600 Words.

Google Adsense Signup Process

The signup process of Google Adsense is very easy you just need a Gmail account to open an account, without a Gmail account you can not open Google Adsense account. If you don’t have a Gmail account then create an account now then apply for Adsense.

Search on the google for Google Adsense then you can find Google Adsense start URL just like bellow

Google Adsense Account Signup Process

After click on the start page you need to click on the sign up options to create an account.

Google Adsense Sign up
Google Adsense Sign up

After clicking on the Signup options a new page will be open where you have to fill up some basic details such as website name, email address etc. after fill all the details click on save and continue options.

Fill the basic details of Google Adsense Account

After complete your registrations process Google Adsense it will take some times to check your site by google. The time may be one day to 10 days or some time more than that. Try to follow the before steps to get approve your account very first.

Use Google Adsense On YouTube

Another very very good platform where you can make money with your Google Adsense Account is YouTube. We are all very familiar with YouTube because we all spend a lot of time on YouTube to learn some new things, view movies, listen to songs and more.

Make Money From Google Adsense Account With YouTube
Make Money From Google Adsense Account With YouTube

You can easily make money with your YouTube Account and Adsense Account by just simply upload some videos. But remember some important things when you are going to upload a video. Upload only the Video which is unique because if you upload copywrites video then you may copy-write claim from the video owner. So be careful when you upload videos it may harm your Google Adsense Account also.

Google Adsense Earning

The earning from Your Google Adsense Account is totally depend on your blog if you are a Blogger and Video type if you are a YouTuber. If you are a blogger then your earning totally depend on your blog that means which type of blog you have and how many visitor comes to your site in every month.

If you choose high CPC keywords into your blog and have high traffic then your site earning will high this is same for video also if your video content is on High CPC keywords then earning from your video will high and if you choose low CPC keywords then earn will be low.

So I suggest you to try blog or website on high CPC keyword then if your monthly visitor is low still now you can earn good amount of money from your Google Adsense Account.

Google Adsense Payment Process

After approve your Blog by Google then you will get email from Google to add your ads code into your Blog or website. After adding Google Adsense code into your blog it takes some times to show ad on your blog.

After some time when you open your blog or site then you can seen ads comes into your site. After that your blog generate revenue. When your revenue reach $10 then you must verify your account and address. Before reaching $10 you can not verify your account.

After verify your Google Adsense Account you can add your bank account details. After successfully added your details when your earning reach at $100 then you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

To get the approval of Google Adsense Account is not so easy if you did not follow the Google Adsense privacy policy and terms and conditions then you can’t get approved from Google. But don’t worry you can apply again and again, there is no limit to apply for Google Adsense.

In case you won’t get approval from Google Adsense then there are many alternatives to Google Adsense which you can apply for your blog or website to make money online.

Best Alternatives To Google Adsense
Best Alternatives To Google Adsense


If your site not approved by Google Adsense then you can try for Monumetric which is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. This company also have some basic requirement to apply for a publisher program. Your site minimum requirements of page views have to 10,000 every month. If your site monthly page views are more than 10,000 then you can generate more revenue from your blog.

Monumetric The Best Alternatives To Google Adsense
Monumetric The Best Alternatives To Google Adsense


Another good Google alternatives to Google Adsense is Buysellads. This network provides different types of ads just like Google. For example native ads, Podcast Ads, Content Ads, Display Ads, Email Ads and more. If your blog has a good amount of traffic every month then you can apply for Buysellads.

Propeller ads

Another best good site which provides ads like google. If your site does not approve by Google Adsense then you can try for Propeller Ads. Propeller ads also provide different types of ads for example Push Notifications, One Click Ads, Native Ads, and more.

Propeller ads approve all types of sites, there are no limit that your site has low traffic or high traffic. But If Your site is small and have low traffic then all types of ads are not applicable for your site.

I like and it is the best alternatives to Google Adsense which provides good ads for all. But only provides text ads it does not provide image ads or video ads.

In have some rules after apply your site on your site is in pending mode. After checking your site by it’s an employee you can get an email that site approves or not. After get approve your site you can easily place ads on your site. This site not provides auto ads.

Some Important Questions On Google Adsense

Many new blogger has faces many problems about Google Adsense. Here i try to include some basic important questions which new blogger faces when they start making money with Google Adsense or they just start to create a blog and apply for Google Adsense account. I think these questions may help you

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a open platforms for all publishers to earn money from there online content such as article, Video etc. One of the best advantage of Adsense is it is provides matching ads according to your content and visitors attitudes. All ads are created by Advertiser who want to sell there product online.

Is Google Adsense Free?

Yes, Google Adsense is totally free for all, anyone can create application for Google Adsense Account. But to get approval of your account you have to follow the terms and conditions of Adsense and your content comply with Google Adsense Policy.

How Much Does Google Adsense Pay?

How much you can earn it totally depends on your website and how many visitors your site gets every month. The money actually calculated on 1000 views, if your blog gets 2000 views every day then you can get a minimum of 100 clicks every day. If your blog Keywords CPC is $0.50 each click, then you earn 10 x $0.50= $5.00 every day. Then your monthly income will be $5 x 30 = $150 every month.

When Does Google Adsense Pay?

Before get payment you have to verify your Google Adsense Account then you get paid from your Adsense. Firstly when your earning reach at $10 then you have to verify your account. After that when your earning reach at $100 then you can withdraw your payment to your bank account.


Here in this post, I try to discuss the details of Google Adsense and Alternatives To Google Adsense. If you follow these steps before apply for Google Adsense Account then I am sure that your blog definitely approves by Google.

Here I incluede the best Alternatives To Google Adsense by which you can also try these site if your site not get approve by Google Adsense. There are more alternative also available in the internet. You can also try for these sites also and may easily approve by Google.

Please write in the comment box which is these basic things you should maintain before applying for Google Adsense Account? If you are not using Google Adsense into your blog then which alternative you use? Please write in the comment box so that a new blogger can get an idea from your experience.

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