12 Best WordPress Membership Plugins To grow your site

Are you want to create a WordPress membership site? Don’t know which WordPress Membership Plugins are best for you? Choosing the best WordPress plugins is a wise decision to do the right business for the future.

The Membership site is going trends nowadays on the web. With the membership site, you can generate huge revenue with some simple affiliate deals. In this post, I try to discuss some best WordPress Membership Plugins with advantages and disadvantages. These plugins can help you to increase your income. Choose the right Membership plugins for you.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

What You Look In a WordPress Membership Plugins

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins are available on WordPress. But all plugins work in a different way. Some of them have some unique features which you are searching for.

Some plugins send great notifications to their subscribers and the other also send some unique article to the limited no of the user.

A few WordPress plugins offer some paid member subscriptions to their user but others have not included these particular features.

So, in this article, I write some best WordPress membership plugins and their pros and cons which will help you to find out the best Plugins for your website. So let’s try

What Did You need To Run a WordPress Membership Sites

To create a WordPress Membership site you need a Domain and good web hosting. If you want to create a membership site then you have to choose good web hosting. If you did not choose the right web hosting then you may lose revenue.

If you are a new blogger and don’t know how to create a WordPress blog then check this guide once. To create a membership site you can choose Bluehost web hosting. Bluehost’s average hosting charge is $2.60 where you can host a small website in starting.

Here is another option for your hosting if you not effort $2.60 each month then I suggest you choose Hostinger Web hosting. From here you can get up to a 90% discount on Hostinger web hosting.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Now time to move on to the best WordPress Membership Plugins details.

1. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member- WordPress Membership Plugins

The Ultimate Member Plugins can help you create WordPress Membership sites. This is one of the best WordPress Membership Plugins. this plugin is free but here you can get some limited features. You can also buy the paid plugins for your site according to your needs.

Features Of Ultimate Member Plugins ( Free)

  1. Anyone can create their user profile from the front end of your website.
  2. Visitors can register to your site easily and you can manage your use anytime.
  3. Custom Form Field For your user. You can create any type of form with logic conditions.
  4. Set your form conditions for your user and also set your logic conditions according to your needs.
  5. You can create the form by drag and drop form builder. Create your form according to your needs.
  6. Restrict some page for some user which means you set a membership plan for your user.

Ultimate Member Plugins Pro Features

User Locations: Allow to display used on the map and allow to add their locations on their profile page.

User Bookmarks: Allow users to bookmarks your site so that they easily visit your site with only one click.

Private Content: Allow site owners to allow access some content to some specific user for example login users.

Social Activity: Allow users to create a wall from their social media account. The user also allows to show their photo from social media.

Woocommerce: The site owners can easily integrate Woocommerce into their WordPress Membership sites.

2. Paid Membership Pro

Paid membership pro is designed for premium WordPress website only. Paid Membership Pro WordPress Membership Plugins have huge features to design a pro website of content sharing for example text content sharing, video content sharing, and more.

Wordpress Membership Plugins

Pros Of Paid Membership Pro Plugins

  • This plugin helps you to manage an unlimited level of flexible member pricing.
  • 6 popular payment gateways already integrated with this plugin.
  • You can manage your content by restricted it and visible some of your premium content for your premium member.
  • create an unlimited number of levels to test your website’s best performance. Which level is best suitable for your business then finally try it to your website.
  • Set a trial period for your website. You can create conditions to set a trial period for your new user.

3. Simple Membership

Another one best free WordPress membership Plugins is Simple Plugins. This plugin also protects your post and page so that only paid members can view your page and post.

Simple Membership Plugins WordPress Plugins

Features Of Simple Membership PLugins

  • Flexible, Well Supported, Easy to use WordPress Membership Plugins to create good WordPress membership sites for a free and paid membership.
  • Unlimited Membership level to create free, silver, gold, etc and protect your post and page from free membership access.
  • This membership plugins can work on any type of WordPress themes. You can fully customize your this plugin options for any kind of theme.
  • This plugin hides your premium photo and content from your free member.
  • You can import your user from one site to another site. There is no matter what the site is. Any site owner can manually approve their member.
  • This Plugins page can be translated into any language because your site members can come from different regions.
  • The site owner can send any message to any user as a private.
  • Login and user registrations form is responsive according to your themes.

You can easily get the plugins from here. View the official page of the plugins.

4. Membership And Content Restriction

Wordpress Membership And Content Restriction

Membership and content restriction is one of the best free WordPress membership plugins for all. This plugin allows you to manage membership solutions, manage members, create subscriptions, hide paid content, and more things.

Here is a video guide of this plugin check it once if you have any confusion.

