What is a Twitter Card and What is a Twitter Card Validator?

Twitter Cards are the next step in sharing content on the social media platform, as they allow you to include extra information that appears alongside each shared link on Twitter. The Twitter card validator is a tool that helps you to validate your Twitter card and helps you to avoid errors. They also provide additional functionality, like automatically playing videos or animations and letting users save your content directly to their reading list.

But what’s the point of all this? What can you actually do with Twitter Cards? To answer these questions, we’ll first take a look at how to validate a Twitter Card, then we’ll explain what a Twitter Card actually is and how it works. Let’s get started!

Twitter Card Validator
Twitter Card Validator

What is Twitter Card?

Twitter cards are an enhanced way to tweet content on Twitter. When you click on any link that has a Twitter card associated with it, you’ll automatically be taken to a Twitter timeline where your content will then be displayed within their app rather than taking you out of Twitter to view your link.

This can also boost your SEO because it gives Google more context about what you’re linking to and allows Google to give you more credit for your content since users are seeing your content in-app. The result should be more traffic coming directly from search engines.

Types of Twitter Cards

The word Twitter card can sometimes be thrown around as though it’s interchangeable with the tweet, but there are actually several types of Twitter cards: summary, photo, gallery, player, and app. Each type includes an image or media file that’s displayed along with your tweet. Summary cards show just one image; other types offer multiple options. Summary cards are by far the most common. For more information on each type of Twitter card, read on to find out what differentiates them from one another.

Twitter Card Validator

Twitter Cards are open standards for attaching media, links, and action buttons to Tweets. They can increase engagement with your content on Twitter by adding images, video, and more to Tweets, plus they make your content look great in people’s timelines. In fact, Twitter Cards have been shown to increase engagement (specifically clicks) between 15-100% for some publishers.

A Twitter Card validator is an online tool that helps you validate how your website implements those open standards in order to maximize compatibility with Tweet displays across platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

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How to validate the Twitter card

Twitter cards are HTML-based rich media tweets that let you enhance your content with features like embedded media, actions, and more. They provide an additional visual dimension to Twitter content that can improve click-through rates (CTR) on links shared on Twitter.

This guide will walk you through:

(1) setting up validation rules for your website,

(2) adding meta tags in your site code,

(3) configuring Twitter card support in Ads Manager,

(4) validating a URL using Twitter’s online validator tool.

how the Twitter card can help you with your blog

Your content will now become more valuable to visitors, which can in turn drive more clicks back to your site. It will be served to people more quickly, with higher-quality images, so they’ll spend more time reading your content.

The Twitter card validator provides some of these same benefits by allowing you to verify that your page meets Twitter’s new guidelines and ultimately avoid negative consequences on ranking. A good twitter card is one where images appear at their actual size (1:1 aspect ratio), so users don’t have to zoom in or out just to see an image clearly.

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How twitter card can help you to get more traffic to your blog

Twitter cards make it easy for people to click from your content to other content that you’ve associated with your Twitter account. They do so by inserting cards into their stream, which can be formatted for rich media experiences or just plain text. Every card type has a different purpose, but no matter what kind of card you’re using, they all include a more links on them.

The result of clicking that link is pretty straightforward: It takes users directly to whatever webpage you have associated with your Twitter account. If they haven’t done it before (and most people don’t), they’ll need to give permission to visit that page by allowing Twitter access to their browser history in order to make sure these links work smoothly.


With a Twitter card, you can easily add rich media to your tweets. You simply need to include an image or video in the tweet and it will automatically show up within the Tweet’s timeline on Twitter with a preview of that content without having to leave the application itself. The Twitter card validator provides some of these same benefits by allowing you to verify that your page meets Twitter’s new guidelines and ultimately avoid negative consequences on ranking

The only downside is that when someone shares your post from their profile page, instead of embedding it into their feed it links back here which means they have to click through again. To help make sure your posts are validating properly for all types of cards (link, photo gallery, player), try using Twitter Card Validator tool!

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