29 Effective Tips to Help You Increase Online Sales for Your Ecommerce Website

Your main goal with any eCommerce website is to generate as many sales as possible, and there are many different ways to increase online sales for your e-commerce website you can go about doing so.

For example, you can try focusing on marketing your product or service through social media or utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure that your online store pops up in the search results when people are looking to buy from you. But what else can you do? How can you increase the sales of your online store? The below 29 effective tips will help give your eCommerce website the push it needs to keep growing!

1) Offer some discount code

Offering discount codes is a great way to increase sales on your site. By creating a coupon code page and offering deals on specific products, you can increase overall traffic as well as generate more targeted traffic.

When someone sees an item they love at a great price, chances are they’re going to be tempted by it—making it even easier for you to convert them into a customer. Offer coupon codes that have time limits (like 2 days only), making customers feel like there’s urgency involved in their purchase decision—which can further motivate them to buy sooner rather than later. Here are some additional tips for increasing online sales

2) Optimize Product Descriptions and Titles

Having high-quality product descriptions and titles can greatly increase your chances of increasing online sales, as well as increasing your click-through rate. Make sure your product descriptions and titles are clear, compelling, and keyword-rich so that when customers search for similar products in your industry, yours will pop up on top of search results.

However, don’t overdo it by stuffing keywords in all possible places. Keywords should be placed only in relevant areas; otherwise, you’ll be wasting valuable SEO space.

Increase Online Sales for Your Ecommerce Website

3) Create a Sense of Urgency

When customers believe they’re likely to miss out on a great deal, they often act more quickly. When you’re trying to increase online sales, it can be helpful to create a sense of urgency. This could mean limiting availability or offering items at steep discounts.

It might also be useful to offer shipping deals or bundle together with other products that complement each other well. The point is: to find ways to convey scarcity and entice your customers into action before an opportunity passes them by!

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4) Improve On-Site Search Options

On-site search is often one of the first places people turn when they visit a site, especially if they’re looking for specific information that isn’t readily apparent on a homepage or category page. The better your on-site search function is, the more effective users will be at finding what they’re looking for—and sales opportunities can often be missed if that functionality is poor.

Visitors may lose interest in a site altogether if it takes too much time to find information, and anything that makes a site easy to use can result in more opportunities. Implementing better on-site search functions might not directly increase online sales but it could help you retain customers who otherwise would have left without making a purchase.

Increase Online Sales for Your Ecommerce Website

5) Improve website User Experience

User experience (UX) refers to your customers’ behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. That may seem like a fuzzy description of a concept that’s all too often overlooked, but when you get right down to it, UX is incredibly important because it affects nearly everything else about your business. How easy is it for your customers to complete their tasks?

Increase Online Sales for Your Ecommerce Website

How comfortable do they feel on your website? How likely are they to go elsewhere—and never come back? Increasing online sales starts with increasing user engagement and reducing customer churn by ensuring people enjoy their shopping experiences. This can be accomplished by improving customer service, developing cohesive messaging, and creating an eye-catching homepage.

Here is a details guide on how to increase your website User experience. Here are 12 ways to improve SEO and website User experience.

6) Optimize Your Website for Search Engine

A big part of online sales is based on visibility. Get your company listed on as many directories and search engines as possible. Once you have them, there are ways to improve their ranking in search engine results pages. Obviously, link building and SEO have a major impact on SEO rankings, so try linking out frequently and incorporating your keywords into strategic posts whenever possible.

With over 200 billion pages indexed by Google, it can be difficult—but not impossible—to get a website ranked highly enough to draw consistent traffic. But with some smart tactics, it’s easy to increase online sales simply by getting customers organically searching for you instead of driving them straight toward competitors’ websites through pay-per-click ads or similar expensive channels.

Here is a guide on How to optimize a WordPress website for SEO that you can check out.

7) Build a Multinational or Multilingual website

Having your e-store reach out to more than one country and language is a great way to increase sales. The best way you can go about achieving that is by building a multilingual website. So if your current site has only English, then add other popular languages as well like Spanish or Chinese.

Hire a company that can provide web development services in multiple languages and has them develop that feature into your website which will eventually increase online sales. While having an English site might get you some traffic and some sales, having all other popular languages on board will help you increase those sales even further, without any extra effort on your part.

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8) Check your website’s mobile version or user-friendly

Without a mobile-friendly website, you can lose up to 75% of your online sales. If you don’t have an eCommerce site yet, make sure it includes all of these elements: full-width imagery, one-click purchasing, and an easy checkout process.

Research has shown that most users won’t wait longer than three seconds for a page to load and 40% of users will abandon a mobile shopping cart if it takes longer than five seconds.

9) Understand Your Target Audience

If you want your online sales to increase, then it’s crucial that you understand who your target audience is and what they are looking for. If you know who your target audience is, you can provide them with a tailored product or service that they will be more likely to purchase from you. Also, in order to increase online sales, it is important that people know about your brand and its products or services.

