What Is Domain Name? How To Get A Free Domains

Are you new here? Probably you know the term domain name but don’t know what is Domain. If you are new then you probably hear that a domain name needs to create a website. Beginners are very confused with a domain name, hosting, and website.


In this post, I will try to clear all doubts of the domain name, subdomain, public domain, domain controller, parked domain, top-level domain, and how domain works, how to choose a domain name, and the most important how you can get a free domain. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress blog online read this once.

What Is Domain Name?

The domain name is the physical address of your website. When the user puts the address of your website then the user goes to your website.

In very easy terms if your house is your website then the house address is the domain name. Basically domain is an IP address, for example, google.com domain IP address is

So you think it is difficult to remember the number of google.com. It is very easy to remember the name of google instead of the

Details About What is Domain

The Internet is a giant network where a ton of computers connected through cable via the internet, they create relations between each other. So when you want to particularly connect to a computer then you require an IP address.

I already told that an IP address is a number, so it is easy to remember the site name instead of the IP address. So when you type the address of any website then it recalls the IP number of the website and fetches the data from the DNS of the domain.

How Domain Names Works

If you understand how a domain name works then just look at your browser when you put any domain names into your browser.

What is Domain Name And How It Works

When you enter a domain name in your web browser then it sends a request to global networks it looks to your domain name servers these name servers are basically your hosting provider’s computer. The hosting servers refer the request to the computer where your website store.

Now the webserver computer fetches the requested file for the user and sends the piece of information to the user’s computers.

What is Domain name difference from a website and The Web Hosting?

You maybe understand about What is domain name. A website is a combination of image files, many computer coding languages, videos, and more things.

The domain name is the address of your website and the web hosting is the home of your website where all files store of your site.


The name servers are basically the computer provided by your hosting provider, these computers are called name servers. In the name servers, special types of software are installed basically Apache, Nginx is two popular web server software.

The domain and hosting are two different things but you need both of these to create a website. You can buy two things from different companies or from the same company.

If you buy a domain from one company and buy hosting from another then you have to set up the name server of your domain which provided by the hosting company.

Differents Types Of Domain Names

You already understand What Is Domain. Let’s comes to another point of different types of domain names. maybe you heard about the top-level domain, for example, .com, .net, .in, are top-level domains. There are thousands of top-level domain but these are very popular.

Every domain has two-part for example “google.com” here”.com” is a top-level domain and “google” is the second-level domain.

Top-Level Domain

Top-level domain or TLD is the generic domain that is very popular. Most of the people want to buy the top-level domain. There are thousands of domains available but .com, .net, .in .org is very popular for all. I always love and recommend you to buy the .com domain.

Other top-level domains are .biz, .club, .info, .online these domain is less popular but these also TLD.

Country Code Top-Level Domain

You probably understand the country code level domain means. Yes, this domain has a country-code extension. For example .uk for the united kingdom, .in for India, .us for the united states and so on.

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog?

There are more than 400 million domains already register all over the world and more than 1000 domain register daily. Good domain already registers or will be registered very soon. So how to choose a good domain for your website or business and how can you get a free domain for your blog.

There are few tips to choose a good domain which will be very helpful for you forever.

1. Always Try Choose .Com Domain

Most of the internet users when searching for some answer they always try to find .com domain and .com domain is very clickable and trustable. But some .net, .in are also successful but not as .com. So try to choose .com domain for your blog.

2. Short and Sweet

Always try to use a very short domain for your blog or website. Then it can be easy to memorize for all use.

3. Easy to say and read

Try to buy very easy to a pronounceable domain which is easy to find out and don’t use any sticky words in your domain.

4. No Hyphen

When you buy a domain then try to avoid any hyphen in the domain then it will be tuff for you to rand in a short time.

5. Use Keywords In The Domain Name

You know What Is Domain And How To Use It. Using the keyword in your domain is very good to rank and SEO for your website. So in which keyword base you want to design try to use the keywords. If you don’t know how to do SEO for your blog read this guide here.

How To Get a Free Domain

You may search for how to get a free .com domain. Yes, you can get a free domain maybe .com, .net, .in, .online and more which you want to choose. You know what is domain. When you going to buy hosting for your blog then most of the hosting provider gives you a free domain which you can choose according to your needs.

I recommend you to choose Bluehost which is very good for all bloggers here you can get a free domain for your website. Want to get upto 60% discount for hosting then check here.

Bluehost costing is pretty high if you not effort then you can choose Hostinger which also provides you a free domain with your hosting package. Get special for all limited time only upto 90% discount on web hosting package.

Totally Free Domain

Yes you are right, yes you get a free domain which is totally free for all, but this domain is not .com, .net, .in, .info. as it is a free domain you may get four free domain extension which you can use for your blog or website for life. these four domain extensions are .tk, .ml, .cf, .gf these are totally free. For example, your domain name may be “www.name.tk” Get these free domain now from freenoms.com


Here I try to list all types of popular domain details and there details. You may understand details about What Is Domain and Why it is important and how you can get a free domain. But I honestly told you that if you can buy a domain then please avoid free domain because free domain takes times to rank. So please avoid these domain if you want to create your site for long terms and makes revenue then avoid free domains.

Please write your opinions about using free domain in the comment box below so that other blogger get an idea from you.

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