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Best Free SEO Tools

A complete set of blogger Free SEO tools which help the blogger to get success in very short time. If your site not load fast then your site rank decrease. According to Neil Patel which site load in 3 seconds then site rank increase.

 Here I listed more than 50+ tools which help most of the website owner to check there website health status, Keyword research, help to find out top pages of there website, website Robots.TXT file work or not,sitemap generator, you can submit sitemap to search engine, Alexa rank checker, dofollow backlink checker, poor backlink checker, if you search for domain and don’t find the best domain for you then this tools can help you to find varieties of keyword related to your search and more and more. 

Free SEO Tools For Blogging

A complete set of free SEO Tools which help the blog owner to check there blog or website health. Blogger can do there blog SEO batter with the help of these plugins. These all tools are totally free to use and no limitation bar. So use these tools anytime.

Site AMP Test

Site Speed Test

Keyword Research

Meta Tag Finder

Keyword Checker

Top Quires

Index Page


Sitemap Generator

Submit Sitemap

Check Site Competitor

Site Link Analytics

Google SERP Checker

Bing SERP Checker

Top Reffer Website

Site Crawlability Test

Keyword Density Checker

AdSense Banned Checker

KeyWord Positions Checker

WebSite Spider View

GoogleBot Crawl Checker

KeyWord Typo Checker

Test Website Header

Free SEO Tools For HTML

Here is the complete HTML best SEO tools which help blogger to work with HTML code. All of the SEO tools are free and anyone can use it for unlimited time. By using this tools you can check broken link of your site, check your browser information, optimize HTML code, extract HTML and java code from any website, extract any site meta tags and more tools.

Broken Link Checker

Meta Tag Extractor

Web Page Analyzer

HTML Code Optimizer

HTML Source Code Viewer

Email Extractor

HTML Encrypter

HTML To Text Converter

WebPage Compare Tools

Check Browser Information

Link Extractor

HTTP Header Viewer

HTML Encoder Decoder

URL Encoder Decoder

Java Script Extractor

HTTP Compression Checker

Popular Domain Tools

Here is a complete set of Domain tools or DNS tools which help you to performs different operations very easily ans also save lot of time to find out the perfect and accurate results.

Here you can easily check any site DNS information, name server, hosting provider details, whois data, URL redirect checker, IP address locator, find your own IP address and any site IP address and more options.

Domain Ping Tools

DNS,CNAME,MX Record Check

URL Redirection Checker

Advance Proxy Detector

Reciprocal Link Checker

IP Address Geo Location Checker

Site Cloaking Checker

Web Hosting Checker

Reverse IP, Domain Lookup

IP Blacklist Checker

Popular Text Tools

Here is some popular text tools which my help you improve your text and can help in blogging performance. For example change uppercase to lower case and vise-versa, Plain text to HTML text converter, Remove line break, List Clean and more tools. 

Change Text Case

Plain Text To HTML Converter

List Cleaner

Remove Line Break

Other Free SEO Tools

Here is some other free SEO Tools which is very useful but these seo tools are is less. If you are a blogger then you may search for these tools to grow your batter and increase your blog revenue and beside this increase your blog rank in any search engine. 

By using these tools you can generate strong password, encrypt your email for security, any site color picker and more useful tools.

Strong Password Generator

.htaccess URL Rewrite

Color Code Generator Extractor

Email Protector Extractor

URL Expander

Binary Decimal Hexadecimal Converter

Open Port Scanner

About Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools is one of the best options to success in your blog. Here i listed more than 60 tools which is help most of the blogger all of the tools are free to use. Now you can create a free blog online. Now many free platforms are available to create free blog online. here is a complete list of 17 best free blogging platforms where you can easily create your free blog online. 

Among the 17 best free blogging platforms I think WordPress is the best platforms to create your blog because in WordPress you can get lot of features and many options to create your blog and many free themes are available to get a attractive look of your site and many free plugins to rank faster and optimize your blog. If you don’t know how to create your blog in WordPress then check the free guide.

Above all these tools some tools are very useful and need for every blogger for example Backlink Checker, Keyword Research, site speed test, site map generator, meta tag generator and more.

All these tools show result data from other source. I continuously add more useful tools in these site so  visit the website continuously.