One way of doing so is through social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give brands an opportunity to reach out directly to their customers and let them know about new products being released or features being offered. This increased communication helps build trust among consumers leading them towards purchasing from you on an ongoing basis rather than from a competitor

10) Simplify customer Sales Journey

Simplifying your sales process and making it easier for buyers is a sure way to increase sales. Remove friction at every stage of your customer journey by providing clear directions on what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how much time they’ll have to get everything done.

For example, using promotions like buy 3 get 1 free makes it easy for customers to purchase more items without doing any mental math; making sales easier will boost conversions, especially if you’re offering an eye-catching discount in addition to that BOGO offer. In another example of streamlined shopping that increases online sales, eCommerce platforms like Shopify make creating store policies easy with a library of prewritten statements that you can customize as needed.

11) Invest In Quality Product Images

I recently read an interesting statistic saying that 96% of consumers look at product images when making a buying decision. Take your eCommerce marketing to a whole new level by working with a photographer who understands how to make online product images look professional and compelling.

By doing so, you’ll be able to increase online sales and show potential customers what it is they are getting! Doing so will ensure that you capture their attention right from their first visit to your site. Then, as they browse through the different products you offer, they’ll get excited about what they see and want to place an order immediately. They won’t need many convincing thanks to your thoughtfully composed product shots!

12) Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

An important way to increase online sales is by making sure you clearly identify your product’s unique selling proposition or USP. In short, a USP is what makes your product different from all others on the market.

This doesn’t mean you need a radically innovative product—it just needs to be visibly different in some way. Remember: If your competitors’ products are better than yours, customers won’t buy them either. Spend time brainstorming how you can make your products stand out—and then advertise it in a big way.

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13) Offer a Money-back Guarantee

Many people are averse to making purchases from unfamiliar websites and businesses. To increase online sales, offer a money-back guarantee. If your customers feel comfortable with their purchase—and confident they can get their money back if needed—they are more likely to purchase from you again. Because they aren’t worried about losing their investment, they’re also less concerned about price and have an easier time making a decision.

If you offer your product at $10, but other companies charge $15, customers are going to buy from you because they don’t want to lose out on getting their money back should something go wrong with their purchase. A thorough customer survey could give you information about why potential buyers aren’t buying from your site.

14) Keep Shipping Costs As Low As Possible

Keeping your shipping costs as low as possible is important. Though it may seem convenient to offer free shipping, that adds up quickly; plus, customers often end up paying more than if you kept them apprised of what they were going to pay (whether directly or through shipping). By keeping your shipping costs low and transparent with customers, you can build trust and loyalty in your business. Plus, it’s just another way that you’ll be able to increase online sales.

15) Lower the Risk of Purchasing

Making your customers feel secure is an important component in increasing online sales. If a customer is hesitant about purchasing something online, then chances are he or she will move on. Sites like Amazon and Target allow customers to checkout with their credit card information already on file, making their process quick and secure.

They know that customers feel more comfortable buying from a company when they don’t have to enter their credit card information again, so by lowering the potential risk of purchasing, you can also increase sales. Other sites might consider similar options if they want to increase online sales for their eCommerce website.

16) Turn Up the Trust Signals

Studies have shown that trust is one of the most critical components of a successful eCommerce website. When potential customers see trust signals—things like security icons, badges, ratings, reviews, and other verifications—they are more likely to convert to your site. Reviewing your site design and considering how you might add some simple trust signals can go a long way toward increasing online sales for your eCommerce website.

But be sure that any trust signals you add are legitimate; visitors will see through less-than-truthful verifications or ratings left by non-customers, resulting in decreased conversions and therefore decreased online sales. Remember: quality over quantity is key!

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17) Optimize the website Checkout Process

The checkout process is where many customers are forced to give up on their shopping cart and walk away. So, as a part of your strategy to increase online sales, it’s important that you optimize your website checkout process so that it’s quick and easy.

Remember: The fewer time customers spend at your site checking out, chances are, the more money you will make. In addition, always offer free shipping options whenever possible; most shoppers won’t take a risk with a company they don’t know unless there’s an added perk like free shipping or returns.

18) Add Reviews, Testimonials & Case Studies

The more authentic testimonials you have on your site, and the more case studies you can produce of real-world customers that have been helped by your products or services, then the easier it will be to persuade potential customers.

If a customer is thinking about buying from you but wants reassurance that they are making a wise decision, then having reviews, testimonials, and case studies on your website is an excellent way of providing them with just that reassurance.

If someone has already made a purchase from you in the past then they are much more likely to do so again as there will be far less risk involved in doing so. Showing previous satisfied clients is one of many ways that people can increase online sales for their eCommerce websites.