Features Of Membership Plugins

  • Easily create different types of membership solutions page for different types of members. Such as paid free member, silver membership, gild membership, Diamond Membership And more.
  • Any Webmaster can easily hide some specific content for paid members only.
  • Front end user creations page and User login page help webmaster to manage your membership site properly
  • [pms-register] this simple code can help any membership site to create front end user registrations form where users can purchase your product.
  • [pms-login]  This code is used to create a frontend user login page so that new visitor can easily create their registration.
  • [pms-account] code is used to manage user account and also used to manage member subscriptions.
  • [pms-payment-history] code is used to create a user-friendly table when the user paid their subscriptions.

View the Membership And content restriction plugins official page here.

5. Wp- Members Membership Plugins

Wp-Members membership plugins are free WordPress Membership Plugins that can turn your WordPress site into WordPress membership sites.

Wp-members Membership Plugins

Wp-members membership plugin is easy to use, simple to set up, very flexible to integrate with any other themes and plugins.

Features Of Wp-Members Membership Plugins

  • Hide posts or Restrict pages and custom post types from your free members.
  • This plugin helps you to set up user login, registration and profile integrated into your theme very easily.
  • Wp-members provide the Login widget which you can set on your themes page.
  • Create custom registration and profile fields according to your needs.
  • Notify admin when a new user complete registrations on your website.
  • This plugin also Holds new registrations for admin approval automatically.
  • Create post excerpt teaser content automatically.

6. WP User Frontend

Wp User Frontend is a free WordPress Membership Plugins That can use to turns your blogs into Membership sites.

Wp-user Frontend WordPress Membership Plugins

Wp User frontend comes with two versions one is a free version and another is paid version. In free versions, you can get some limited features, on the other hand, paid versions provide pro features that allow you to more customizable. Let’s check the free features and pro features

Free features Wp User Frontend

  • Visitor can create frontend profile that means registrations and can easily submit their post from the frontend.
  • User can update their profile from the frontend.
  • Any user can attach any file and form from their admin area.
  • Drag and Drop form builder helps the admin to create any types of forms according to their needs.
  • You can use any shortcode anywhere on the plugins to get a better look.
  • This plugin also supports Guest Post submission to the site user.
  • Admin can set the reward to their user to submit a post.
  • You can set Custom Redirection after login and submission

Here is a video guide to understanding properly. Check this video for more help.

PRO Features Wp User Frontend

  • Admin can hide some content for pro members and can set some content for free users.
  • Menu restriction is also available in these plugins. You can set some special menu for your pro member.
  • Post expiration facility
  • Use Conditional logic into your website.
  • The profile form builder is a very easy way to create some custom form for your website user.
  • 18 custom fields are available in the pro versions.
  • Custom taxonomy support also available in the pro versions.
  • Post update notification is automatically sent to your all user or some selected user.
  • Multistep forms are available in the pro versions.
  • A payment invoice is generated automatically when any user buys something from your website.
  • Coupons code can be set up for your special user which you can set manually.
  • Different profile edit forms for different user roles are given in the pro versions.
  • Profile fields are also generated on the backend.
  • Form layouts and form templates are available in the pro-Wordpress membership plugins.
  • WooCommerce support can be given for the pro versions of the plugins.
  • The registration form builder is given in the pro versions.
  • Assign new roles to forms for your user when someone registers into your website.
  • Captcha support is not given in the free versions which are given in the pro versions.
  • Update user profile information from the frontend.
  • User can upload their Avatar upload.
  • User profiles in the backend.

7. Restrict User Access

Restrict user access help you to manage the user access of your file and image. By using these WordPress Membership Plugins you can set some limitations of your data into your website.

View the WordPress Membership Plugins’ full features here.

Restrict User Access Features

  • Admin can set Multiple levels per user. That means you can create different types of user for example free member, pro member and more.
  • Automatically Sync with User Roles, Logged in or Logged out.
  • Site admin can set up or add membership durations for each user according to the user subscriptions.
  • Unlock (drip) content for new members if you want to give permission for new users.
  • Hide nav menu items for a free member if you don’t want to show the special menu of the pro user.
  • You can create some restrictions on your Widget Areas in Content Aware Sidebars.
  • Site admin can set Redirect unauthorized users to a page or custom link.
  • Tease content for unauthorized users and show a custom message
  • Shortcode to fine-tune restrictions in your posts or pages.

You can view the details of the full plugin of the WordPress membership Plugins official page here.

8. WCFM Membership

WCFM is one of the best free WordPress Membership Plugins For Woocommerce. This plugin has two versions one is free version and another is paid version. If you are new and not effort the paid versions then you use the free versions of the plugins.

Here is a detailed guide on how to integrate this plugin with your eCommerce store. If you want to show the demo of the WordPress Membership Plugins Vendor page here.

This plugin provides for types of payment integrations. One of the best is PayPal, stripe and another is bank transfer. Here is a detailed video guide of the payment

9. WP User Manager

Wp user manager is the most customizable profile and community builder WordPress Membership Plugins. This plugin can help you to manage user registrations, a User login, password recovery, profile customizations, and more options.

Wp user manager- WordPress Membership Plugins

The Wp user manager plugin comes with two versions one is the free version and another is paid version. Free versions have a limited number of features and on the other hand, paid versions have some extra features than free versions.

