1and1 webmail Tutorial || Get A Professional Email Address

1 And 1 is a very popular web hosting company based in America. 1 and 1 are also known as Ionos, they provide domain service, web hosting service, webmail service, cloud hosting service, SSL certificate, and more. In this post, I will try to provide a detailed tutorial on 1and1 webmail details.

1and1 webmail Tutorial

In this article, I try to cover all the necessary things you need to know about 1and1 webmail such as sign up process or account creation, email address setup that means setting and another important point reset email address setting if you already have an email address on 1and 1 webmail.

What Is 1 And 1 Or Ionos?

1 and 1 or IONOS is a leading Webhosting company in America it does not only provide web hosting they also provide SSL certificates, webmail services, web design services, online store building, portfolio building, web template creation, WordPress hosting, and more online service are available there.

1 and 1 or IONOS main service based on USA, UK, Europe, Germany, Spain and other and their main data center present at Europe and Lenexa.

About 1and1 webmail Service Details?

As I told you before 1 and 1 is a very big company who provide different online service among them webmail service is one of them. If you look into the 1and 1 service about the email you can see they provide 3 different types of webmail service.

1and1 webmail service details
1and1 webmail service details

The first service is the Professional email address service, the second one is hosted Microsoft exchange and the last one is email archiving service. Here we discuss professional email address services details.

How To Create 1and1 webmail Service?

IONOS webmail service is a professional email service by which you can create a business email for your company or for your services. Now look into the process of how you can create a professional webmail service for your business or service

#1. Go to the IONOS website or search 1 and 1 on google the first result you can see the IONOS website. Just go to the website.

#2. After that just look into the “email and office” in the menu sections, just click on it then you can see a professional email address just click on it.

1and1 webmail Service
1and1 webmail Service

#3. After click on the professional email service you can see a page just like the above image then click on the see the packages options where you can see the price details of webmail service.

#4. Now move on to the price sections 1and1 webmail or IONOS professional email service is a paid service where the starting price is $1 for each month. You can create emails similar to professional emails such as [email protected] or [email protected] or any other according to your choice.

1and1 webmail service price Details
1and1 webmail service price Details

#4. Just click on continue sections then a new page will open where you have to choose your email address is available or not. Just type the desired name in the given box and then click on the continue sections.

Choose email address on 1and1 webmail service
Choose email address on 1and 1 webmail service

#5. If the email address is available move on to the next section where you have to provide the details about you and your company details and payment details just like the below.

1and1 webmail service payment details
1and1 webmail service payment details

#6. After successful payment, your service just verifies your product through your email address. if you are not a member just create a free account on IONOS by providing name, email details.

#7. After successfully verifies email and service you have to provide some details such as your name, business details, and set password for your email.

#8. A 1and1 webmail service is a special option where you can forward your email from one email address to another. For example, if you are using Gmail as your primary email then you can transfer email from 1 and 1 email address to your Gmail account.

#9. Now you can set security options such as two factor authorization and spam protections and another is virus protections.

#10. Now the final options is save all these setting and create 1and1 webmail for your business account.

How To Login 1and1 Webmail Service

You create your professional email address for your business now move on to the step how you can login to your webmail service. Here i will guide you how you can easily login by following these simple steps.

#1. First go to the IONOS website then you can find the login sections which you can find top of the menu sections.

1and1 webmail service sign in options
1and1 webmail service sign in options

#2. Click on the Sign-in button on the top right corner after that a new login page will be open then scroll down the page where you can find webmail options. Now click on the webmail service options.

#3. Now time to put your email address and password to login to your webmail account.

#4. You can click on the remember me options then next time your user name or email address will be saved to your computer after that click on the login options to login to the 1and1 webmail service.

Setting your 1and1 webmail Service

In the professional webmail service, you have to set up some basic important options after that you can use this service one is the incoming email service setting and the other is the outgoing email service setting. Here I will try to guide you through the basic set of these two options. Follow the step below to setup your email

Incomming Email Server Setting

  • #1. Your professional email address user name is 1 and 1 User name.
  • #2. Webmail password is 1and1 webmail password.
  • #3. The account type is POP.
  • #4. If you are using Gmail for your service then your hostname for the service Is pop.gmail.com.
  • #5. Your port name for the server will be 993 or 995.
  • #6. You need to authenticate your email and password for the service.
  • #7. 1and1 webmail will provide free SSL security service for your email service.
  • #8. Professional webmail service of 1and1 webmail will provide spam and virus protection for your email service.
  • #9. You can easily share contacts, calendars, and work details with your team.
  • #10. You can manage all your email services at the same place on the same device.

Setting SMTP for out Going Email

  • #1. Set your account type as SMTP web service.
  • #2. The username of your email address is 1and1 webmail user id.
  • #3. The password will be the same as your IONOS webmail mail password.
  • #4. If you are using Gmail for your service then your hostname will be smtp.gamil.com
  • #5. Your service port will be 587.
  • #6. 1 and 1 email service provides a secure SSL certificate for sending email
  • #7. Authentication is required for sending emails to another address.
  • #8. Your sending email will not be spam that means not go to the spam folder of the receiver.

How To Reset Your Password On 1and1 webmail

To reset password on professional email service on IONOS is very simple and easy. If you don’t know how to reset your 1and1 webmail service password then follow these simple step to reset your password now.

#1. Go to the IONOS main website address or you can simply enter the address https://www.ionos.com/ to go.

#2. Click on the sign in options then the page will be redirect to the log in page https://login.ionos.com/.

#3. After open the page click on the webmail service and here you can login to your webmail service. You can reset your password by simply click on the forgot your password options.just like below picture

1and1 webmail service password reset
1and1 webmail service password reset

#4. After click on the forgot password options you can find instructions provided by the IONOS. Just follow the guidelines to reset your password before but now you can not reset your password.

#5. If you follow all these guides clearly shows that password change is not possible so what you have to do to get your password.

Password Change of IONOS webmail

You have to call customer care to get your password back and before calling please collect your account’s necessary data for verifying your account. That means any security questions you set for your account or any pin number you set for your account or maybe any linking email address you use with that account something like that.

#6. But you can easily reset your IONOS login password by simply go to https://password.ionos.com/. Here you have to put your customer’s domain name or ID to reset your password.

How to Secure Your 1and1 webmail Password

secure password is always help you to secure your account it may be webmail password or any type of online activity password. Now what does it mean secure password? i will guide you how to choose a secure password for your account. Here are the details you can follow to secure your password

  • The password of 12 to 15 characters considers as a secure password.
  • Use lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols to create your password.
  • Never use your name, phone number, favorite color, your house name, your house number to create your password.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Always create different passwords for different accounts.
  • Do not log in from an unknown device to open your account.
  • Change your password on monthly basis.
  • Do not save your password to your device.
  • You can use the password generator tool to create a unique password for each account.

The Final Thought

There you go, in this post, I will try to make simple for you on 1and1 webmail service details how to create an account, how to login or signup to the account, how to set up all these basic details, how to secure your webmail password, how to choose the best password to secure your account and more.

Please leave us feedback by going through this article if any other point needs to modify or maybe add to this article. Then I will be happy to hear from you.

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