Increase Online Sales for Your Ecommerce Website

19) Remove unnecessary steps of the product purchase

When consumers have to jump through too many hoops just to complete a purchase, they can grow frustrated and move on. Studies show that more than half of all online shopping carts are abandoned before any payment is made.

This can lead to bad reviews and low ratings—something you definitely want to avoid! It’s your job as a business owner or marketer to take steps to increase online sales. Here are a few suggestions

20) Use Responsive Design for Products and site

Responsive design works great on mobile devices. Instead of making separate web pages or apps for different device sizes, responsive websites use a single website that looks good on any screen. By reducing multi-tasking and load times, a responsive design also makes sure visitors spend more time on your site and less time switching between screens.

Keep in mind that every screen is another chance to see an advertisement or sale item; which increases sales and profits. Mobile devices now make up a majority of Internet traffic—and they’re still growing!

If you aren’t already taking advantage of responsive design, it’s time you start putting your efforts into increasing online sales with a better user experience via mobile web browsing.

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21) Provide As Many Payment Options As Possible

Most eCommerce websites are driven by traffic, which means they’re at their most successful when customers find what they need quickly. With that in mind, it’s important to offer payment options that allow shoppers to move through checkout as easily as possible.

The more friction you have between your website and sales—especially during those high-conversion periods like holiday shopping—the fewer sales you’ll make. If you’re looking for some tips on how to increase online sales with alternative payment options.

22) Provide Purchase Incentives

Have you tried giving customers incentives for making a purchase on your website? Maybe it’s an ebook that goes along with your product or a percentage off on their next order. Either way, it might encourage more people to buy right then and there, instead of just window shopping.

If someone is ready to pull out their credit card, why not reward them with something free? Think outside of the box when looking at ways that can help increase online sales. It could be something as simple as offering free shipping—or even putting gift wrapping at no cost—and encouraging someone to buy then and there instead of waiting until later. Think outside of the box when looking at ways that can help increase online sales.

23) Promote products with external influencers

Promoting products with a community of external influencers is an effective way to grow sales. This type of promotion could include recruiting a user-generated network of individuals who have built up authority, trust, and connections on social media.

All you have to do is tap into that network and ask your fans/followers if they’re interested in being paid (via affiliate links) or free products or both. These promotions drive massive amounts of traffic back to your site and are one of my favorite ways to increase online sales quickly!

24) Create and Target Detailed Buyer Personas

One of the easiest ways to increase online sales is to develop and target detailed buyer personas. Buyer personas are based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data that describe your ideal customer.

This helps you know exactly what your customers want. Knowing what they want means you can give it to them. That’s why creating detailed buyer personas can help increase online sales by helping you serve your customers better.

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25) Focus on Customer Service

The easiest way to increase online sales is through good customer service. When you have a good product, provide great customer service, and respond quickly and effectively to any problems or concerns that might arise, people will be more likely to buy from you online. Offer fast shipping options, when possible, so that people can get what they want even faster.

If there is something wrong with their order or they aren’t satisfied with their purchase, try everything in your power – including spending a bit of money on customer service – so that they will come back again and recommend your products or services.

26) Use the Voice of the Customer for More Resonant Ad Campaigns

If you’re ready to overhaul your ad campaigns and set yourself up for success in 2015, try something new: talk directly with your customers. When you listen directly to what they want, you can create better ad campaigns that resonate with buyers across all demographics.

As a business owner, you’re used to speaking in data; now it’s time to start listening in. By learning how your customers really think about your product or service, you can make an emotional connection—and increase sales.

27) Improve Your Ppc Advertising Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is an effective way to increase your site’s visibility and attract more customers. However, some business owners may see very little improvement from these efforts when they haven’t planned their strategy properly.

Take steps such as adding a user review feature, developing a newsletter that keeps subscribers up-to-date on new products and services, and improving internal search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. All of these efforts will help you increase online sales.

28) Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to increase sales and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube provide easy access. However, it isn’t effective unless you know what you’re doing.

It’s important that you utilize your content effectively so that it reaches a large audience. If you aren’t getting good engagement on your social media pages, there are several things that you can do to increase online sales for your eCommerce website. Here are some proven tips

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29) Collaborate with Influencers inside your niche on Youtube

Getting influencers on your YouTube channel and social media accounts, who are already respected and liked by their audience is a great way to increase online sales. The idea is that you attract new potential customers through social media and refer them back to your eCommerce website where they can make a purchase.


29 Effective Tips to Help You Increase Online Sales for Your E-commerce Website If you are looking for ways to increase your online sales, you are at the right place. The tips listed below are a compilation of 29 different ways to help you increase your online sales. These tips have been proven to work for a variety of different businesses.

They are grouped into five categories: Awareness, Customers, Marketing, Technology, and Shipping. Awareness – Make sure your website is optimized for mobile – Use a site analytics tool to implement changes based on data.

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