Check Out The Features Of Wp User Manager

  • Custom forms help site admin to add a different field according to the needs of the sites.
  • Custom email notifications allow admin to send different notifications to a specific number of the user.
  • User can save their own avatars.
  • Site admin can set content restrictions for free users.
  • You can set custom widgets for your use on your website.
  • This plugin gives social media login or registrations through social media.
  • Google ReCaptcha helps the site to protect your site from spammy registrations or comments.
  • User can delete their own profile if they want or they can customize their account.

10. MembershipWorks

MembershipWorks is an advanced all-in-one WordPress membership plugin that supports a directory, events, and donation platform for chambers, associations, professionals, networking, and other membership groups. You can easily integrate this plugin with your MembershipWorks account to your WordPress site.

Wordpress Membership Works Plugins

Membership Works Plugins Features

Basically, this plugin is to use for small groups and you can also try this free plugin with these WordPress Membership Plugins when you have a 50 member/account plan.

Membership plugins allow you to integrate with third-party such as Paypal, Stripe, Payment pro, and more for payment gateway. You can also add this plugin with some accounting software, email sending software.

  • Site admin can use shortcodes to place the membership forms, events calendar, member directory and more on pages very easy to integrate this plugin.
  • This plugin is fully responsive and works with most of the WordPress themes.
  • WordPress membership support differents Payment Gateways – Stripe, Paypal Website Payments Pro, Paypal Payments Pro/Payflow, Authorize.net, Braintree
  • It also supports integrations with any Accounting Software – Xero, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and more.
  • You can easily set up with any Emails/Newsletters – for example, MailChimp.
  • Also, support integrations with Forums – Website Toolbox and more.
  • Any Members can signup, renew, or upgrade/downgrade their membership at any time with the help of this plugin.
  • When any user submits their payment then Automated emails for payment receipts, renewal, and past-due notices will be sent to the user from your website.
  • You can easily customize fields and customizable membership forms according to your needs.
  • Daily membership report email will be sent to the site admin.
  • You can set up events that will display events in the calendar or list on your website page.
  • All users get notified of upcoming events details so that they can process their next payment.
  • Event categories also mention in the site if you want to show.
  • Create unlimited paid and free event tickets for your user with the help of this plugin.

This plugin is a very great WordPress Membership Plugins and comes with a huge number of features. Check out the full features here.

11. s2Member Framework

Last but not least WordPress Membership Plugins is an S2member Framework, it is also a great WordPress plugin by which you can manage your WordPress website and also convert your normal site into a membership website.

S2 member - WordPress Membership Plugins

This WordPress plugin is free to use and basically used this plugin with some shortcode. You can Protect your WordPress Posts, Pages, Tags, Categories, URIs, BuddyPress/bbPress, and even portions of content within Posts, Pages, themes, plugins with the help of the WordPress plugin.

S2member is easily configurable & highly extensible for anyone. Site admin can even protect downloadable files and streaming audio/video.

12. Membership For Woocommerce

If you are running a woocommerce website then this WordPress membership plugin may help you to create a membership plan for your woocommerce site. Membership For Woocommerce plugin can add huge value to your WordPress woocommerce website.

I add a video guide that may help you to understand the work of the plugin and implement it into your website.

Features Of Woocommerce Membership Plugin

  • Multiple language sections are available for the woocommerce site.
  • You can manually assign membership plan for your woo-commerce site customer.
  • Set offer and discount for your customer.
  • You can import and exoprt your user data any time.
  • This plugin can help you to customize your membership plan page with shortcode.
  • Create a complete membership plan for your woo-commerce website.
  • You can delete WooCommerce Membership free plugin data on uninstall the plugin.
  • You can easily set different status for WooCommerce members as per their payments and plan expiry i.e. pending, on hold, and completed and more.

Top Related Questions About WordPress Membership Plugins

WordPress Membership plugins are one of the best options to create a membership website and by using these plugins you can unlock most of the features. Here I include some important questions which most of the blogger wants to know these questions may help you.

What are the best WordPress Membership Plugins?

If you want to convert your normal blog into a profitable niche the WordPress Membership Plugins can help you to do it. Using any of these plugins anyone can turn a blog into a membership site.
1. Ultimate Member
2. Paid Memberships Pro
3. Simple Membership
4. Membership & Content Restriction
5. WP-Members Membership Plugin
6. WP User Frontend – Membership, Profile, Registration 
7. Restrict User Access
8. WCFM Membership
9. WP User Manager
10. MembershipWorks
11. s2Member Framework

What are Membership Plugins?

WordPress Membership Plugins help you to create a WordPress membership site where you can manage your user according to your site membership plans. You can set free membership, paid membership, and more.
In a membership site, you can show or hide any content, menu, page, video, image for your paid member or free members.
Here are some best WordPress membership plugins details which you can use to change your website.

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